Rethinking Junior IT
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Rethinking Junior IT Kevork Krozian, Forest Hill College [email protected] - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rethinking Junior IT Kevork Krozian, Forest Hill College [email protected] Session Objectives. To stimulate thinking to audit current junior IT courses To look for options and new directions To keep VELS in mind as required

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Rethinking Junior IT

Kevork Krozian, Forest Hill College

[email protected]

Session objectives l.jpg
Session Objectives

  • To stimulate thinking to audit current junior IT courses

  • To look for options and new directions

  • To keep VELS in mind as required

  • To consider delivery models -- dedicated ICT vs across Key Learning Areas

  • Any other ideas

Primary school snapshot l.jpg
Primary School snapshot

Multiple feeder schools about 100 – 120 students

Current year 7 l.jpg
Current Year 7

Dedicated ICT subject – full year 4 x (72min) periods per 3 week cycle

Acknowledgments: Jillian O’Neill, Karly Horton - Forest Hill College

Current year 8 l.jpg
Current Year 8

Dedicated ICT subject – full year 4 x (72min) periods per 3 week cycleAcknowledgments: Simon Brown- Forest Hill College

Current year 86 l.jpg
Current Year 8


Current year 9 l.jpg
Current Year 9

Dedicated ICT subject - 1 semester only 4 x (72min) periods per 3 week cycleAcknowledgments: Simon Brown- Forest Hill College

Current year 10 l.jpg
Current Year 10

Programming Elective – 1 semester only 4 x (72min) periods per week

Delivery structure yr 9 l.jpg
Delivery Structure - Yr 9

MyFHC Intranet

Course Outline – Task list

Course individual tasks worksheet

Assessment – Task list with rubrics for assessment

Reporting – rubrics descriptors transfer to report and VELS level

Review what in junior it l.jpg
Review what in junior IT ??

Focus on the Thinking Curriculum

  • Learning centred vs teacher ( teaching ) centred

  • Process driven vs content driven

  • Students setting own questions vs students answering only others questions

  • Shared experiences and learning vs private thought processes

  • Developing independent, critical, creative and caring learners

  • More ‘just in time’ vs ‘just in case’ learning

  • Mistakes to be learned from vs mistakes to be avoided or feared

  • Teacher fellow learner/collaborator vs expert source

Focus on the ‘constructionists’ model – students learn by creating

  • more meaningful and transferable learning will result when students are given opportunities to construct knowledge from their own point of view

  • Different options for selecting project topics

  • Training students

  • Collecting information

  • Scaffolding process

  • Organising

  • Evaluation

  • Synthesis ( one group’s project linked to another group’s project )

  • Assessment

  • source

Review what in junior it11 l.jpg
Review what in junior IT ??

Teaching to, and awareness of, multiple intelligences

  • Linguistic intelligence ("word smart"):

  • Logical-mathematical intelligence ("number/reasoning smart")

  • Spatial intelligence (“picture smart")

  • Musical intelligence (“music smart")

  • Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence ("body smart")

  • Interpersonal intelligence ("people smart")

  • Intrapersonal intelligence ("self smart")

  • Naturalist intelligence ("nature smart") source

Enhancing cross-curricular learning, content and coordination

  • Why teach something twice if once will serve your purpose ?

  • Learning in Science with the “enquiry based approach” no different to learning in and with ICT

  • aligning teaching Excel skills with Maths Petrol vs LPG vs Diesel consumption project

  • aligning DVD production in ICT with Media

  • aligning Oral presentation in English with presentation in ICT

  • aligning LOTE with Gamemaker allowing other language instructions

  • aligning Heart Rate monitor use in HPE with uploading and analysing in Excel

  • Use of a database for the creation of a dating game perhaps in Human Development

  • Use of research skills to locate and verify Australian Standards in Technology

  • Kahootz type environments in ICT and Arts cross teaching and collaboration

  • Kahootz and animated LOTE story books

  • Music and sound editing in DVD production

Review what in junior it12 l.jpg
Review what in junior IT ??

Dedicated junior ICT vs non dedicated junior ICT classes

  • Local solutions will vary across the spectrum from one end to the other

  • At Forest Hill in mid 90s all junior ICT removed and then replaced 5 years later

  • Data on school models would be interesting and informative

  • Problem of non ICT qualified teachers assessing ICT skills, knowledge and content ??

  • At University of Washington efforts underway to make Computer Science a compulsory component of any Science degree

Content and options and new directions

  • Not necessarily cramming more into less space and time

  • Why all of Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, Web authoring in depth ? Can we focus on one here and create time/space if we are using WYSIWYG ?

  • Alice - 3D programming

  • Blender – 3D animation and programming with Python

  • Scratch – programming

  • Programming using mobile devices or PDAs

  • Quicktime VR - Virtual reality programming

  • Robotics - Does it have a place in junior IT , even at a simple level ?

  • Data Visualisation links --

  • Teacher Tube with extensive tutorials

Review what in junior it13 l.jpg
Review what in junior IT ??

Stronger links with the feeder Primary schools

  • Can we work with the Primary schools and define a minimum skill set to achieve by Grade 6?

  • Can some of these skills be taught as visits beyond the annual 45 mins Grade 5 orientation ?

  • Consider an ICT skills audit for new Year 7s

  • Support Primary teachers in delivery of ICT skills . Can we build bridges and collaborate ?

  • Projects eg. Kahootz learning activity for Grade 4 or 5 prepared by Year 7, 8 ?

Stronger links with VCE ICT

  • Any vertical streaming ? Can a Yr 10 do a VCE subject ? What about a Year 9 ?

  • Why not insist on a minimum skill set before a student can do Yr 11 or 12 IT ?

  • Consider closer links between junior and VCE ICT teachers

  • Consider clearly communicating pathways for junior IT students towards VCE . Eg. How many of you would do Yr 10 programming and then Yr 11 IT if it had the following content …… ?

Rethinking junior it where to now l.jpg
Rethinking Junior ITwhere to now ?

  • To imagine the possibilities, to excite the staff and students

  • To join the journey of discovery and share the rewards of achievement and learning

  • I will be working on Alice and Blender for inclusion in junior IT for 2009 or 2010.

  • Join me and others on this and similar journeys on the lists

  • Invitation to join and participate on mailing lists

  • Specific Junior IT list has colleagues and resources for sharing.

  • Many ideas in this presentation came from this and related lists