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Essential Coffee Accessories for Cafes

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Essential Coffee Accessories for Cafes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Essential Coffee Accessories for Cafes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small local cafe who has been serving the area for years, or if you’re part of a large

franchise selling coffee to thousands of customers, having the right equipment and supplies is what makes the

real difference in customer satisfaction.

One of the most significant factors in providing a quality coffee and service to your customers is having the right

equipment and accessories at hand, from specialised mugs to a range of tasty syrups. Not only does this allow the

customer more choice and options when they enter your establishment, it also gives them the impression that

your cafe goes the extra mile to ensure they enjoy their time in your cafe.

By finding a well-established coffee supplier that also provides high-quality coffee accessories, you can begin to

increase customer satisfaction, as well as the number of customers you’ll receive from positive word-of-mouth.

Below you’ll see some of the essential coffee accessories we believe every cafe should have.


Specialised Coffee Mugs

You’re not really getting the authentic coffee experience if you are drinking espressos, cappuccinos and

americanos from the same types of mug in a cafe. Each of these coffees were made to be drank from specific

types of mug to match their quantity, consistency, and appearance. If you’re not serving cappuccinos in

cappuccino mugs, then you are not offering customers the genuine Italian coffee experience.

This may not sound like an important factor, however, you would be surprised how much a quality mug increases

customers’ satisfaction with their coffee purchase. Consider ordering a range of specialised mugs to suit your

different types of coffee from a trusted coffee accessory supplier.

A Range of Syrup Flavours

It’s no secret that customers like to have options and variety, especially when it comes to their coffee. Stocking

up on a range of tasty syrups is a great way to give them this variety.

It’s also not uncommon for a cappuccino-lover to want to try a little vanilla or hazelnut syrup in their hot

beverage now and again, those customers will remember who offered them this delicious little extra. It’s certainly

an area worth investing in as it isn’t expensive to bring this dimension of variety to your cafe.

Biodegradable Takeaway Cups

Many who frequent cafes are those on their daily commute to work who need a delicious coffee to start their day

off. The modem world is a busy place and often times people want their coffee to-go, that’s why every effective

cafe should stock takeaway cups.

Not just plastic takeaway cups though, cafes should make the pledge to only use biodegradable cups which will

prevent irreversible damage to the environment. Not only will this do the Earth a whole lot of good, customers


will also realise that you’re playing your part for the environment and this may be what influences their decision

to keep returning. It’s a win-win really.

Choose a Well-Established Coffee Accessories Supplier

The Good Cup Coffee Company doesn’t just supply businesses of all sizes and types with just delicious coffee

beans, we also provide essential coffee accessories that every establishment should have. We make sure that

every one of our clients has access to only the highest quality of coffee beans and coffee accessories.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can quickly become your favourite coffee accessories supplier.

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