pulsed energy replenisher the per 2000 l.
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Pulsed Energy Replenisher The PER 2000 PowerPoint Presentation
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Pulsed Energy Replenisher The PER 2000

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Pulsed Energy Replenisher The PER 2000 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pulsed Energy Replenisher The PER 2000 .

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Pulsed Energy Replenisher The PER 2000

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pulsed energy replenisher the per 2000

Pulsed Energy ReplenisherThe PER 2000

The Pulse is used on humans and also for conditioning race horses around the world, in veterinary clinics for general therapy, by trainers, breeders and individual horse owners. Many of the most respected holistic horse care practitioners are realizing the benefits of this non-invasive treatment. The Loop or blanket is placed on the horse. It pulses magnetic fields that radiate globally with the potential to penetrate deep into muscle tissue inaccessible with common lasers and massage therapy modalities.

The Pulse provides a non-invasive treatment utilizing cutting-edge

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Technology.

elite equine performance
Elite Equine Performance

The PER 2000 is a non invasive Bio Medical Technology.

  • Maximize performance
  • Enhance endurance
  • Improve overall health
  • Rapidly promote healing for injuries and illness.
  • Pre & Post Competition Therapy
  • Maintenance and prevention
maximize performance
Maximize Performance

Does your horse suffer from a sore back, stiffness, arthritic conditions, ligament, tendon, muscle, or bone injury, decreased range of motion or poor circulation? Users report dramatic results in a very short time. In addition, particularly nervous and sensitive horses are treated high up on the neck prior to shows which takes the edge off allowing the horse to excel.

The PER 2000, non-invasive biomedical technology for Equine Enthusiasts in the Middle East and GCC Region
pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for equine use
Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy for Equine Use

PEMF therapy is very effective for

  • Pain Relief
  • Injury Repair
  • Osteoarthritis treatment
  • Increasing oxygen supply 15 %
  • Soothing and relaxing of sore muscles
  • Treatment of tendons & ligaments
  • Acceleration of blood circulation, enhancing viscosity, surface tension and pH levels, significantly increasing alkalinity.
  • General relaxation
  • Healthier horses
  • Faster absorption of nutrients and medications
common muscular problems for horses pemf can help adjust repair or eliminate
Common Muscular Problems for horses, PEMF can help adjust, repair or eliminate.

What are some signs of muscular problems?

  • Head tossing
  • Coordination difficulties
  • Saddle slipping to one side
  • Short, choppy strides
  • Improper tracking forward, back or laterally
  • Resistance when bending and/or backing
  • Hind leg scuffing
  • Girthing problems
  • Refusing or resisting leads
  • Unwilling or unable to walk up or down inclines
  • Poor disposition, eating or sleeping habits
  • "Off" for no apparent reason
who uses pemf therapy
Who uses PEMF therapy?
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Preakness
  • World Championship Horse Show, Louisville, KY
  • All American Horse Classic, Indianapolis, IN

Some Current Users of Pulsed Electromagnetic

Field Therapy Technology

  • Thoroughbred

Doug O’Neil, Eoin Harty, Jack Van Berg, Kathy Walsh, Jeff Mullins, Brett Brinkman, Walter Sadler, Dennis Manning, Wallace Dollase, Rob O’Conner, Greg Foley, Speedy Smithwick, Walter Binder, D. Wayne Lukas, Grant Forester, Forrest Kaelin, Mike Maker, Brad Cox, Gary Hartledge, Paul McGee, David Carroll, Darrin Miller, Tim Gly, Mike Johnson, Chuck Simon, Lori Smock, Ray Stephano, Bernie Flint, Kings Equine, Kiaran McLaughlan, Dan Gabolati, Nerio Vargis, Giussepe Iadisernia, Gayle Woods, Teri Comipay, Nic deMeric, Barry Eisman, Helen Pitts, Ron Mouquette.


Hunter / Jumper

Centennial Farm - Debbie Stephens, JT Farm, Patty Foster, Finally Farm - Jack Towell, Max Amaya, Fox Meadow - Polly Howard, Lochmoor Stables - Mindy Darst, Winter Meadow Farm - Jeannine Lamb, Wood Run Farm, Kennedy Farms - Micaela Kennedy, RSB Farm, Wolf Creek, Fairmount Farm - Crede Fiore, Southern Blues - Makrell Painter, Ri-Arm Farm - Mark Leone, Kim Perlman, Top Call Farm, Shamrock Stables - Sarah Grubner, Hillside Farm, Louise Serio, Aliboo Farm, Kimberden Farms, Galway Farms, Tammy Peterson, Bizzie Oleary, Sarah Kemper, White Fox Manor, Grandview Farm, Karen Cudmore, Judy Grayson.

  • Dressage

Karen Reid-Offield - Offield Farms, more to follow.



West Wind Farm - Peter Cowart (2008 Five Gated World Champion), DeLovely Farm - Todd Miles, Premier Stables, Landmark Farm, Blue Bonnet Farm, Cross Creek Farm, Zubrod Stables, Jim McIntosh Stables, more to follow.

