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Redland City Council Grants Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Redland City Council Grants Program

Redland City Council Grants Program

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Redland City Council Grants Program

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  1. Redland City Council Grants Program How to write an application for funds - tips and tricks for community organisations

  2. Overview of Workshop... • Explanation of Redland City Council (RCC) Grants Program • Brief overview of grant categories and funds available • Steps to consider before writing your grant • Reviewing the RCC grant application – how to successfully complete an application • Questions • Resources and other information for your support • Evaluation/Feedback

  3. Redland City Council Grants are available for initiatives in: • Sport and recreation • Community development • Arts and cultural heritage • Festivals and events • Enterprise development • Environment

  4. Redland City Council Community Grants Program Objectives: • Assist community organisations to provide services • Empower community organisations and build capacity • Build community infrastructure • Assist disadvantaged / vulnerable groups • Provide cost-efficient initiatives • Increase leverage to gain additional funds from State/Federal departments • Increase employment and boost local economy • Create identity, a sense of place and celebration • Contributing to a sustainable environment • Support a robust living culture in Redlands Page 5 Grants and Sponsorship Program

  5. Information for Applicants • Ensure that you read the Grants and Sponsorship Program Guidelines as it contains all the information required to complete your application form. • Includes: • Category types • Funding levels • Eligible and ineligible items • Assessment criteria

  6. Mayor’s Small Grants • Up to $500 • Total pool of $50,000 pa • one successful application within a 12 month period • Providing assistance to: • Groups for unexpected costs or small • amounts of assistance • Individuals to support excellence • Examples: • Equipment • Funds towards a small event • Person travelling to compete at a national or • international competition

  7. Organisation Support Grants • Up to $3,000 • Total pool of $90,000 pa • To support the management, administration, and planning costs of community organisations. • Key categories include: • Education and training • Initiatives for volunteers • Planning and governance • Grant writing assistance • Seeding funds • Equipment • Redland City CouncilCommunity Grants Program2010 – 2011Round 2Closes Friday 1 April 2011, 4.30pmA 2010-2011Form O Organisation Support Grants Up to ($3,000)

  8. Project Support Grants • Up to $10,000 • Total pool of $200,000 pa • For organisations to provide specific projects that deliver long-term positive outcomes to the community. • Examples: • Art projects for young people • Festival or event • Revegetation project • Indigenous initiatives • Community garden projects to ($ Redland City CouncilCommunity Grants Program2010 – 2011Round 2Closes Friday 1 April 2011, 4.30pm Application Form P Project Support Grants (up to $10,000)

  9. Conservation Grants Up to $8,000 Total pool of $90,000 pa To assist organisations for specific projects that will provide positive outcomes for the local Redlands environment. Includes: • Conservation support grants - direct conservation projects as well as education and awareness related to Redlands wildlife, especially koalas and their habitat. • Environmental arts support grants - assist professional artists, emerging professional artists or organisations to develop arts projects with an environmental theme. • Wildlife carer support grants – to assist with projects related to the care of injured wildlife in the Redlands eg. equipment and training opportunities.

  10. Regional Arts Development Fund The RADF Program supports professional artists and artsworkers to practise their art, for and with communities, resulting in mutual development of the professional artists/artsworkers and communities in regional Queensland. • Principles of RADF • Supporting professional artists and artsworkers • Supporting locally determined arts and cultural priorities • Supporting regional arts development in Queensland • Supporting cultural activities not supported by other state government agencies • Supporting the participation of community members in arts development projects run by professional artists and artsworkers • Supporting complementary federal arts funding Colin Offord, (RADF recipient 2009/2010), Moon bells Performer: Yeh Yilan

  11. Regional Arts Development Fund • WHO CAN APPLY: • Individual professional artists, emerging professional artists, artsworkers, cultural workers or project coordinators • Incorporated arts and cultural organisations • Unincorporated organisations, auspiced by an incorporated body • RADF Categories • Developing regional skills • Building community cultural capacity • Interest-free arts loan • Cultural tourism • Contemporary collections/stories • Regional partnerships • Concept development • Arts policy development and implementation Barry Brown RADF recipient 2008/2009 For more information, guidelines and application forms can be found on RADF is a Queensland government and Redland City Council partnership to support local arts and culture.

