Dle to ngs migration contracts clinic
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DLE to NGS Migration: Contracts Clinic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DLE to NGS Migration: Contracts Clinic . 24 th February 2006.

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Dle to ngs migration contracts clinic

DLE to NGS Migration:Contracts Clinic

24th February 2006

The information in this presentation relates to plans currently under development and subject to consultation, and may be subject to change. Detailed implementation depends upon a number of factors including the capabilities of suppliers and the final 21CN network design.

Dle to ngs migration contracts clinic aims objectives
DLE to NGS Migration:Contracts Clinic Aims & Objectives

  • To achieve a consensus position on BT’s proposed contracting plan

    • As far as this is possible to do so

    • Identify the steps required in order to enact it

  • To improve understanding of the VIC product and the Implementation process for early tranches of DLE to NGS interconnect migration to facilitate development and agreement of contractual terms

    • Develop and manage an issues list

    • Develop and manage contractual documentation

    • To agree an action plan & next steps

Bt s contracting plan
BT’s Contracting Plan

Phase 1 – DLE to NGS Migration

Phase 2 – End Customer Migration

Phase 3 – NGN

  • Phase 1 is relatively well understood

    • Building a good understanding of engineering costs

    • VIC “Clinics” starting to flesh out non-engineering costs

  • Phase 2 impacts across the obligatory products not just interconnect

    • Product discussions still ongoing

    • Complex undertaking and impacts not fully understood to enable detailed commercial discussions to take place

    • Communication Provider contracts feedback indicated that smaller “bites” would be better received.

Phase 1 contracts documentation
Phase 1 Contracts Documentation

  • VIC Supplemental

    • Normal approach to introduce a new schedule to the SIA

    • No Change to Annexes A, B or D proposed by BT

  • Schedule 131

    • Deals with the introduction of VIC

  • SAN side letter

    • Can apply generically to Tranches 1-4 or individually to each tranche

    • The choice is open to each individual CP

Cost recovery where are we in the process
Cost Recovery – where are we in the process?

  • Most Communication Providers have provided BT with a view of likely engineering costs

    • Includes engineering project management costs as appropriate

    • Required to put a number in the SAN side letter

  • Greater understanding required of VIC solution design required to size non-engineering costs

    • Top level view (from CP’s @ VIC clinic 8/2/06) is costs may arise from:

      • Entering VIC information in billing systems

      • Reconciliation of circuit bills

      • Management of the supplementary bill for overflow

    • Question – How do we solve this one for tranche 1 contractually?

Phase 1 contract timetable
Phase 1 Contract Timetable

VIC Solution Design Workshops: Provision Experts & Billing

VIC Clinic to identify & discuss issues

VIC product





01& 02/03/06




Contracting Plan/SIA Supp/Sch 13/SAN letter shared

Contracts Clinic (1)

T1 contracts signed

T2 contracts signed

Contracts Clinic (2)

Agenda for today
Agenda for today:

  • VIC Storyboard

    • What’s closed, what new concerns arise?

  • What are the concerns with BT’s proposed phased contracts approach?

  • Detailed Contractual Arrangements for Phase 1

    • Thoughts and comments

  • Next Steps:

    • What actions do we need in place to resolve the key issues we have identified?

      • Product description update

      • VIC Migration guidance document update

    • When/should we meet again?