welcome to english 1302 202 n.
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Welcome to English 1302.202

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Welcome to English 1302.202. Mrs. Boeck Mrs. B Ms. Dawn MW 2:00-3:15 CCH 209. About Me. About Me. I am 24 years old. Wife and mother Graduated from TAMUCC in May 2009 BA in English Graduate student at TAMUCC Masters in English – Rhetoric and Composition

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welcome to english 1302 202

Welcome to English 1302.202

Mrs. Boeck

Mrs. B

Ms. Dawn

MW 2:00-3:15

CCH 209

about me1
About Me
  • I am 24 years old.
    • Wife and mother
    • Graduated from TAMUCC in May 2009
      • BA in English
    • Graduate student at TAMUCC
      • Masters in English – Rhetoric and Composition
      • Graduating in May 2012 – YAY! 
    • First Year Composition Instructor
    • Writing Consultant at the CASA Writing Center
about me2
About Me
  • To learn more about me
    • http://dawndowellboeck.pbworks.com/w/page/44430563/About%20Me
about you
About YOU!
  • Please fill out the first day questionnaire and turn it in.
    • This information is important to ME and will not be shared with anyone else.
  • Appealing to your audience…
  • Reader and writer
  • Ethos
    • ethical appeals
  • Pathos
    • emotional appeals
  • Logos
    • logical appeals


ethos presentation of self
Ethos – presentation of self
  • Character, values, authority of the writer
  • Can you trust the author?
  • Are they credible?
    • “…credibility speaks to a writer’s honesty, respect for an audience and its values, and plain old likeability” (EAA, p. 59).

Steve Jobs


pathos emotional appeals
Pathos – emotional appeals
  • These arguments generate emotions
    • Anger, fear, jealousy, sympathy, pity, love
  • Images and descriptive language are especially powerful

Bosnia, 1993

logos appeals to logic
Logos – appeals to logic
  • Facts, evidence, statistics, credible testimony
  • Common sense
  • Statement + proof
  • Claim + supporting evidence

Animal Rights Advocates

rhetorical situations
Rhetorical situations
  • Keith Grant- Davie (1997) “Rhetorical situations and their constituents”
    • In the WAW textbook.
  • Exigence: what is this writing about, why is it needed, what should it accomplish?
  • Rhetor(s): identity of speaker(s)
  • Audience: varied and diverse; dependent on situation
  • Constraints: factors that may affect (help or hinder) success of communication; context of the situation
  • The handout is a shortened version of the syllabus, containing only the most necessary information.
  • Please see full syllabus on pbworks page.
    • You can click to download Word doc.
syllabus and course website
Syllabus and course website
  • Please go to
    • http://dawndowellboeck.pbworks.com
  • Click on Spring 2012 Syllabus
  • Also, see Spring 2012 Class Plans
    • This is where all daily class plans and homework assignments will be posted.
    • YOU are responsible for checking this website.
where is mrs b
Where is Mrs. B?
  • Faculty Center (FC) 113
    • an office full of offices
  • CASA Writing Center, Glasscock Bldg, Rm. 112

Office hours:

  • MW 3:15-4:30 and by appointment
    • You can also make 30 minute appointments with my at the Writing Center during my hours there.
goals for the semester
Goals for the semester
  • Writing process
    • brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, editing
  • Produce an introduction and conclusion
  • Identify and evaluate arguments
  • Construct arguments using evidence
  • Integrate academic research
  • Integrate a citation system (APA, MLA)
  • Connect ideas across disciplines



additional requirements
Additional requirements
  • Login name and password for computer labs
  • Islander email account
  • USB drive or other media to transport files between home and school
  • Sanddollar card with $$$ for printing
  • A Working Folder – a binder or folder to keep your work in for the semester.

Late work

Cell phones

  • I will not accept late homework or in-class work.
  • All cell phones and other electronic devices should be switched to silent or vibrate before entering class.
  • A dinging or ringing cell phone is very disruptive.
  • Please refrain from using your devices during class unless given permission.


Research and citation

  • Plagiarism is the representation of work of another as one’s own work.
  • Academic misconduct or complicity in an act of misconduct on an assignment will result in a 0 for the assignment and a report will be filed.
  • For this course, all work must be formatted in APA manuscript style and sources must be cited in APA citation style unless otherwise noted.

Classroom environment

Professional behavior

  • Respect for others and their viewpoints, even if they are drastically different from your own.
  • Do not interfere with
    • The instructor’s ability to conduct class.
    • The ability of other students to profit from the instruction.

Students engaging in unacceptable behavior may be instructed to leave the classroom.


Dropping a class

Grade appeal

  • Please consult with me (or any of your instructors) before dropping a course.
  • March 30, 2012: last day to drop with a “W”
  • Should you decide to drop a course, you must go to the Student Services building and fill out a Course Drop Form.
    • Stopping attendance and participation in the course WILL NOT automatically result in your being dropped from the class.
  • If a student believes s/he has not been held in appropriate academic standards, they may appeal the final grade given in the course.
    • See syllabus for further information.
student resources
Student resources

Links are located on my pbworks page

The Center for Academic Student Achievement (CASA)

Disability Services

University Counseling Center

Academic Advising

this semester
This semester…
  • You will choose an event or issue that you will research throughout the semester.
    • All projects in this course will be related to this topic of research.
what is an event or issue
What is an event or issue?

A historic event

A controversial issue

A new or continuing issue

An issue of personal interest to you

Big or small

Local or global

Some ideas…

  • Midterm: 10%
  • Final: 10%
attendance and participation 10
Attendance and Participation 10%
  • Daily sign in sheet
  • Participation in class will include group discussions and activities, informal presentations, peer review and peer editing, and/or short writing assignments.
homework 10
Homework – 10%
  • HW assignments are posted on the course pbworks page under Spring 2012 class plans
  • HW is due in class.
important dates
Important dates
  • W 2/8 – Sun 2/12
    • Your research journal is due F 2/10
  • TR 4/5 – Sun 4/9
    • Your research essay is due F 4/6
  • Note these dates because I will be unavailable to help you during these times.
  • You can plan ahead or you can make appointments with the Writing Center.
research proposal1
Research proposal
  • In writing your research proposal, you should consider the following questions:
    • What would you like to research this semester? Be specific.
    • What do you already know about this topic?
    • What makes you want to learn more?
    • What are the controversies or varied perspectives on the issue?
    • What do you want to learn about this topic/issue?
    • What sources will you look for and use?
    • Where will you look for these sources?
    • What do you hope to gain from this research?
hw due for w 1 18
HW due for W 1/18
  • Draft of Research Proposal due
    • Final draft of this document is due on F 1/20