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HP MSA Storage. Sales Training June 2013. Confidential Disclosure Agreement. HP does not warrant or represent that it will introduce any product to which the information relates The information contained herein is subject to change without notice

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hp msa storage

HP MSA Storage

Sales Training

June 2013

confidential disclosure agreement
Confidential Disclosure Agreement
  • HP does not warrant or represent that it will introduce any product to which the information relates
  • The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  • HP makes no warranties regarding the accuracy of this information
  • The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services
  • Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty
  • HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein
  • Strict adherence to the HP standards of business conduct regarding this classification level is critical.
  • The information contained in this presentation is proprietary to Hewlett-Packard Company and is offered in confidence, subject to the terms and conditions of a binding Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA)
  • HP requires customers and partners to have signed a CDA in order to view this training
  • The information contained in this training is HP confidential, but will become HP restricted after June 10th 2013
  • This information may only be shared verbally with HP-external customers and/or partners under NDA, and only with HP Storage director-level approval.
  • Do not remove any classification labels, warnings or disclaimers on any slide or modify this presentation to change the classification level.
  • Do not remove this slide from the presentation
  • This presentation is NOT to be used as a ‘leave behind’, and therefore, should not be distributed/released in either hard-copy or electronic format.

HP Confidential – for HP and HP Channel Partner Internal Use Only

where to target and why to sell msa 1 of 3
Where to target and why to sell MSA (1 of 3)

MSA Storage

  • SMB Companies
    • The Target: MSAowns 30+% of FC market for Entry SANs. Consolidation and virtualization are primary drivers for SAN refresh. The market is booming. Work from massive MSA installed base to find new opportunities
    • What it means to the customer: It’s simple, it’s easy to deploy and manage, it’s affordable…and it comes from the leader in the market!
  • ROBO Business Models
    • The Target: Some companies have no choice - ROBO is their life. There are big regional/global ROBOs and small local ROBOs. They all need rock solid shared storage at a price they can multiply by # stores/sites cost effectively
    • What it means to the customer: Lowest cost shared storage without risk. Features and tools to make it work
  • Customers needing an archive/backup repository
    • The Target: Many companies have a need for affordable online shared storage for D2D images, copies or older datasets. Moving this data off larger more expensive arrays makes good sense
    • What it means to the customer: Add inexpensive shared storage to free up resources and capacity on other arrays. Saves money

Not for customer viewing

where to target and why to sell msa 2 of 3
Where to target and why to sell MSA (2 of 3)

MSA Storage

  • Into Larger Companies with Department Storage needs
    • The Target: Often times larger companies have an immediate need for cost-effective shared storage for a departmental requirement
    • What it means to the customer: MSA provides a solid HP solution to meet that immediate need. Departmental solutions must fit into the rest of the company’s IT
  • Along with Storage Consolidation or Refresh Opportunities
    • The Target: Server refresh is typically driven by consolidation and/or virtualization initiatives. Smaller environments will often be moving from DAS to an entry SAN. SAN features are required for availability
    • What it means to the customer: Lowest cost shared storage with the SAN HA/DR features to make it work. Scalable enough to grow with you.
    • HP Gen8 servers and MSA – Better Together

Not for customer viewing

where to target and why to sell msa 3 of 3
Where to target and why to sell MSA (3 of 3)

Hot New Market! Sell Once – Deliver Lots

MSA Storage

  • Sell MSA as a Building Block for Shared Storage Behind “Scale Out” Applications
    • The Target: Modern “Scale-Out” applications need building-block, modular storage with solid predictable performance. These customers are building a “scale-out” application or possibly leveraging on of the many scale-out content management or file systems – Hadoop, Luster, GPFS, etc. Sometimes the underlying application or OS is not clear. These companies are often in start-up phase but with the potential to need to grow at “the next YouTube company “speeds
    • What it means to the customer:
    • Modern “Scale-Out” applications need building-block, modular storage with solid predictable performance. Looking for Best Cost/Performance metrics - $/IOPS $/GBs $/TB
    • Application Architect thinks in: IOPS/user $/VM
    • They can’t buy all of their storage up front
    • They can’t risk delays when growth takes off
    • They need cost-effective, modular building blocks!

