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HOSA. APRIL MEETING. COMPETITION. Good luck to state competitors this weekend in Austin!!!!. CBI BALL. To all the workers that are helping set up, there are 2 shifts morning and afternoon-if you’re helping set up, wear working clothes

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  • Good luck to state competitors this weekend in Austin!!!!

Cbi ball

  • To all the workers that are helping set up, there are 2 shifts morning and afternoon-if you’re helping set up, wear working clothes

  • To the workers who are helping out during the actual dance, appropriate attire is necessary. Sunday clothes- no homecoming dresses!

Wall stage d cor set up in cafeteria
Wall stage décor set up in cafeteria

  • Adil Kahlon

  • Adrina Vines

  • Alyssa Arrington

  • Amber Moosani

  • Amber Sleem

  • Amna Ahmed

  • Aqsa Siddqui

  • Arielle Adio

  • Arielle Auguillard

  • Ash Patel

  • Ashley Mcvea

  • Ashman Phillips

  • Ayanna Edmonson

  • Blanca Salmeron

  • George Ponton

  • Amber Moosani

The day of CBI Ball you are to come by 10 am to 2 pm. This is the morning shift of decorating. This is mandatory!!!

Food servers
Food Servers

  • Britteny Nash

  • Candace Montgomery

  • Carolina Lastra

  • Chandolyn Whitney

  • Chelsea Newman

  • Christina Vaughn

  • Connie Fair

  • Courtney DuPont

  • Giovanny Vega

  • Natalie Mata

  • Crystal Ofeoegbu

  • Danish Faraz

  • David Ko

  • Dina Hernandez

  • Jasmin Desai

  • Milyn Ruiz

You are to come by 5 pm to serve food until 9 pm when the dance is over. This is mandatory!!!!

Food prep

Elizabeth Melancon

Elizabeth Wong

Esmeralda Diaz

Frances Garces

Freddie Joseph

Eva M.

Andrew V.

Genna Sallack

Jennifer Matas

Jennifer Vu

Kaela Harris

Tiffany DeVaughn

Latarsha R

Maggie K

Food Prep.

You are to come by 11 am until 3 pm to help prepare food. This is the morning food prep. Shift. This is mandatory!!!!

Food prep1
Food Prep.

  • Jonte Smith

  • Joshua Puey

  • Katlin Stenger

  • Karyn Korsah

  • Kayla Richardson

  • Kim Bruno

  • Kisan Sarolia

  • Krisdyl Valencia

  • Krisjhle Valencia

  • Laeldra Living

  • LaTreava Hall

  • Laura Peterson

  • Leslie Thomason

  • Lorena Hernandez

  • Louise Bulawan

  • Rosalie Dao

  • Christina Vaughn

You are to come from 3 pm until 7 pm to prepare food. This is the afternoon shift. This is mandatory!!!

Decoration next wk tuesday april 15 th 2 30 4 00 pm

Maggie Krusleski

Marquisia Young

Marvine Igwe

Meisha Whyte

Minh Da Le

Monica Chau

Joshua Boone

Nancy Hernandez

Nicholas Poole

Owais UI Haq

Kristine Manahan

Katrina Manahan

Lyza Bonner

Jacknnan B.

Pathy Vargas

Paula Ogbevoen

Rachael Rosbledo

Randrick Washington

Rashida Edmonson

Richa Patel

Saajan Patel

Sally Enemchukwu

Sana Khan

Faiza Zafar

Heena Patel

Decoration next wk. Tuesday April 15th 2:30- 4:00 pm

Decoration next wk thurs april 17 th 2 30 4 00 pm

Sarah Lagman

Sarah Montoya

Sherin Mathew

Stefania Moriera

Stephanie Parks

Steven Do

Tajon Tero

Toby Dimagan

Tracy Enemchukwu

Tran Vu

Yaa Boateng

Yashua Gonzalez

Tazmin Perez

Zainab Rehman

Sara Ali

Valerie C

Michael Madro

Monica Sou

Paulina Loya

Martin Embuscado

Felipe Vasquez

Lisa Nguyen

Decoration next wk. Thurs, April 17th 2:30-4:00 pm

Items to bring asap

White/wheat bread

Peanut butter/jelly



Pineapple chunks (canned)

Tortilla (soft)

Ranch dip

Nacho cheese

Chips for nachos

Cookies (store made or prepackaged)

Brownies (store-made)

Hot dog buns



Bottled water

Cold drinks

Napkins- White

White styrofoam dinner plates

White styrofoam dessert plates

8 oz. cups white

White plastic knivews/spoons/forks


Items to bring ASAP

Items to bring by 4 25 to 4 26 no sooner
Items to bring by 4/25 to 4/26 (no sooner)

  • Chicken salad (store made)

  • Tuna salad (store made)

  • Taquitos

  • Tator tots

  • Pizza rolls

  • Grapes/watermelon/honeydew

  • Ham/turkey/cheese/cream cheese

  • Carrots/tomatoes

  • Hot dogs

Merits attendance

  • Check with Melissa if you’re unsure of your status

  • Make sure you’re getting your merits and hours in for decoration meetings

  • Bring community service sheets in to get signed at decoration meetings!!!!

  • Sign up after meeting for what you can donate!!!!!