gluten free pasta and noodles in india n.
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Gluten Free Pasta and Noodles in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Gluten Free Pasta and Noodles in India

Gluten Free Pasta and Noodles in India

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Gluten Free Pasta and Noodles in India

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  1. Gluten Free Pasta and Noodles in India

  2. Gluten is a combination of two proteins namely, glutenin and gliadin present in grains like wheat, barley, rye, etc. It gives the elastic-like texture to the wet dough. However, gluten causes some adverse effects upon people suffering from Celiac Diseases. These people must consume food which is gluten free. There are certain fruits and vegetables in nature which are gluten free like apple, sweet potato, etc. But some foods like pasta, noodles are processed to make them free from gluten.

  3. In India, there are a handful of food processing companies which prepare and retail gluten free food items like biscuits, noodles, pasta, idli mix, wheat, etc.

  4. GLUTENF is one such food consolidator retail company run by a group of self-empowered women which retails gluten free food items and reaches the clients online. GLUTENF offers some easy options to buy gluten free noodles. The gluten free noodles are made from rice, potato starch, palm oil, tapioca starch, sesame oil, cabbage powder, onion and garlic powder, etc. The gluten free noodles are available in the variety of ‘gluten free rice noodle’, ‘gluten free rice noodle sticks’ and ‘instant rice noodle veg (mama)’. So, to buy gluten free noodles you can choose from any of these variants available.

  5. Similarly, GLUTENF retails gluten free pasta. Gluten free pasta from the house of GLUTENF is available in three variants such as: ‘pasta multigrain’, ‘pasta multi veggie’, and ‘pasta rice’. You can easily buy pasta multi veggie online from the online store of GLUTENF. Prior to buy pasta multi veggie online you can check its ingredients from its website. Pasta multi veggie is made from rice, green pea, beetroot, and spinach, etc. All the gluten free noodle and pasta of GLUTENF are rich in nutrients, minerals. They are good for health, reduce cholesterol, control diabetes and help to lose weight.

  6. GLUTENF is a trusted name in processing and selling gluten free pasta and noodles. They have reached to a huge clientele all over India 6 six years down the line, since they believe ‘good health relies upon good food’. So, GLUTENF is your one-stop shop to buy gluten free noodles and buy pasta multi veggie online.