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Horizons. By: Emily B., Kaitlyn, Arynn, Hannah M., and Taylor. About Horizons.

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By: Emily B., Kaitlyn, Arynn, Hannah M., and Taylor

about horizons
About Horizons

Horizons is an advanced class where you learn how to use logical thinking and to be a collaborative worker. You can enter the Horizons program in 1st grade-5th grade, but its not that easy. You must take multiple tests on creativity and other things you learn in class.

what do other kids say about horizons
What do other kids say about Horizons?
  • It helps them in their regular classes.
  • It can be challenging at times, but is fun.
  • It helps you collaborate with others and solve problems creatively.

The Horizons teachers expect a lot from you. They want you to do well. They make projects fun, but make sure you put your best effort into it and it looks nice. The teachers are Mrs. Jane Grebe (2nd-5th), Mrs. Lydia Cox (2rd-5th), and Mrs. Marsha Gravitt (1st – 2nd ).

activities and projects
Activities and Projects
  • Making ends Meet (3rd)
  • Caesar's English (4th and 5th)
  • Hands on Equations (4th and 5th)
  • Into the Unknown (2nd)
  • Logical Thinking with Bears (1st)
  • Current Event ( 4th and 5th )

In your Horizons experience you will start to learn how to play chess in 3rd Grade. Once you learn you will have a Chess Competition with all of the students in your Horizons class. The 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winners will receive a ribbon. Keep in mind that some people get the hang of it easily and others might have to work harder. Playing chess will increase your thinking skills.


All of the 5th Graders in the school will have an Oratorical Contest. Being in Horizons will help you a lot with this speech, because they help you practice for it. Many times through out the year you will have to give a speech in front of the class.


You will have several parties though-out your Horizons years. Make sure you do your part in bringing snacks, plates, drinks, napkins, or cups.

  • Be prepared
  • Be respectful
  • Finish your work in time
  • Be organized
  • Be a STAR! ( Student taking academic responsibilities )