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What is Genetically Modified Rice PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Genetically Modified Rice

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What is Genetically Modified Rice
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What is Genetically Modified Rice

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  1. What is Genetically Modified Rice? #GMORice #GMRice #RiceProteinFacts More than 30% of the U.S. rice lands were contaminated that year which cost growers about $150 million according to the filed complaint. Overseas buying of U.S. rice ceased and/or slowed as the European Union, Russia and Japan (among other countries) were testing for traces of Liberty Link. It was not until 2011 that Bayer finally agreed to a $750 million settlement to resolve the claims filed by over 10,000 farmers. Bei?g the ?ai? food sour?e for al?ost half the ?orld’s populatio? ?akes ri?e a? ideal ?a?didate for genetic engineering. Some scientists claim that GM rice has incredible potential to alleviate global hunger and malnutrition. To date, the International Rice Research Institute ?IRRI? has de?eloped ?Golde? Ri?e? which contains beta-carotene to help address vitamin-A deficiency in underdeveloped nations and ?Iro?-clad ri?e? to help pre?e?t iro?-deficiency anemia which affects over 1 billion poor women and children. They are also working on a drought-tolerant variety and a high-yielding variety which changes the biological pathway the plant uses sunlight to produce grains. While these may be innovations with noble intentions, many still question the long-term safety of GM rice to the environment and to human health.

  2. Organizations like the Non-GMO project ?lassify ri?e as a ??o?itored ?rop? due to its past cross- contamination incident. Until GM rice is commercialized in the U.S. or other countries, it is understood that current whole grain rice and rice-based ingredients are not genetically modified. But how will consumers know if and when commercializing of GM rice does happen? While the Non-GMO Project Verified seal does not mean a product is 100% GMO-free, it is a good (and independent) ?ay to k?o? ?hi?h produ?ts ?ere ?ade a??ordi?g to ??est pra?tices for GMO a?oida??e.? Produ?ts ?ust go through a rigorous verification process to obtain the seal. Know more at: http://www.riceproteinfacts.com/is-rice-a-genetically-modified-food/