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EmEx-Compare Emergency Department Benchmarking PowerPoint Presentation
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EmEx-Compare Emergency Department Benchmarking

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EmEx-Compare Emergency Department Benchmarking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EmEx-Compare Emergency Department Benchmarking. Improve ED Performance Benchmark your ED to similar EDs and best practices Measure your performance on 100 ED-specific metrics Survey hundreds of key ED stakeholders Identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement

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emex compare emergency department benchmarking
EmEx-CompareEmergency Department Benchmarking

Improve ED Performance

  • Benchmark your ED to similar EDs and best practices
  • Measure your performance on 100 ED-specific metrics
  • Survey hundreds of key ED stakeholders
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement
  • Comprehensive 250-page graphical report
  • Emergency Center of Excellence eligibility for top performers
  • Consulting conference call to review results
emex compare emergency department benchmarking1
EmEx-CompareEmergency Department Benchmarking

Our comprehensive benchmarking and survey solution will become an integral part of your ED performance improvement efforts

“We gained invaluable insight by benchmarking with EmEx and the staff was thrilled to have achieved the Emergency Center of Excellence." 

- Paul Summerside, MD, Past President, Aurora Baycare Medical Center

emex compare emergency department benchmarking2
EmEx-CompareEmergency Department Benchmarking

The Process:

  • Interactive PDF worksheet for the ED leadership to submit their ED’s data.
  • Our team is actively engaged in the process, answering questions and reviewing and resolving data issues.
  • We perform web based surveys of the key stakeholders for each ED (often hundreds of individuals).
  • Conference call with ED and hospital leadership, led by one of our ED physician consultants, to review the report and discuss performance improvement strategies in more detail.
emex compare emergency department benchmarking3
EmEx-CompareEmergency Department Benchmarking


  • Personalized, comprehensive, graphical report that outlines the ED’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement, and offers a wide range of performance improvement ideas.
  • The report tracks your performance on 100 ED benchmarks and includes hundreds of comments from your key stakeholders.
  • Each ED is benchmarked to EmEx best practices, as well as other participating EDs, further grouped by census, type, and locale.
emex compare emergency department benchmarking4
EmEx-CompareEmergency Department Benchmarking


  • Understand your ED’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Compare and track performance
  • Identify best practices and ideas for improvement
  • Benchmark data for other services that interact with the ED (i.e. lab, radiology) can help you advocate for ancillary service improvement
  • Key stakeholders appreciate that their opinions are being heard
emex compare emergency department benchmarking5
EmEx-CompareEmergency Department Benchmarking

Also Included:

  • Access to our ED Toolkit, which includes ED protocols, clinical policies, guidelines, order sets, education tools, etc.
  • Top performers on EmEx-Compare are eligible for the Emergency Center of Excellence designation, pending on-site evaluation by our emergency nurse reviewer. (see EmEx-Awardat the end of the presentation)
emex compare emergency department benchmarking6
EmEx-CompareEmergency Department Benchmarking

100 KPIs Across the Entire Spectrum of ED Care:

  • Patient Flow
  • Key Turnaround Times
  • Labs/EKG
  • Radiology
  • EDIS
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Crowding
  • Financials
  • Emergency Physician and Nurse Staffing
  • Emergency Physician and Nurse Satisfaction
  • Administrative
  • Consultants
  • Clinical
  • Perspectives on ED Performance
the seven pillars of emergency care balanced scorecard
The Seven Pillars of Emergency Care“Balanced Scorecard”
  • Safety … quality, outcomes, commitment
  • Satisfaction … reputation for excellence
  • Solvency … lean processes, coding, UM
  • Space … facility/equipment function
  • Staff … staffing, credentials, retention
  • Support … administration/medical staff
  • Systems … processes, care paths, technology
emex compare emergency department benchmarking7
EmEx-CompareEmergency Department Benchmarking

2011 Pricing:

$4,500 (satisfaction guaranteed)

Time Commitment:

Our clients note their ED leadership typically spend a few hours preparing the Leaders Worksheet

Physicians and nurses typically spend 5-10 minutes completing the web based survey, less for other stakeholders


EmEx Services

  • EmEx-Compare
    • Benchmarking
  • EmEx-Award
    • Emergency Center of Excellence
  • EmEx-Consult
    • Consulting Services
  • EmEx-Dashboard
    • Interactive Performance Dashboard
  • EmEx-Contact
    • Patient Callbacks and Patient Satisfaction Solution

EmEx-AwardEmergency Center of Excellence

  • EmEx-Award offers EDs with superior performance the opportunity to be designated as an Emergency Center of Excellence
    • based on EmEx-Compare performance
  • On-site verification is required to protect the integrity of the Emergency Center of Excellence designation
  • Our emergency nurse reviewer will visit your ED and review ED processes, systems, charts, etc. and speak with ED staff to verify previously submitted performance indicators

EmEx-AwardEmergency Center of Excellence


  • Build goodwill with your patients and your community
    • Your improved reputation will increase your ED volume
  • Recognize performance excellence
  • Enhance staff morale
  • Improve performance through the spirit of competition by creating a tangible goal

EmEx-AwardEmergency Center of Excellence

2011 Pricing:

  • $5,000 (plus reasonable travel expenses)
  • Designation endures for two years
  • Our design team can assist your marketing department in the creation of individualized, print-ready materials as well as a press release



EmEx-Consult, Transform, Optimize

Consulting Services

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Patient Callbacks / Discharge Phone Calls

See separate EmEx-Contact Slide Presentation





Interactive Performance Dashboard

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Improving Performance

Recognizing Excellence