  12. The Application Process... • Read the guidelines – does it match with your project? Does it match with your organisation’s goals? • Plan your project – collaborate where possible • Make contact with RCC officers • Prepare your application • Make contact with RCC officers • Submit your application • Receipt of application • Assess applications • Notification of results and payment of money • Completion of project and acquittal

  13. Let us begin the application process.....

  14. Step 1: Take a ‘Helicopter view’ of your organisation.... Does your organisation have: • Documented strategic plans? • Documented goals and vision? • Documented mission statement? • Clear objectives? • Documented annual and longer term (3 – 5 year ) plans?

  15. Yes? – Proceed to grant application No? – Begin with your organisation writing this crucial sustainable planning mechanism BEFORE you seek RCC money to undertake a project. (Unless the project you are applying for is to assist your organisation in your plans, objectives, etc).

  16. Did you know??? Your organisation can apply for funding from the RCC’s Community Grants Program. You can apply under the Organisational Support Category to assist you in developing your organisation’s strategic plan, mission statement, objectives and other key statements.

  17. Step 2 :– Identify the meaning and purpose of your funding submission... – Why is your organisation applying for funds? • Review your organisation’s mission statement, goals and objectives – are you seeking funds that directly meet these? • Ask yourself – why are we applying for this money? How does it directly match my organisation’s need? • How does my organisation’s proposal directly match with RCC’s objectives of the Community Grants Program? • How does this application directly support communities living in the Redlands and their needs?

  18. Step 3 - Working through the application form.... NOTE: There are four crucial steps BEFORE you begin to write your application. To recap: • Identify your organisation’s goals and objectives, develop a plan to meet these goals and objectives. • Review and confirm that these goals and objectives match the funding guidelines and objectives. • Which category should I apply under? • Consider whether this is the right funding program to suit your organisation’s need.

  19. Writing the RCC Grant Application....If you would like to openForm P – Project Support application

  20. Question 1.3 – What is the purpose of your organisation? • Please give as much detail as you can. • Explain in detail the services your organisation provides and any other activities and or products connected with your organisation. • Refer to your organisation’s strategic plan, goals, and objectives (if you don’t have this information, refer to your organisation’s constitution). • Provide attachments for incorporation. • You could also give an outline of your organisation’s history, provide statistics and data validating your organisation’s role in the community. For example – how many members does your organisation have? What is the geographical area your organisation represents in the Redlands?

  21. Question 2.2 – Please describe your project or activity. What outcomes do you expect to achieve from this activity or project? • Please give detail and attach a broader plan if you need to – though this is not necessary. • Give specific detail about the activity: • Date • Time • Venue, etc • Explain in detail what you plan to achieve – (this becomes the outcome). These outcomes should match your own, and RCC’s objectives. For example: • increased awareness of organisation’s services • educate the community with a particular project. • hold an event for the benefit of the organisation and community.

  22. Question 2.3 – Who is your target audience for this project or activity and how will they benefit? • Please outline in detail the group/s of people in the Redlands that you plan to partner with and demonstrate your relationship with group/s of people and their contribution. • Demonstration of your organisation’s relationship with the group/s will include evidence such as a letter of support outlining contact made, and the relationship/ support agreed upon. • Explain in specific detail what the target audience will gain from your organisation's project.

  23. Question 2.4 – Please describe how your project or activity will address the objectives of the Community Grants Program. • Match your project objectives directly with RCC’s Community Grants Program’s objectives and strategic priorities. Pages 5 and 6 of the Grants and Sponsorship Program Guidelines. • Explain in detail HOW your organisation’s project will address the objectives. • For example: “Our project will assist disadvantaged/ vulnerable groups by raising awareness of our organisation’s services to the seniors in the community and by partnering with senior organisations. That includes.........”

  24. Question 2.5 – Who has been consulted in the development of the application? Please identify how this was conducted and what was the outcome? • Please consult broadly – beyond your own organisation. • Provide evidence of broad consultation – relationships, partnerships, connections beyond your organisation. • Explain HOW your organisation has consulted and what the outcome has been. • Consider: • Members of Parliament • Facility users/leasees/tenants • Organisations and groups your organisation works with. • Other organisations within the Redlands (expand your networking) PLEASE NOTE: Letters of support are useful and should specifically relate to the project you are applying for and each letter should outline why the Support is being provided.

