adult acne scars l.
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Adult Acne Scars Remedies PowerPoint Presentation
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Adult Acne Scars Remedies

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Adult Acne Scars Remedies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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adult acne scars

While it’s not a treatment for the scars, there is a known adult acne cure: sea salt. You may have noticed that if you go to the seaside, take a bath in the ocean, or simply stay for a longer time in a salt-filled atmosphere, any skin problem seems to reduce its intensity.

Sea salt is a natural remedy against inflamation, and it has been discovered, not by specialists but by ordinary people, that it also favors skin recovery. The best results using face soaks with saline solution have turned out to happen in the cases of acne and psoriasis. Why is that? Salt has the known effect of drying an area, therefore reducing the level of sebum in cases of acne and seboreic psoriasis. Also, it helps the skin grow back togehther, where it’s broken, which is very helful in those really bad cases of acne, where skin simply breaks because of the zit size.

Sea salt may be used (and it’s reccomended to be used) dissolved in water. With this solution, you should pad your face twice a day. If the acne is more severe, and very deep, a gentle scrub might be even more helpful. Please keep in mind to have the salt minced as finely as possible, and do not rub wildly.

There are a lot of sea salt products, but we reccomend you do your own mixture, with sea salt you can buy, and water. You can also create other mixtures, to use locally, on badly affected areas. You can, for example, mix the salt with lemon juice and a little bit of honey, and apply this mixture in the evening. Seems to work best for body acne.Sea salt is very useful in treating acne, and it can also help to reduce scaring, but you also need a cure for adult acne scars which already exist.

Adult Acne Scars