  • Barrel Racing

Tammy Pettis, Tammy Graves, Tanya Griffin - Horseshoe Farms, more to follow.

  • Western Pleasure

Joanne Farrell - Farrell Quarter Horses, more to follow.

  • Paso Fino

Sheila Spence, Toni & Camron Mitcheletti - Paso Largo Farm, Tina Kohler, more to follow.

  • Endurance

Hassan Bin Ali, (Dubai UAE) Number 6th ranked in world, FEI.

equine pemf technology explaining electromagnetic field therapy
EQUINE & PEMF TechnologyExplaining electromagnetic field therapy

Magnetic fields affect inflammation & pain perception in many different ways. These actions are both direct and indirect.

  • Directeffects of magnetic fields are: neuron firing, calcium ion movement, membrane potentials, endorphin levels, nitric oxide, dopamine levels, acupuncture actions and nerve regeneration.
  • Indirectbenefits of magnetic fields on physiologic function are on: circulation, muscle, edema, tissue oxygen, inflammation, healing, prostaglandins, cellular metabolism and energy.
pemf therapy
PEMF Therapy

The principle of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy was first described by the famous physicist Nikola Tesla. He was first published in 1898 with the American Electro-Therapeutic Association. This technology is based on more than 100 years of worldwide research carried out by many renowned scientists and Doctors such as Michael Faraday, George Lakhovsky, AntionePriore, Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgi Dr Robert Becker, Dr.AbrahamLiboff, Dr. Andrew Bassett, Dr. Arthur Pilla, Dr. Papas. Many years of practical experience by thousands of physicians and natural health doctors throughout the world, as well as scientific findings and more than 2000 clinical/medical studies from renowned institutes, universities and NASA, providing a wealth of data that substantiates the healing benefits. 


how does pemf therapy work
How Does PEMF Therapy Work?
  • Reduces pain by causing the production of natural pain killer endorphins
  • Reduces inflammation by suppressing inflammatory enzymes that create

swelling, redness, pain, and heat

  • Enhances the release of anti-inflammatory enzymes
  • Enhances lymphatic drainage, which increases circulation & speeds healing
  • Releases tight muscles (both smooth and striated) that create chronic pain, jointproblems, and decreased mobility
  • Speeds bone repair by stimulating fibroblastic and osteoblastic proliferation
  • PEMF appears to be anti pathogenic

FACT: Osmosis (transfer) of essential nutrients cannot occur across the cellular

membrane of a de-polarized (sick) cell. Consequently, delayed healing, chronic disease, scars, fatigue, and accelerated aging is observed! PEMF reenergizes (repolarizes) injured cell membranes and increases the mitochondria energy which speeds and improves the healing process!

Ionic currents are the very essence of living matter. This technology introduces a new perspective on healing.

Results may be seen in cell-mediated changes in tissue repair and remodeling. When providing ionic currents in treatments ,we can acknowledge the presence and significance of electrical energies in the primal components of cellular memory (DNA) and cellular intelligence (proteins). Exogenous currents offer an ample supply of electrons that can stabilize a large number of free radicals which are causal for cellular damage. When stimulating the body with an ionic current we are providing the body with an abundance of electrons, thus providing movement of which is used to build a gradient of protons that spin the ATP synthase, producing ATP, the energy necessary for the survival of the biological organism. Steady electrical fields can guide cell movement and growth and they can direct cell migration during wound healing , injury repair., illness or disease. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a powerful approach for any multidisciplinary approach to anti-aging, health and wellness. In essence this form of treatment acts as a reparative force, as well as an electronic diplomat to awaken the activation of biological repair mechanism involved in extending longevity.

clinical physiological benefits of pemf
Clinical & Physiological Benefits of PEMF
  • Sodium-Potassium exchange enhancement
  • Membrane Function enhancement
  • Improved cellular ATP
  • Immunity enhancement
  • Amino Acid changes
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Nerve cell firing reduction
  • Repair of Soft tissue damage
  • Free Radical action
  • Anti-Oxidant Stimulation
  • Bone healing acceleration
  • Osteogensis
  • Oxygenation enhancement
  • Receptor Binding
  • Liver enhancement
  • Vasodilation
  • Cell regeneration
  • Edema reduction
  • Pain elimination
  • Platelet adhesion reduction
  • Fibrinolysis
  • Acceleration of Enzyme reaction
  • Calcium Ion movement and enhancement
  • Brain functioning
  • Hormone Regulation
  • Scar modification
  • Metabolism Enhancement
  • Electrolyte changes
  • Calmodulin Transport Enhancement
  • Nitric Oxide production stimulation
  • Stimulation of RNA and DNA production.
equine performance repair recovery
Equine Performance - Repair & Recovery

•  Increase cellular genesis and macro circulation for Wounds and injuries.•  Increase protein synthesis by electron and energy transfer•  Supports repair of breakdown and inflammation of the synovial fluids•  Increase calcium transport to strengthen bone, tendon, ligament and muscle damage associated with training, competition and aging. •  Stimulation of cellular repair mechanisms for Inflamed disc and sciatic nerve•  Increase supply of oxygen, ions and nutrients to cells.•  Post-surgical recovery is supported by boosting the immune system, improving the rolling and adhesion behavior of white blood cells.• Decrease Pain, swelling and inflammation anywhere on the body.

