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Myanmar Gemstone

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Myanmar Gemstone
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Myanmar Gemstone

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  1. Myanmar Gemstone Myanmar Treasure

  2. Lavender Jade • It is called Lavender Jade Round Shape In Loose Gemstone. Gemstones are in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes but it is round shape and lavender color of purple. It is natural beauty to any of your design. It is easy to make all kinds of jewellery you would like. You can decorate for Necklace, Pendant, lockets, Bracelet, earring, ring, hand change and brooch or whatever you desire. It is natural jade and round cut gemstone shape. It is made in Myanmar and created with natural jade by banner gems & jewellery.

  3. Synthetic Peridot Gemstones • It is green peridot gemstone and hand cut made of Myanmar. It is also decorative jewellery. It is synthetic peridot gemstones and any size and shape is available as your request. Natural loose stone top green peridot gemstone of Myanmar origin. This peridot gemstone is beautiful look and has a green color carbochon gemstone.

  4. Loose Spinel Stone • This is Loose Spinel Stone For Jewellery. We supply different cutting shapes; various colors in kind of synthetic gemstone, these are natural colored gems perfect for rings, pendants, earrings and necklace. It is natural crystal spinel of natural stones. It is fine in quality and variety of colors. It is made of Myanmar hand cut. It is gemstone material of spinel. This spinel loose stone is carbochon in different gemstones and glass stone.

  5. Spinel Necklace Set For Lady • It is the set of spinel necklace for lady and it is created with hand cut. It has many color and sixteen pieces of spinel loose stone. It has various color of green, red, pink and yellow colors. It is beauty and fashionable design. It is 14.5 carats of gemstone weight. It is decorative jewellery and made of Myanmar.

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