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Chat Rooms. What is a chat room?. How many of you have used a chat room?. How many acronyms do you know?. In pairs discuss and complete as many of these acronymns as possible. Are there any others that you use?. Why use chat rooms?. What is so appealing about them ?. TASK.

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Chat rooms

Chat Rooms

What is a chat room?

How many of you have used a chat room?

How many acronyms do you know?

Chat rooms

In pairs discuss and complete as many of these acronymns as possible

Are there any others that you use?

Chat rooms

Why use chat rooms? possible

What is so appealing about them?

Chat rooms

TASK possible

Complete the task as if you were talking to someone in an internet chat room!

Chat rooms

Show your conversation to another student. possible

How much personal information have you disclosed?

Chat rooms

Who do you talk to? possible

Are you sure?

Listen to the clips

Discuss the reasons why she was attracted to meet the other person. What should she have done?

What did the person in the clip do to attract young girls?

Do you think it works?

Chat rooms

The 8 users currently in a teen chat room: possible

Guess the ASL of each user.









16, female, Bangor

12, male, Holyhead

38, female, Manchester

28, male, Cardiff

30, male, Caernarfon

17, female, Caernarfon

14, female, Valley

41, male, Liverpool

How accurate were you?

Chat rooms

LYING ON-LINE possible

It can be easy to lie about your age and sex on-line. Never arrange to a face-to-face meeting with anyone you have met on-line unless you have an adult with you.

Watch the videos from

Claire thought she knew

Tom’s story

Chat rooms

Questions based on the video possible

  • What was the appeal?

    • Found somebody who was very alike

    • Shared similar experiences

    • Understood their problems

    • Good looking

    • Made them feel good, mature, attractive, important and cared about them!

  • Does this type of person really exist??

Chat rooms

Where can I get help? possible

Do you know who or where to go for help / information?

WEBSITE: Report Abuse

SCHOOL CONTACT PERSON: __________________


Chat rooms

Not all persons on-line turn out as you would expect. possible

If the situation sounds too good to be true – it probably is!

If you need to report any inappropriate on-line behaviour, use the website below: