service quality management n.
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服務品質管理 Service Quality Management PowerPoint Presentation
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服務品質管理 Service Quality Management

服務品質管理 Service Quality Management

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服務品質管理 Service Quality Management

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  1. 服務品質管理Service Quality Management 中央市場Central Market 指導教授:廖顯宗 老師 碩工三甲 M97U0226 王暉誠

  2. ABSTRACT • a radical, standardized, undifferentiated place to shop that was designed for efficiency and offered similar products. • The founders wanted to create farmer’s market “look and feel” by offering only high-quality, fresh products while also providing a vibrant, interactive atmosphere.

  3. PROPOSE • Central Market was designed to change the way people ate and how they prepared a meal. • Exploration and discovery are encouraged as the customers make their way through, what some consider, a delectable labyrinth of displays.

  4. The entrance to Central Mark leads into an atrium that contains an information desk and a small coffee bar. • Customers then join a serpentine flow through a full-view European style city market. • Central Market calls this a force flow as seen by the floor plan.

  5. The aroma of coffee, fresh produce, fish, and baked goods greets customers as they walk through the store. Freshness is ensured because products are shipped in daily. • The main thoroughfare divides the beer and wine section and creates an opportunity for browsing and impulse purchases.

  6. Questions • How do the environmental dimensions of the servicescape explain the success of Central Market? • Comment on how the servicescape shapes the behaviors of both customers and employees.

  7. The store design is remarkably flexible. Displays are added or removed dependent upon seasonality and customer demand. • The Central Market experience is a wonderful assault on the senses. Customers can see, smell, feel, and even taste products.

  8. Customers spend extra time in the store because they are presented with items they have never seen before and the facility design controls their travel path. • The experience of shopping at Central Market appears to be addictive. Central Market is, in fact, the second largest-tour destination in Austin.

  9. THE END