Not for customer viewing

msa 2000 use cases entry level consolidation
Scenario/Customer Pain Points

Customers are typically looking to make the transition from a number of point storage pools to a shared, centralized storage solution

Customers are not always storage experts – often looking for guidance/education

Typical Solution Attributes:

Some will be leveraging virtualization technologies as a part of the transition

Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance infrastructure is often evolving to take advantage of D2D and/or Snapshot technologies

MSA 2000 and Entry-Level Consolidation Value Proposition

Excellent Price/Performance and Price/Capacity metrics

Consolidating and Virtualization is a natural refresh stage –

Get the best! HP Gen8 servers and MSA SAN

Often a SAN refresh is in order to take full advantage of full bandwidth

MSA 2000 Use Cases - Entry-Level Consolidation
with msa consolation has never been easier easy
With MSA, Consolation has never been easier easy

MSA Storage

  • MSA Product Features for Consolidation
      • High Availability and Disaster Recovery features are standard – 64 Snapshots, Local Copy
      • Integration with SAN Starter Kits make the transition to modern SAN a breeze
        • Simple graphical SAN setup with integrated tools for day-to-day array management
      • MSA 2000 Family offers unmatched configuration flexibility and support for the latest technologies
        • Your needs/preferences drive your configuration vs. being limited by your vendor offerings
          • Mix Match SFF and/or LFF hard drives, choose from latest host interfaces, futureproof now
  • The Proof
      • Do the math – Compare HP’s MSA 2000 initial purchase price – You will be surprised
        • Get HP’s trusted brand with MSA. Upgradability and extended ROI are bonuses
      • 4 Generations of MSA Upgradability – Unmatched in the Entry SAN industry
        • No forklifts, No dead-end purchases, Extend your ROI
      • IT admins report box to live SAN volumes in under 30 minutes utilizing SAN Starter Kits
entry virtualization
Scenario/Customer Pain Points

Often coupled with Consolidation initiatives, customers are looking to drive utilization of Servers and Storage to a new level.

IT Generalists often need help/guidance to take this step

Typical Solution Attributes:

Virtualization technologies need SAN storage to derive benefitsand insure availabilityTight Hypervisor integration is needed to unlock many virtualization features

Backup, DR and Business Continuance need to be addressed in new “VM” context

MSA 2000 and Entry-Level Virtualization Value Proposition

Excellent Price/Performance and Price/Capacity metrics – Customers optimize around their key driver

HP’s MSA family has been supporting advanced virtualization features for years

VAAI, VASA, SRM, Insight Control Storage Module for VMware, SMI-S 1.5 integration

Entry Virtualization
virtualization is now affordable for smb customers
Virtualization is now affordable for SMB customers

MSA Storage

  • MSA Product Features for Entry Virtualization
      • Core Hypervisor Integration is key
        • VMware and Microsoft suites cover bulk of market
      • Leverage more advanced hypervisor features – MSA’s integration investments are strong
        • VMware Integration Points:
          • Insight Control Storage Module for VMware, VAAI, VASA, SRM
        • Microsoft suite:
          • SMI-S v1.5 support enables: Windows Server 2012 manageability, Hyper-V, SCOM, SCVMM
      • New MSA 2040 delivers a whole new level of IOPS to the hypervisor and VMs it is serving!
        • 2x to 4x more performance than P2000 G3 and the competition
  • The Proof
      • 70+% of MSA P2000 customers are using virtualization today
      • SMB is the fastest growing segment in virtualization industry
msa 2000 use cases remote office branch office
Scenario/Customer Pain Points

Remote/Branch solution is, by nature, duplicated X Branch Offices

Storage solution must be cost effective – Savings here are multiplied by X sites

ROBO Solutions encompass Compute, Network, Storage – Multiplied by X sites

Centralizing control, facilitating simple day-to-day remote office interactions

Repeatability is Critical at deployment stage and beyond

Typical Solution Attributes:

Most ROBOs leverage virtualization for management/configuration simplicity

Solution defined by HQ team, deployed, managed locally (w/oversight from HQ)

MSA and ROBO Deployment Value Proposition

Excellent Price/Performance and Price/Capacity metrics

Strong management toolset

Virtualization integration

Proven ROBO track record – HP has dominated on server and storage solutions for ROBO

