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Goa Villas for Rent PowerPoint Presentation
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Goa Villas for Rent

Goa Villas for Rent

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Goa Villas for Rent

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  1. The Best Holiday Villa Rental in Goa

  2. About Us • The founder of Goa Unlimited, Nikhil Mirkar has been in Goa for over two decades. After working for several years with some of the leading hotel brands in Goa, he started Goa Unlimited in 2005. With a passion for the travel and hospitality industry and a diploma in hotel management, Nikhil knows how to render professional yet personalized services to all guests. • Being based in Goa, Nikhil and his team understand the lay of the land, its culture, customs and its people really well. As a foodie and a known personality in the social circuit in Goa, Nikhil can also guide you to the best restaurants, happening parties as well as many offbeat places to visit.

  3. Service • All bookings are assumed to be for normal holiday purposes only, and you agree that the use of the villa/apartment will be limited to this purpose unless otherwise confirmed in writing.

  4. If you are planning to hold an event, such as a wedding or party, which involves having a larger number of people at the villa, or if you are planning to use the villa for a purpose other than holiday, please communicate this to Goa Unlimited at the time of booking, as special approval or arrangements may be required. • Depending on the nature of the event, a surcharge and/or additional security deposit may be required, which will be agreed and confirmed in writing prior to confirming the reservation.

  5. Our Rental Villas


  7. Want To Rent Your Villa Or Apartment? • Do you own a villa or an apartment in Goa? Would you like to benefit from giving it out on short or long term rental? • Goa Villa Rentals can help you. Here's how : • We can do direct promotions of your villa or apartment on our extensive networks • We can help you with short term or long term bookings through our sales team and a professional booking process • We can even manage your property for you • If any of the above interests you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. • Send us a brief description of your villa or apartment, along with some photographs to info@goavillarentals.comand we shall get in touch with you within 48 hours. • If its Goa, its gotta be Goa Unlimited!!!

  8. Private Accommodation in Goa, Rent Apartment in Goa • Our accommodations are located in the popular beach areas on the Goan countryside, both in North and South part of it. These apartments are owned by families, who have given them their own personal touch. It's truly like staying in your own home but away from your own home town at your perfect destination!!! • Our accommodations range from 3 to 10 bedroom, while our apartments range from studio to 1 bedroom & 2 bedroom flats with luxurious amenities and fully equipped kitchens with microwave oven, bottle cooler/refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

  9. Contact Us For Reservations & Details Contact: Goa Villa Rentals Goa UnlimitedPorvorimBardez, Goa- 402521 Cell: +91 98221 88818       +91 80076 88818E-mail:

  10. THANK YOU!!!