athens the perfect new home n.
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Athens, the perfect new home

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Athens, the perfect new home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Athens, the perfect new home. By: Hunter Madison Hour 4. (Not Sparta!!). Why Athens should be your new city-state!. Reason 1 to move to Athens and not Sparta. Athens is the creative wonderland, the home to imagination and opportunity. Evidence

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athens the perfect new home

Athens,the perfect new home

By: Hunter Madison

Hour 4

(Not Sparta!!)

Why Athens should be your new city-state!

reason 1 to move to athens and not sparta
Reason 1 to move to Athens and not Sparta
  • Athens is the creative wonderland, the home to imagination and opportunity


Athens start teaching young men at the age of six, where they can be taught music, drama, public speaking, government, art, reading, writing, math, and gymnastics. When a child would turn 14, they would go to a primary, or private school. Then at 18, they would enter a military school for two years. After that, they graduated. The goal of the Athenian education was to create well rounded people that were thinkers, well-trained in arts and sciences, and prepared for for both peace and war.


Once you graduate, you can choose to study whichever occupation you want, you are very free to your future, and can follow your dream and do what your best at.

reason 2 to move to athens and not sparta sparta s cold blooded and rough lifestyle
Reason 2 to move to Athens and not SpartaSparta’s cold-blooded and rough lifestyle
  • Evidence
  • The education in Sparta is meant to toughen, roughen, and make fierce warriors from six year olds by taking them and placing them in military barracks where they are under-fed, beaten, and taught to steal without getting caught. Their whole life is to be dedicated to the warfare of Sparta. You don’t want that for your kid. Think of all the times your kid laughed. Practically gone.
  • Evidence
  • Do you suffer from a genetic disease? Well, if you do, don’t attempt to have kids. All children that are deformed in any way are left to die without any choice. It’s brutally unfair and inhumane and cold-blooded of Sparta, but weak babies produce weak armies.
reason 3 to move to athens and not sparta climate of both athens and sparta
Reason 3 to move to Athens and not SpartaClimate of both Athens and Sparta
  • Evidence:
  • In Sparta, the climate is warm and comfortable temperatures, but the land is very dry, which will be a problem for the agricultural dependent economy. That is one of the main reasons Sparta already has a smaller population than Athens.
  • Evidence:
  • Another thing that goes along with the dry climate is transportation and life. How easy do you think it is to travel miles without using a canal to boat with? Well, in Sparta the rivers are dried up and cause for a serious lack in transportation. Also, without a river, where do all the plant and animal life go? They will be forced to a different climate that can provide the things they need.
reason 4 to move to athens and not sparta government
Reason 4 to move to Athens and not Spartagovernment
  • Evidence:
  • The government in Athens is a limited democracy. This means that all the citizens got to make choices so that the people could get what they want. There is no tyrant or leader with ultimate power. The assembly is all male citizens with at least two years of military service that gather forty times a year. The citizens act as lawmakers.
  • Evidence:
  • The government in Sparta is a mixture of monarchical, oligarchic and democratic components. The government of Sparta consisted of the two kings, five supreme magistrates, the council of elders and the men over the age of 30. The people don’t have as much of a say as they do in Athens. The people that run the government have ultimate power.
counter claim and refutation
Counter-claim And Refutation
  • Women in Sparta have more rights than women in Athens is one of the most commonly argued topics for Sparta. Yet, even though it may seem as if Spartan women have more rights, it’s not as people seem… Spartan women could get an education, sure, but they weren’t allowed to make earnings or have careers with their education. Also, the physical activity women take as a freedom, isn’t really a freedom. It was thought that strong women would produce strong babies for warfare, so the only reason physical activity is allowed to the women is so that Sparta can have a better military.
  • All in all, Athens is the better place to live over Sparta. Athens is friendly, definitely unlike Sparta. The advantages for Athens outweigh Sparta and and Sparta’s disadvantages outweigh Athens’.
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