HP solution purchasing and support infrastructure

MSA 2000 Use Cases – Remote Office/Branch Office
msa s proven track record in robo deployments
MSA’s Proven Track Record in ROBO Deployments
  • Why MSA for Remote Office/Branch Office?
      • Entry price points yet solid feature set and proven reliability
        • Affordability is crucial in ROBO – Every $ is multiplied by # offices
        • Flexibility and choice: host interfaces, HDD types all allow choice and standardization – Your Way
        • Standard features, like snapshots/local copy, don’t require addition cost/maintenance headaches
      • HP’s ability to provide a complete solution end to end
        • The power of HP’s Converged Infrastructure extends from the data-center to the remote office
          • Full integration, common support infrastructure, testing, compatibility – One Brand – ONE HP
  • The Proof
      • MSA has hundreds of ROBO success stories
        • From world-wide retail organizations with >1000 sites to small local pizza shops operating across a single city or state
msa 2000 use cases building block storage for scale out applications
Scenario/Customer Pain Points

Modern “Scale-Out” applications must take into account financial dynamics driven by hyper-growth seen in new connected environments

Can’t buy it all up front

Can’t risk delays when growth takes off

HW under these new Apps needs to be deployed using JIT (just in time) – a modern manufacturing/supply chain trick applied to storage

Typical Solution Attributes:

Best Cost/Performance metrics - $/IOPS $/GBs $/TB

Users demand solid, predictable performance and quality at a cost which can be scaled. App Architects think in: IOPS/user $/VM

MSA and Scale-Out Building Block Storage Value Proposition

Excellent Price/ Big Performance – translates the 4x IOPS to $ quickly

Proven field tested reliability, HP brand coupled with HP Servers

MSA 2000 Use Cases – Building Block Storage for Scale-out Applications
msa s proven track record as building block for modern scale out applications
MSA’s Proven Track Record as Building Block for Modern “Scale Out” Applications
  • Why MSA for Modern “Scale-Out” Applications?
      • MSA 2040’s balance between - Entry SAN Price Point and amazing IOPS and Gb/s redefine the metrics
        • Entry price points is interesting but not if it jeopardizes reliability, supply or support
        • Since it is a “Building Block” – every dollar saved is multiplied through time
        • Performance in IOPS and/or Gb/sec Throughput skew the metrics - more than price
      • HP’s ability to provide a complete solution end-to-end
        • The power of HP’s Converged Infrastructure builds the best end-to-end building blocks
  • The Proof
      • HP’s understanding of and experience with “scale-out” architectures is unmatched
        • Customers can integrate “scale-out” where they feel appropriate in the stack
        • From Converged Storage to raw HW Building Blocks like MSA
msa 2000 use cases dr repository archive
Scenario/Customer Pain Points

Users want reliable/inexpensive shared storage to store snapshots, copies or archives

Need solid sequential throughput speed, shared storage capabilities, flexible on host interconnects

Storing this data on expensive mid-range arrays is cost prohibitive/limiting

Typical Solution Attributes:

Support for latest high capacity/low cost SAS Mid-line hard drives

Ability to scale HDD count as achieve grows

Still on spinning media, reasonable retrievable speeds

MSA and Repository/Archive Use Cases

Solid Price/Performance and excellent Price/Capacity metrics

Flexibility with Host Interface connections

DR functionality bundled in

MSA 2000 Use Cases – DR Repository/Archive
msa 2000 use cases departmental storage
Scenario/Customer Pain Points

Users typically have solid understanding of Mid-Range and/or Enterprise Storage but need a solid block-level storage array to meet a smaller, immediate departmental requirement

Customer’s departmental solutions must “align” with the datacenter infrastructure – Need to “Fit In”

Typical Solution Attributes:

Virtualization is almost standard and fairly “evolved” utilizing advanced Virtualization features

Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance infrastructure usually exists

MSA and Departmental Storage Value Proposition

Excellent Price/Performance and Price/Capacity

Flexibility with Host Interface connections

DR functionality bundled in

Advanced virtualization integration

Often value in extending HP brand from data center to departmental solution

MSA 2000 Use Cases – Departmental Storage
hp proliant servers msa storage
HP ProLiant Servers & MSA Storage:

Better Together for 15 years…and counting

MSA Storage


  • Gen8 Server innovations drive numerous refresh opportunities – for Servers AND Storage!
  • MSA 2000 designed for and integrates well with ProLiant server ecosystem
  • DAS to SAN transitions – MSA is next step to support consolidation and virtualization
  • SAN refresh – to support newer server host protocols and SAN infrastructure
  • Server/Storage Trends - Improved HDD densities, performance, reliability, transition from LFF to SFF, SATA to SAS, new SAS-Midline for archives
hp bladesystem msa storage leading the blade industry
HP BladeSystem & MSA Storage: Leading the Blade Industry

