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Keep Your Teeth Clean PowerPoint Presentation
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Keep Your Teeth Clean

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Keep Your Teeth Clean - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Keep Your Teeth Clean. Oral Hygiene Myths & Fact. Affects of Improper Oral Hygiene. Proper Way to Brush. Tooth Sensitivity: If hot or cold foods hurt your teeth, visit your dentist for treatment suggestions. Sensitivity may be caused by cavities,

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Keep Your Teeth Clean

Oral Hygiene

Myths & Fact

Affects of Improper

Oral Hygiene

Proper Way to Brush

  • Tooth Sensitivity:
  • If hot or cold foods hurt your teeth, visit
  • your dentist for treatment suggestions.
  • Sensitivity may be caused by cavities,
  • fractured teeth, gum disease, an exposed
  • tooth root, worn fillings, or worn enamel.
  • Tooth Decay (cavities):
  • The bacteria in plaque produce acids that
  • harm enamel, the acids can cause a hole
  • in the enamel. This hole is called a cavity.
  • Gingivitis:
  • If plaque and tarter are left on teeth for
  • a long time it can cause red, swollen
  • gums that bleed easily.
  • Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease
  • and is the only stage that is reversible.
  • Periodontal Disease:
  • Plaque builds up and turns into tarter
  • along and under the gum line, which can
  • cause infections.
  • Teeth may be lost, or may have to be
  • extracted in severe cases.
  • Facts:
  • Acidic foods cause tooth decay:
  • Foods such as lemons break down your
  • enamel making you more prone to cavities.
  • Adults can get cavities:
  • You cannot outgrow tooth decay, the only
  • way to avoid it is good oral hygiene practices.
  • Clenching and grinding may lead to cavities:
  • Putting more pressure on your teeth than
  • normal chewing can lead to cracks and
  • fractures. If weaker dentin is exposed, tooth
  • decay can form at a faster rate.
  • Myths:
  • White teeth are healthy teeth:
  • White teeth doesn’t always mean they are
  • clean. Whitening products do not clean
  • teeth.
  • People should floss once a week:
  • The American Dental Association
  • recommends flossing every day.

Bristles should contact tooth and gum line

Tilt brush at a 45° angle

Brush biting surface of teeth

Brush behind your teeth

Proper Way to Floss

Hold floss tightly between thumbs and forefinger

Wind 18” of floss around middle fingers

Guide floss tightly against tooth

Curve floss in C shape between gum and tooth