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The Mighty Ducks

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The Mighty Ducks. Guzman Rodriguez, Wesley Marziano, Vitaliy Kovalchuk, Evan Hill. How do biometric technologies improve security and what are the possible flaws?. What is Biometrics?. M ethods for recognizing people based on one or more unique traits. Why use biometric authenication ?.

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the mighty ducks

The Mighty Ducks

Guzman Rodriguez, Wesley Marziano, Vitaliy Kovalchuk, Evan Hill

what is biometrics
What is Biometrics?

Methods for recognizing people based on one or more unique traits.

why use biometric authenication
Why use biometric authenication?

Replaces passwords

Becoming more available

Generally more secure

types of biometric technologies
Types of Biometric Technologies
  • Physical
    • Fingerprint scan
    • Facial recognition
    • Iris scan
  • Behavioral
    • Voice recognition
    • Signature recognition
what goes into deciding what traits should be used for biometrics
What goes into deciding what traits should be used for biometrics

Does everyone have the trait?

Is it unique from person to person?

Does the trait stay the same as the person ages?

Is it easy to duplicate?

How easy is it to measure?

fingerprint scanner
Fingerprint scanner

Scans person’s finger and identifies the pattern of the ridges

Compares the pattern to the ones stored in the database

pros cons of fingerprint readers
Pros/cons of fingerprint readers
  • Pros:
    • Portable (USB powered devices)
    • Relatively easy to use
  • Cons
    • Finger prints get worn out
    • Methods to bypass it exist
face recognition
Face Recognition

Scans your face

Compares the facial traits to the scans in a database

pros cons of face scanners
Pros/Cons of Face Scanners
  • Pros
    • Good security
    • Hard to duplicate
  • Cons
    • Expensive
    • Have to scan all of user’s faces
    • Might be inconvenient
    • Faces change with age
iris scanner
Iris Scanner

Scans the person’s eye

Uses pattern-recognition techniques based on high-resolution images of the irides of an individual's eyes

pros cons of iris scanner
Pros/Cons of Iris Scanner
  • Pros
    • Secure
    • Fast identitfication
  • Cons
    • Expensive
    • A certain level of light must be present
voice recognition
Voice Recognition

Person speaks into a microphone

The sound is compared to the ones stored in a database

pros cons of voice recognition
Pros/Cons of Voice Recognition
  • Pros
    • Not hard to use
    • No physical interaction
  • Cons
    • Loss of voice
    • Record and play back someone’s voice
signature recognition
Signature Recognition

User inputs a signature

Systems runs a check with the signatures found in a database

pros cons of signature recognition
Pros/Cons of Signature Recognition
  • Pros
    • Easily used
    • Relatively easy to implement
  • Cons
    • Can be forged
    • Difference in signatures from same person
current biometric uses
Current Biometric Uses
  • Examples:
    • Fingerprint and face recognition on laptops
    • Face recognition in airports
    • Fingerprints on travel documents
    • Safes with iris scans
    • Law enforcement
future uses for biometrics
Future Uses for Biometrics

Building access through facial recognition

Citywide camera networks with facial recognition

National databases for ID

Voice authentication over phone


Physiological and behavioral biometrics

Biometric authentication is a promising field

the end
The End

Thank you for your attention


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