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丽水市高中英语孙惠清老师工作室 集中研修活动材料分享 PowerPoint Presentation
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丽水市高中英语孙惠清老师工作室 集中研修活动材料分享

丽水市高中英语孙惠清老师工作室 集中研修活动材料分享

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丽水市高中英语孙惠清老师工作室 集中研修活动材料分享

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  1. 丽水市高中英语孙惠清老师工作室集中研修活动材料分享丽水市高中英语孙惠清老师工作室集中研修活动材料分享 • 上课时间:2012年12月24日 • 上课地点:龙泉一中高一年级 • 上课教师:学院附中 刘丽娟

  2. Merry Christmas! Reading Enthusiasm By Liu Lijuan December 24 In Longquan High School

  3. Talking Santa Claus a strong feeling of excitement and interest in sth What does he usually do in his life? Does he enjoy doing so? What kind of person is he? He is a person who is ___________ about life. enthusiastic He is a person who is filled with enthusiasm.

  4. Read through the essay and try to answer the following questions: 1. How many people are talkedabout in the essay? 2. Are they enthusiastic people? the author--- Barbara a geneticist--- Barbara McClintock a cellist ---Pablo Casals

  5. Reading carefully What do you know about the author ? Wise advisers said, “…Enthusiasm will take you further than any amount of experience.” Why? Enthusiastic people can turn a boring drive into an adventure, extra work into chance and strangers into friends.

  6. Barbara McClintock A geneticist who won the 1983 Nobel Prize in medicine. Yet she didn't let up on her experiments. Work was such a deep pleasure for her that she never thought of stopping.

  7. cellist Pablo Casals As the music flowed through his fingers, his stooped shoulders would straighten and joy would reappear in his eyes.

  8. Further understanding remain determined to succeed when a situation is difficult Enthusiasm is important for us in our life. Why? • It is the paste that helps you hang in there when the going gets tough. • It is the inner voice that whispers, "I can do it!" when others shout, "No, you can't." Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. ----Ralph Waldo Emerson

  9. Thinking and sharing Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.  --- Samuel Ullman (the author and poet ) We will become mentally old without enthusiasm.

  10. Discussing Who do you think is (not) enthusiastic about life?(Find some useful sentences from the essay to support your opinion.) life on weekends

  11. It is no use doing what you like; you have got to like what you do. ---Winston Churchill Enjoy doing what you are doing !

  12. Assigning • Read the essay and try to keep the sentences we have just discussed in mind after class. • Make a short speech on enthusiasm. (100 words) --Point out the importance of being enthusiastic( Try to use good sentences in the essay.) --Giving examples to support your idea. Good morning, my dear classmates, Today, I am glad to give a speech on enthusiasm….

  13. Thank you !