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Introducing GoECart 360 PowerPoint Presentation
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Introducing GoECart 360

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Introducing GoECart 360
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Introducing GoECart 360

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  1. GoECart Search Engine Friendly Ecommerce Solution

  2. In 2010, ecommerce reached new levels of maturity while consumers found online shopping much more intuitive, rich, and enjoyable. This is thanks to many factors, including better usability, increased personalization, social media integration, and more dynamic content and multi-media. Research firm eMarketer expects 2011 to be another banner year for online sales with projected revenues, excluding travel, digital downloads and event tickets, to exceed $188 billion. Merchants, on the other hand, realized significant growing pains in 2010 due to the increased traffic, higher order volume, greater customer expectations, and complex technical integrations. Medium-sized ecommerce enterprises were hit especially hard by these trends, and many fast growing smaller retailers hit the wall with their ecommerce solutions designed for startups. This is true of direct-to-consumer and business-to-business retailers alike. And the challenges continue to pile up. Among them are lack of workflow automation, inefficient warehousing operations, poor metrics for decision making, increases in returns, and an uptick in failed orders. Sadly, affordable, integrated solutions in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) space are virtually non-existent and non-hosted solutions start at six figures before you add in the cost of required integration. Moreover, effective order and inventory management systems are extraordinarily complicated to integrate and come with their own six-figure price tags. In short, this leaves mid-sized merchants with the overwhelming and vastly expensive chore of cobbling together multiple disparate systems and getting them to work properly. What is GoECart Founded in 2000, GoECart is a worldwide leader in ecommerce. We empower retailers of all sizes with innovative, on-demand ecommerce solutions that address the needs of the ever-changing web. Hundreds of companies rely on GoECart every day to Sell more™ products and services online and compete more effectively. GoECart empowers merchants and retailers of all sizes with innovative, on-demand ecommerce solution designed to address the challenges of the ever-changing web. Hundreds of organizations rely on GoECart every day to Sell more™ merchandise online and compete more effectively. GoECart's proven technology solutions offer the ultimate in reliability, scalability, and flexibility demanded by the world's busiest ecommerce sites. Our ecommerce software is second to none. GoECart's Thriving Partner Ecosystem™ provides the ultimate network of best-in-class ecommerce solutions providers to deliver a rich, immersive experience expected by today's savvy web shoppers. And our team of passionate ecommerce experts keeps our clients at the forefront of ecommerce.

  3. Sell smarter and faster. Build your web business on the award-winning GoECart platform. Get hundreds of features. Harness the power of social media and web 2.0. Leverage our best-in-class partner network. Deliver an exceptional user experience. Get world class professional services and support. Get to know GoECart. Ecommerce Has Evolved The Sell more™ Mantra Award-Winning Technology The Richest Set of Integrated Solution Partners A Passion for Innovation

  4. Introducing GoECart 360 • Are you looking for a versatile and well-rounded Ecommerce solution? Well look no more! GoECart 360 has been designed just for you and your fast growing business. GoECart 360 combines award-winning ecommerce features and true multi-channel selling, with back office administration, and a shopping experience to be rivaled! GoECart 360 can save you thousands of dollars, the money you would have to invest to integrate a separate order management system with your ecommerce software. • GoECart 360 is the only fully integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecommerce platform that includes enterprise-grade order management software. With GoECart 360, you get advanced order approval, processing and routing; multi-stage order fulfillment; full call center integration and advanced shipping and receiving support. With a completely customizable online store design you can customize your storefront using our intuitive branding tools and hundreds of configuration options. Plus you’ll be able to drive more traffic to your store with our marketing tools and Intelligent SEO™. The user experience rivals top ecommerce sites; with it’s®- like persistent and intelligent shopping cart. Don’t forget to let all your friends and customers know about your new storefront with GoECart's integration with social networking portals like Facebook ®, Twitter ®, ShareThis, etc. • The intelligent AJAX- based site search returns highly relevant results fast, while guided navigation allows your merchant to drill-down using attributes like price, brand, and color. All of this in addition to the one page checkout makes your shopping cart less likely to be abandoned. • With our advanced inventory management System you can ship from your closest location warehouse or vendor, directly to your customer. You’ll easily be able to track and manage back orders and drop shipments. All leading credit card payment gateways are supported and Google ™ and Paypal ® checkouts are PCI compliant. • Here are just a few of the great features GoECart 360 has to offer: • Highly scalable order approval, processing, and routing • Multiple fulfillment methods and custom workflows •®-like comprehensive CRM module • Customer Wish Lists and Favorites To learn more about the services and benefits of GoECart 360, please contact our GoECart Sales Representative at (877)-243-3612 (Toll Free) or