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Morning Work March 17th

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Morning Work March 17th - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Morning Work March 17th. Poetry. River The boat carries merchandise s lowly downstream, p ast signaling long grass. A town is waiting far away drying its roofs by the edge of the water, calling in its fish. The boat searches for the pale blue and brown verticals of wood,

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Morning Work March 17th



The boat carries merchandise

slowly downstream,

past signaling long grass.

A town is waiting

far away drying its roofs

by the edge of the water,

calling in its fish.

The boat searches for the pale

blue and brown verticals of wood,

the families gentle on doorsteps,

and the town is attentive to the river

murmuring the motor in the mud




Which of the following is a sign that you are looking at a unicellular organism?

Cells that only control thinking

Cells that only control a heart

Cells that only control a stomach

Cells that take care of many jobs at once

  • Plants have cells that only transport food throughout the flower. This means _________
  • Plants are carnivores
  • Plants are multi-cellular
  • Plants are unicellular
  • Plants are non-living things



Morning Work March 18th



Zoe has made the basketball team. She is very tall which makes her really good below the basket. Zoe works really hard, and practices her free throws all of the time. She has a scar on her left leg from when she fell during a game she was playing really hard in.

1. In the story above which is an acquired behavior?

Being tall

Having a scar

Being a girl

None of the above

  • 2. In the story which is an inherited trait?
  • Being tall
  • Having a scar
  • Working Hard
  • Practicing Free Throws



Morning Work March 19th



1. A meteorologist notices stratus clouds in the area, what type of weather should he predict?

a. Sunny weather

b. Stormy weather

c. Warm weather

d. Cold weather

2. A community is made up of all the

populations living in an area

members of a species on Earth

C. natural resources present in an area



Morning Work March 20th




In a grassland ecosystem, if the population of eagles is suddenly decreased, what will most likely be the effect on the rest of the ecosystem?

The ecosystem will become overpopulated with snakes.

The nutrition of the soil in the ecosystem will decrease.

There will be a decrease in the population of snakes in the ecosystem.

D. More types of plants will begin growing in the ecosystem



Morning Work March 21st



  • Which of the following symbiotic relationships is considered parasitic?
  • ticks feeding on a dog
  • pilotfish swimming under sharks
  • C. bees transporting pollen from flowers
  • D. birds eating the insects from the back of a hippopotamus


2.Which condition suggests that change from fair to stormy weather is most likely on the way?

a. constant air pressure

b. decreasing air pressure

c. decreasing wind speed

d. increasing air pressure



Morning Work March 22nd





  • 1. What happens to the atmospheric pressure the higher you travel in the atmosphere?
  • Nothing the atmospheric pressure stays the same.
  • The atmospheric pressure increases.
  • The atmospheric pressure decreases.
  • There is no atmospheric pressure the higher you travel.
  • 2. Hot or warm air has what kind of air pressure?
  • High air pressure
  • No air pressure
  • Low air pressure
  • The same air pressure as cold air.



Morning Work March 23rd




  • What instrument measures air pressure?
  • Thermometer
  • Anemometer
  • Wind Vane
  • Barometer


  • 2.Storms that move across the United States travel from?
  • North to South
  • West to East
  • East to West
  • South to North

Morning Work Marc 24th



  • 1.Which body system carries signals to and from the brain?
  • A. respiratory
  • B. circulatory
  • C. nervous
  • D. skeletal

2.Which is an example of a function the muscular system performs?

A. Voluntary muscles pump blood through the body.

B. Skeletal muscles keep a body’s joints working properly.

C. Cardiac muscles move bones and hold a body’s skeleton in place.

D. Smooth muscles help move food through the organs they surround