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Piano made easy

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Piano for all

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Piano made easy

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    1. Easy Piano Lessons So, you want to know how to play piano? Well, don’t we all. It’s common for almost everybody to have that wish, especially when you see someone playing beautifully a piece that you like, and your fingers start moving all by themselves. It’s a common misconception that you have to take piano lessons for beginners when you’re a litte kid, otherwise you don’t stand a chance. Well, that is terribly wrong. We don’t all need to be Mozart, we can perfectly learn how to play piano, no matter what our age is. And, to encourage you, you must know that there are many great musicians that started the study of piano at a later age. Filmstars have learned how to play piano, andd other instruments for their movies.  Piano lessons have to be easy! If your first attempts to learn how to plat piano will be too hard, this will discourage you, and it’s a pitty.  You may have great talent, and it would be sad for it to go undiscovered, just beacause you dind’t have the right opportunities. You may think that age is an impediment in learning piano, and that all the great players started very young. Well, this is not true. a good example would be the movie “The Fabulous Baker Boys“. Both Jeff and Beau Bridges learned how to play piano for this movie, and boy, did they do a great job.  So, it you have two functional hands, there’s no reason to consider age for that. Actually, all you need is two healthy hands, two good ears and a keyboard. That’s right. You don’t need to buy some expensive piano, before being sure that truely is for you. It can be that you’re perfectly able to learn, but find out you dont get that much fun out of it, as you imagined.