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Wind Energy

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Wind Energy
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Wind Energy

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  1. Wind Energy By Taryn and Sophie

  2. What is Wind energy? Wind energy is a clean renewable source of energy. Wind energy turns into electrical energy inside our homes and other buildings.

  3. How does a wind turbine work? Some of the parts of a wind turbine are Blades, generator, gear box, yaw motor, and more. All of these parts are important for a wind turbine. The way it works is the wind spins the blades on the wind turbine and the gears rotate. When the gears rotate they spin a generator inside the turbine. The other parts that we mentioned help the process work. That is how a wind turbine works.

  4. Did you know? • Did you know that one wind turbine can power 500 homes? • Did you know that large groups of windturbines are called wind farms? • Did you know windturbines have three blades that can move at the speed of 370 kmh (kilometers an hour)? • Did you know that wind energy is renewable and clean?

  5. Words you may not know Renewable- A source of energy that can not run out by use. Wind Turbine- a large machine that creates electricity by using the wind. Generator- A device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Produce- To make Green house gasses- carbon dioxide

  6. Advantages -Wind turbines don’t create greenhouse gases. • Wind energy is a source of renewable energy. • Although wind turbines can be very tall, they only takes up a small part of land. • Some people find wind turbines interesting and beautiful structures.

  7. Disadvantages -Wind turbines are very NOISY -Lots of people find wind turbines ugly, and think they are a waste of time. -Wind is not always blowing. If the wind is not blowing then the wind turbines do not produce any energy. -Making a wind turbine is very expensive.

  8. Thanks for watching!