  25. Question 2.6 – Why is there a need for your organisation to deliver this project? • Please demonstrate how it will benefit your organisation. • Please demonstrate community need. • Provide evidence to support the identified community need. • Need should match RCC strategic priorities. • Need must emphasise the broader benefit of the Redlands not just your own organisation. How does your project impact and support the broader community need? • Consider providing statistics and other data to support your identified need. PLEASE NOTE: This question should provide as much detail and evidence as often applicant's responses are revisited and reconsidered in the final assessment stage.

  26. Question 2.7 – Why do you need financial support for this project? • Please provide evidence to demonstrate your organisation’s financial need for this project. • Where an organisation has substantial, untouched savings – please clarify and explain why this money can not be allocated towards the project. Explain why, despite your cash flow, your organisation still requires funding for the project.

  27. Question 2.8 – Have you applied for funding for this project or towards this project from another funding source? • Please explain why you have not applied for any other funding source, if you have not.

  28. Question 2.9 – Name of funding sources, funding requested and when will you be notified of the outcome of your application? • Please be specific in detail – provide dates and full titles of funding programs you have applied for outside of RCC. • Explain how much funding you requested, the purpose of the funding and the approximate notification date.

  29. Question 2.10 – Sustainability – If this activity is ongoing, how will your organisation manage this eg. financial, resources? • This is a very important question. RCC seeks to understand how this project will continue beyond this grant if successful. • Give detail and explain clearly how other sources of income will be generated to continue the project – this could include applying for money outside of the RCC grants program. • Clearly list and explain the long term benefits that will continue after RCC funds for your organisation’s project concludes. • This question does not apply to Organisation Support.

  30. Question 2.11 – Is Redland City Council providing other support towards this project either: financial, services or in-kind support ie. provision of traffic control, waste management services, discounted fees? • Please give detail.

  31. Question 3 – Project Objectives/Planning • An objective is your intended purpose – what you hope to achieve. • Please describe in brief, one sentence statements each objective. • Then outline in detail how you intend to measure achieving each objective – will it be through participant/attendant numbers, quantitative/qualitative data – etc • By the project end date, you should aim to achieve your objective.

  32. Question 3.2 – Project Planning • This section must demonstrate a complete list of all activities to be undertaken to complete the project. • Unpack all tasks – in micro detail • List tasks from the beginning of the project (before funds are received) to the end of the project (when funds conclude).

  33. Question 4 – Budget • Consider your volunteer contribution – often this is a neglected component of the budget and many organisations do provide a financial contribution by way of volunteer service and donated resources. • This contribution should be itemised and explained. In doing so, it demonstrates your organisation’s financial commitment to the project. • Please itemise all expenses. Do not give total figures without first breaking down all costs. This is inclusive of the RCC expenditure component and other expenses component. • Attach quotes for all budget items. • GST exclusive or GST inclusive?

  34. Attach Documents Make sure you attach all required documents and ensure these are current. • Incorporation • Certificate of Insurance compulsory • Recent Financial Statements The above documents are mandatory requirement. • Strategic Plan • Letters of Support • Quotes

  35. Assessment Process • The Grants and Sponsorship process is a very competitive process so it is very important to do your research and provide as much detail as possible. • Sell your project - why should your application be funded instead of the next application? • Your application will be assessed by an Assessment Team – three individual assessments. • The recommendations of the Assessment Team will be endorsed by the Community Grants Panel which includes three community members. • The endorsed recommendations are then presented at a Councillor Workshop. • The applications recommended for funding are then approved at the RCC Customer Services Committee and the General Meeting.

  36. Questions????

  37. Other Funding & Resources Queensland Government, Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation • Gambling Community Benefit Fund (4 rounds per year) • Jupiter's Casino Benefit Fund (open all year) Links to websites that provide information on other grants: (Grants may be from State and Federal government or from non government sources) • • • • •

  38. Other Funding and Resources • SPARC • Publications | Sector capability development | SPARC - ihi Aotearoa • Dept Communities • VOICE: Valuing Organisational Improvement and Community Excellence : The Community Door • Our Community • Resources and funding programs • • QUT Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Non-profit Studies •

  39. Community Grants TeamIf you have any queriesEmail: (07) 3829 8911Call and arrange a one-on-one meeting to review draft applications with a member from the Grants team.If you are not able to attend a meeting, you can also email your draft application to the Grants Team for feedback.

  40. We would greatly appreciate if you could complete the Evaluation form enclosed in your package.Your comments will assist us to continually improve to meet the community’s needs.Thank you Evaluation

  41. Thank you for coming