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Famous Quotes in Hamlet PowerPoint Presentation
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Famous Quotes in Hamlet

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Famous Quotes in Hamlet

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Famous Quotes in Hamlet

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  1. Famous Quotes in Hamlet By Brooke McGowen

  2. About the Play Hamlet • Written by William Shakespeare • First published around 1603 • The play takes place in eastern Denmark • Play is considered within the genre “Tragedy” • First performed around 1601

  3. Quiz over Background Information on Hamlet • What genre of plays is Hamlet apart of? • Comedy, because it is about common people • Tragedy, because it contains a fallen hero • Love story, because of Hamlet’s love for Ophelia • Contemporary, because it contains fighting scenes

  4. Congratulations! Now that you know about Hamlet's background, you can now learn about the famous quotes within the play….

  5. "Though this be madness, there be method in it" • Claudius says this line after he and Hamlet’s mother speak with Hamlet • Hamlet acts as though he is insane to make certain Claudius doesn’t know about his plan for revenge • The quote reveals Claudius knows there must be a reason for the way Hamlet is acting, whether he is crazy or not

  6. "Fraility thy name is woman" • Hamlet says this line after finding out that Ophelia has lied to him about her father’s whereabouts • Hamlet believes women are weak because of Ophelia’s lie, but also because of his mother’s quick marriage to her late husband’s brother and murderer

  7. "The lady doth protest too much methinks" • This line is spoken by Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother • This line is spoken as Gertrude watches Hamlet’s play that reveals the murder of his father • Gertrude speaks this line because the queen in the play refuses marriage • This line is Gertrude’s way of justifying her own quick marriage after her husband’s death

  8. "To be or not to be, that is the question" • This quote is said by Hamlet in a soliloquy • It takes place in a graveyard, after Hamlet has discovered the death of a friend • In this quote, Hamlet is actually questioning whether it is best to live or die • As in the picture, Hamlet is often depicted holding a skull as he recites this line

  9. Quiz over Famous Quotes • What is the meanings of the quote “To be or not to be?” • It is a quote that voices Hamlet’s opinion that women will always be weak-minded • The line simply states that to be mad is to have reason • In this quote, Hamlet is wondering whether it is best to live or die

  10. Congratulations! Now you know all about a few famous quotes from Hamlet and also about some background information about the play itself.