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IETF Liaison Report

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IETF Liaison Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IETF Liaison Report
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  1. IETF Liaison Report January 2004 Dorothy Stanley – Agere Systems IEEE 802.11 Liaison To/From IETF

  2. RFC 2284bis – In IESG Comment Resolution Last call (equivalent of Sponsor Ballot) closed November 6th , 2003. Completed IESG Review Approval expected shortly IEEE 802.11i Dependencies (via 802.1X-REV)

  3. March 2003 – 03/243 Letter from IEEE 802.11 to IETF Documents additional clarification of IEEE 802.11 requirements on EAP Methods, Key Strength IETF Response, see Requested that requirements be documented in an Internet Draft and published as an RFC Enable Published EAP methods to reference compliance to IEEE 802.11 requirements First Draft available (Thanks Bernard Aboba), see Now - Finalize and approve the Internet Draft in IEEE 802.11i, see 04/0065 Requirements mapping – IEEE 802.11 reqs letter to IETF reqs language, in RFC2284bis, see EAP Method Requirements

  4. EAP Key Framework Document See Now an EAP WG work item Coordination between IEEE 802.11i and EAP WG Security Association Definitions in synch Pre-Shared Key naming requirement prevents complete Key Naming synch EAP State Machine Document Is an EAP WG item Completed first WG Last call Update: EAP Keying

  5. Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) BOF-2 held Nov 14th, 2003 BOF-2 Chairs Mahalingam Mani, and Dorothy Gellert, Mailing List: Formation of WG likely 1Q04 Current draft: IETF Request for IEEE Review of CAPWAP documents, after WG formed. Please see Stuart Kerry or Dorothy Stanley if you’re interested. Update: CAPWAP BOF

  6. IETF RADIUS Working Group May be formed RADEXT BOF held November 14th, 2003 Wi-Fi WLAN Public Access Needs, Requests from 3GPP2 Plan to Issue a combined RADIUS attributes initial draft; plans for review and inclusion in IEEE 802 std TBD. Formation of WG expected mid-04 Proposed charter includes: Specifying how RADIUS handles prepaid accounting for WLAN (& other) Pre-paid applications Standardizing WLAN-related RADIUS attributes. Standardizing a basic RADIUS attribute extension mechanism Contact Bernard Aboba or David Nelson Update: RADIUS WG

  7. IP Mobility Optimizations (Mob Opts) Research Group formed Chairs: Bill Arbaugh, Rajeev Koordli analysis of Mobile IP Route Optimization considering such parameters as traffic pattern, link conditions, topology etc. with the goal of arriving at conclusions on its usage investigation of securing handovers by making use of access authentication parameters, focussing initially on IEEE 802 systems. And, applying the adopted security for Fast Handovers designed in the Mobile IP group in the IETF. improving re-authentication latency during handovers, and subsequently transport protocol performance New: IRTF Research Group

  8. Recent/upcoming meetings: Feb 29-March 5 2004 Seoul, Korea August 1-6, 2004, San Diego, CA, USA November 7-12, 2004 TBD: Website of IETF/IEEE 802.11 request/response status As maintained for others, for example see IETF Meetings