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The Expensive Mistakes When Selling Gold

Before you sell gold, make sure you check out this guide. It carefully outlines the mistakes done by gold sellers and the solution to those mistakes.

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The Expensive Mistakes When Selling Gold

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  1. SELLING GOLD The 6 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

  2. Gold is undoubtedly one of the most valued metals in the world. You can’t afford to make a mistake when selling gold as any mistake can be very costly. Avoid making the following mistakes.

  3. SELLING YOUR GOLD TO JUST ANY BUYER Gold is precious therefore the buyer has to be trustworthy. They need to have a good reputation and experience. Look for buyers with great reviews and testimonials as you’re sure to get good deals.

  4. USING MIDDLEMEN Dealing directly with refiners is much better as you’ll get the highest price when selling your gold. Some middlemen may also not be trustworthy and look to exploit the seller.

  5. LETTING YOUR GOLD BE EVALUATED IN YOUR ABSENCE When the gold buyer walks to another room to evaluate the gold you’re selling then they have something to hide. Your gold should be evaluated and weighed in your presence. The seller should have the liberty to enquire about the various tests done on the gold.

  6. NOT BEING PAID IN CASH A cheque is not a better alternative as one cannot be certain about the buyer’s financial status. The buyer should be ready to pay the whole amount in cash. It is important to know that a cheque can be dishonoured. http://www.goldbuyersmelbourne.com.au/is a great example of a gold buyer that pays in cash.

  7. NOT FOLLOWING YOUR INSTINCTS Your instincts can save you from trouble. If the buyer is acting in a bizarre manner then they are not to be trusted. How well the staff treats you and your privacy is very important. Your instincts are almost always right.

  8. NOT ENQUIRING ABOUT THE EQUIPMENT Any qualified buyer should have state of the art gold testing equipment. There are some equipment that can damage gold so you need to do your research. The X-Ray fluorescence machine is a machine that does not damage gold and gives accurate results. www.911metallurgist.com

  9. Work with a reliable gold buyer and you’re sure to get the right value for your gold.

  10. www.goldbuyersmelbourne.com.au www.facebook.com/goldbuyersmelbs You can also call us on Free Call 1800 224 653 Visit our store at Level 11, Suite 1102 / 227 Collins St, Melbourne 3000

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