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Myanmar Handmade Products ShowCase PowerPoint Presentation
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Myanmar Handmade Products ShowCase

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Myanmar Handmade Products ShowCase
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Myanmar Handmade Products ShowCase

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  1. Myanmar Handmade Products ShowCase

  2. Woman Traditional Purse • It is colorful and designed with traditional Kachin cotton pattern. It is made of Myanmar handcraft and it has three partition purses, one is used zippered pouches for safe keeping of your money, coins, cards or more. Other two partition purse is created with cardboard and parachute fabric. This purse comes with a magnetic button at the front. This traditional woman purse is simple and good quality.

  3. Elephant Wood Crafts • The product name is the small Elephant and made by Burmese Blackwood. Art of wood sculpture, three-dimensional art made by one of four basic processes are carving, modeling, casting, constructing. Many of the most important sculptures of Myanmar in particular are in wood. It is also much easier to work than stone. According to the notions in Myanmar, an elephant are a symbol of good luck. Lucky elephants are often used in home decoration, meaningful gift for an engagement, a wedding or a housewarming.

  4. Sea Shell Arts • This name is The Special Curving Plate design with Prince and Princess and made in Myanmar. All products are handmade. Raw material is the mother of pearl and 100% natural. The color is white and the product is smooth. This is an ideal souvenir it looks good and is not expensive. This whole product penetrated with only hand. Foreigners likely mother of pearl product and they are very interesting it.

  5. Coconut Shell Arts • The Stylus painting was an art which the famous of many years ago. Nowadays, the recycling materials are using in home decoration that is the famous. Especially may I pointed is the Coconut Shell Art Craft which is made in Myanmar. That coconut shell is drawing the style of dancing a man with stylus. The back ground color is black. The lacquer painting is drawing with stylus on the back ground color beautifully using acrylic. Acrylic is the long life of hundred years. The coating is using high gloss so waterproof. The key point has two yellow spot for easy to open. It is used to keep your jewellery, exotic gift, and favorite things.

  6. TraditionalDesign Shoulder Bag • This product name is Shan Traditional Flag Design Shoulder Bag and produced in Yangon, Myanmar. It is made by 2/100 cotton and raw materials are only traditional. This product is Shan Traditional shoulder bag and the raw materials come from Myanmar. The two sides are same design and same color. Convenience and easy to carry things by this bag. The bags are generally known as lware eit shoulder bags or Shan lware eit meaning Shan shoulder bags. The Shan shoulder bags may come in a simple style decorated with flag design.

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