MSA Storage

6Gb SAS Interconnect


  • Gen8 Blades drive numerous refresh opportunities
    • The industry’s leading Switched SAS Server/Storage Solutions
    • Switched SAS facilitates higher levels of integration and virtualization efficiencies
    • 6Gb SAS Switch for BladeSystem creates a zoned, HA shared storage subsystem
msa storage engage and be successful
MSA Storage – Engage and be successful

MSA Storage

  • MSA is relevant in large growing target markets – Huge numbers of customers in our sights
    • Our target markets are growing quickly
    • There is a LOT of value to be added for customers working through these issues
  • Don’t forget – MSA has been successful in growing markets for 15+ years
    • Leverage the Installed Base – Take advantage of IB Programs
    • Use new MSA products to open the door
    • Re-engage with MSA-friendly accounts
    • Listen, Learn before you propose a solution (MSA or otherwise)
    • Don’t forget to look at SAN infrastructure during the sales process

Not for customer viewing

continued leadership in entry san
Continued Leadership in Entry SAN

HP’s MSA Storage Family


July 1

MSA Storage


MSA 2040



A One-Two punch which is hard to match


MSA P2000



defining msa s one two punch one today s msa p2000 g3 storage
Defining MSA’s One-Two Punch One -Today’s MSA P2000 G3 Storage
  • Simple: Flexible architecture. Easy to setup. Easy to manage
  • Flexible product, your needs drive the configuration
  • MSA is familiar and easy to manage for ProLiant/BladeSystems server managers
  • Embedded and Host-based fleet management tools help you manage 1 or 100 MSA’s
  • Efficient: Leverage the latest Spinning Hard Drives to get unmatched value Consolidation and entry virtualization drives device utilization up
  • Help customers take that first step – Consolidate, virtualize – Drive ROI and better infrastructure utilization
  • Proven quantifiable performance that meets the needs of many environments and workloads
  • Drive Spin Down feature – policy based feature saves power, creates less heat
  • Affordable: The MSA P2000 G3 continues to be a market leader in Entry SAN
  • The cost effective P2000 G3 continues to drive a great balance between lowest entry Price and Capacity
  • Drive ROI, Drive efficiency …. and stay in your budget
  • Upgradable to MSA 2040 if needs change in future

Win with MSA

defining msa s one two punch two hp msa 2040 storage
Defining MSA’s One-Two Punch Two - HP MSA 2040 Storage
  • Simple: Flexible architecture. Easy to setup. Easy to manage
  • Flexible product allows your needs to drive your configuration
  • MSA is easy to manage for ProLiant/BladeSystems IT managers
  • Intuitive management tools for a single unit or a fleet of MSA 2000s
  • Fast: The MSA 2040 sets new standards for $/IOPS in Entry SAN, 3x to 4x today’s competition Leverage SSDs to optimize performance - MSA 2040 has the performance to insure you get what you pay for!
  • Amazing throughput in sequential workloads, optimize application performance, stream more videos
  • Futureproof: 2x the bandwidth on the same number of ports! The first Entry SAN array with 16Gb FC
  • Architected for next gen host interfaces. Supports 8Gb or 16Gb FC SFPs, Upgrade the SAN when you are ready
  • Continues MSA’s “data-in-place” upgrades from P20000 G3, no data migrations required
  • Excellent scalability – Up to 96 LFF, 199 SFF drives, Avoid forklift upgrades, extend your ROI

Win with MSA

the msa portfolio spanning the entry san spectrum
The MSA Portfolio – Spanning the Entry SAN Spectrum

Flexibility, solid predictable performance, proven reliability, unmatched affordability


July 1

MSA P2000 G3

MSA 2040

Budget-led Sale Performance-led Sale

High Performance 4 Port Converged SAN Controller

4GB Cache per Controller

SSD Support with integrated “wear gauge”

Support for Next Gen Host Interfaces

Expanded SFF scalability to 199 drives

Entry SAN Performance Leader

5 Dedicated Controllers

2GB Cache per Controller

Solid Performance – Lowest Entry price point

Upgradeable to MSA 2040 with Data-in-Place Upgrades

Entry SAN Price Leader

Resources –

MSA Storage

  • Leverage your Local Distribution Partner or
  • HP Partner Business Manager
  • HP.com Resources
  • www.hp.com/go/P2000
  • SMB Simply StoreIT Solution Portal – www.hp.com/go/SimplyStoreIT*
  • Partner Portal Resources
  • HP Partner Portal – Link
  • MSA Transactional Partner Promotion - Link

Not “live” until May 13 - Link may change

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