Spanish technology centers specialised in optics and image sector
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Spanish Technology Centers specialised in Optics and Image sector - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spanish Technology Centers specialised in Optics and Image sector. AIDO VICOMTECH TECNALIA. TECHNOLOGY PORTFOLIO: AIDO offers to market the following products and services:

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Spanish technology centers specialised in optics and image sector

Spanish Technology Centers specialised in Optics and Image sector




Spanish technology centers specialised in optics and image sector


AIDO offers to market the following products and services:

  • Tailored development of R&D projects through the development of solutions based on hyperspectral analysis, advance printing and coatings, optical metrology, ICT and media, laser micro-manufacturing, fibre sensors and machine vision technological lines in the field of Photonics

  • Advanced Services: photometry, colour, ophthalmic optics, and inks laboratory services; training services (opened or tailored training services; classroom or online training)

  • AIDO’s technology transfer agreements through patents, license and royalty agreements, exploitation agreements...


The Technological Institute of Optics, Colour and Imaging (AIDO) is recognised by the Economy and Competitiveness Ministry as a Technology Centre, so it has the aim of generating and transferring knowledge to market through the development of technological solutions based on optical technologies and Photonics to increase efficiency and quality of products in the industrial sector and to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of society.

AIDO transfers its knowledge to market, through private R&D projects, exploitation and license agreements and patents (7 patents), as well as through its participation in 2 technology-based companies.

AIDO has as a key objective the development of its R&D capabilities and its scientific and technological knowledge and for that reason AIDO collaborates with other European experts in complementary technologies in networks and R&D and Innovation projects, especially those funded by the different R&D European Framework Programs. In this sense AIDO is currently participating in 12 projects. In addition AIDO is a member of the Board of Stakeholders of the European Technology Platform Photonics 21, the main group in Europe devoted to the technological trends definition in the field of Photonics. AIDO also holds the technical secretariat of the Spanish mirror of Photonics 21, Fotónica 21.

AIDO started in 2011 its international expansion focused, in a first step, on Latin America, specifically in Colombia, where AIDO is currently developing solutions to companies and other kind of entities.


Spanish technology centers specialised in optics and image sector


  • The main aim of Vicomtech-IK4 is to meet the Applied Research, Technology Development and Innovation requirements of local companies and institutions in theComputer Graphics and Multimedia fields, enhancing their competitive edge and improving society’s economic development and quality of life.

  • The main transfer mechanism for this research is the creation of R+D+i projects geared to companies’ needs. Through these projects we provide added value to companies in several sectors: industry, intelligent transportation systems, medical imaging and bioinformatics, digital security, environment and sustainability, audiovisual and media, tourism, language industries, training, games.


Our aim is to use our specialist knowledge to provide our clients with high-value results within a clear, transparent legal framework, which:

will guarantee that clients can implement their business model on the basis of the results, with the necessary freedom of use and exclusivity, and

enable Vicomtech-IK4 to continue on its path of technology specialisation.

Vicomtech-IK4 therefore has a contractual relationship model based on clear separation of technology knowledge and client results. This model allows the centre. This model allows us to achieve results with high added value for our clients, while we foster knowledge generation.


Spanish technology centers specialised in optics and image sector


  • These are the 4 approaches to the way TECNALIA works with companies:

  • TECHNOLOGY-BASED INNOVATION STRATEGIES:  TECNALIA provides strategic vision to help companies reinforce their competitiveness.

  • INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES : TECNALIA creates technological assets ready to generate business in the market.

  • R&D PROJECTS: TECNALIA develops projectswith a clear focus towards market and  the generation of value for our clients by new partnership models.

  • TECHNOLOGICAL SERVICES: TECNALIA provides technological services for the evaluation and diagnosis of materials, processes and products in order to guarantee its reliability, security and sustainability.


TECNALIA has a patent portfolio comprising 114 families that cover many different technological areas. This portfolio is constantly evolving and it is dynamically managed according to the business divisions’ technology strategy. TECNALIA currently has 286 active patents of which 52 were requested last year.

The most remarkable activities in the technology transfer field are those related with entrepreneurship and negotiation of license agreements: Throughout its history, TECNALIA has promoted the creation of numerous New Technology-Based Firms, of which 25 are still operating and employ 132 people. Nowadays, TECNALIA is still stakeholder in 17 of these NTBCs. On the other hand, TECNALIA has promoted the knowledge transfer to the industrial sector through the establishment of licensing agreements with companies both nationally and internationally.