  • All the molecules of the body are constantly vibrating at specific frequencies.
  • Frequency plays a central role in normal and disease , injured or illness states.
  • Specific frequencies provide a code of information that is necessary for normal

growth & healing, PEMF Treatments provide this format for cellular recovery.

Equine Performance and Recovery gives horses a second chance solution — even with the worst problems. The results can be amazing.

the theory of working with electromagnetic frequencies
The theory of working with electromagnetic frequencies

A healthy cell has a transmembrane potential energy of 70 – 110 millivolts. This is the energy charge difference between the inside and the outside of the cell. A sick or dying cell, on the other hand has a potential energy, which is much less. For example, a cancer cell has a potential energy of around just 25millivolts.

What electromagnetic frequencies attempt to do is to bring the potential energy of the sick, injured and dying cells up to the same potential energy of healthy ones. This process has several benefits such as increasing the permeability of the cell membrane, which allows a cell to get rid of toxins and waste products and take in more nutrients and oxygen.

Further, cells are able to regenerate more rapidly and combat pain, inflammation, injury, illness

and disease.

pemf therapy and it s affects on cellular metabolism
PEMF Therapy and it’s affects on cellular metabolism

Blood Sample Before PEMF Treatment

Blood Sample After PEMF Treatment

the per 2000 equine model
The PER 2000 Equine Model

Product Options and Features :

  • Includes standard (8ft) loop applicator.
  • Extra long loop applicator upgrade available for all those "hard to reach" areas of an animal Lengths range from 8 ft to 20ft---you choose your length!
  • Faster results for Horses than ANY OTHER device on the market. This means shorter energy sessions to give!
  • Equine Blanket option available, which gives total body energy sessions to the Horse!
  • Leg/Ankle/Hock Attachment available for lower extremities!
  • A remote control, which operates the device from up to 15 feet away.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Sturdy, rigid custom designed case.
  • Travel case available for greater ease in portability, and extra travel protection for the device -
  • A unique charge and discharge rate of the internal capacitor, creating higher energy pulses.
  • A "Plasma Ball" Spark (Discharge) Chamber that virtually doesn't wear out, and delivers more energy per pulse than any other device without the "jolt" typical of other devices. This ensures better reliability than all other Pulsed Energy devices on the market, and better safety for your animal.
  • All loop applicator are "Tuned" into to the device for maximum performance.
  • All of the internal parts of the PER are UL Approved, which ensures the highest level of safety.
  • Two year full coverage warranty (upgrade available to five years)
  • Other features include, please ask us.
  • We are committed to operating an effective quality system that meets or exceeds the requirements of IS0 13485:2003, FDA, EU MDD,CMDR, and Safety.

Middle East & GCC Region:

Dr. Jessica Rand Dubai, UAE 971 509643445 DrJessica@EliteEquinePerformanceME.com


Manufacturer - Pulsed Energy Technologies, LLC

Josh Silver, President North Hollywood, CA USA

+ 818 504-9507 Josh@pulsedenergytech.com

USA website www.pulsedenergytech.com


Reference Contacts, User of the PER 2000 The Owner and Manufacture is Josh Silver, Pulsed Energy Technologies, based in California, USA. He has provided a list of contacts that use his equipment and have a great deal of experience with the technology in Equine communities around the world. Please feel free to contact any of the following individuals. They would be delighted to share their experiences with the equipment.

  • Dr. Herb Wareen (Head Vet, California Clinic) +714 3974206
  • Tyler Cerin, Equine Therapist +626 6889596
  • Clifford Sise, Trainer +626 8272311
  • Paul Messara, Trainer (John Messara-Australia) +61 438248258
  • Scott McGinnis, Head Vet in Australia +61 448 445588
  • Rachel Ramerman, Assist. Racing Secretary for Seattle, WA Emerald Downs, Husband is a trainer as well. +360 9896545
  • Lindy Donkin, Autralia Animal Recovery +61 428 287338

Many users of the PER 2000 have also worked with the PAPIMI Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy Equipment. This device is considered the grandfather of the technology, which was initially discovered and created by Nikola Tesla. The PER 2000 is a newer and more sophisticated level of the technology. Josh Silver has worked with Dr. Papas and has made significant improvements to the equipment. Much research has been done with the PAPIMI Device. An Equine usage manual is available and is provided to all individuals interested in using this innovative and non-invasive therapy for Equine performance, endurance, energy enhancement, injury, illness and competition recovery.