Give your room a fresh start with feng shui
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Give Your Room a Fresh Start with Feng Shui - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Give Your Room a Fresh Start with Feng Shui. Kathy Schlough - Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, (607) 592-7064 What is Feng Shui?. Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) means “wind and water” Ancient Chinese science and art of living in harmony with the environment.

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Give your room a fresh start with feng shui

Give Your Room a Fresh Start with Feng Shui

Kathy Schlough - Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, (607) 592-7064

What is feng shui
What is Feng Shui?

  • Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) means “wind and water”

  • Ancient Chinese science and art of living in harmony with the environment.

  • Many different approaches to Feng Shui and can be very complicated.

    • Western style or Black Hat used in this presentation

  • Feng Shui looks at how Chi moves in an environment

What is chi
What is Chi?

  • A form of life force energy associated with the environment (also the body).

  • A Feng Shui practitioner aids clients to create harmonious chi - to encourage health and prosperity, and deter negative chi that might be creating illness or stress in the client's environment.

  • Feng Shui is the study of chi in a location and uses a Bagua map

A bagua is a map that overlays the house or office plan and divides the areas into 8 sections


Helpful people and travel

Creativity and children

Love and marriage

Fame and reputation

Wealth and prosperity

Health and family

Knowledge and self-cultivation.

Also a Center section considered an “earth” or “grounding” section

A Bagua is a map that overlays the house or office plan and divides the areas into 8 sections:

How to use the bagua map
How to use the Bagua map

  • Imagine laying the map over the blueprint of your home or office with the front door in either the Knowledge, Career or Helpful People section.

  • Chi enters from the front door

  • The 8 sections should correspond to different areas of the home or office

  • Some areas of the home or office may be “missing”


  • If you want to improve the chi of a section, you can use enhancements that correspond to that area.

  • Combine both the:

    • Element associated with the Bagua Map (earth, fire, metal, wood, water)

    • The section of the Bagua Map you wish to enhance

Five elements and how to enhance them
Five elements and how to enhance them

  • Wood

  • Fire

  • Earth

  • Metal

  • Water

Wood enhancements
Wood enhancements

  • Anything wooden or depicting wood

  • Plants and flowers

  • The color green

  • Floral fabric

  • Rectangles

Fire enhancements
Fire enhancements

  • All types of lighting and candles

  • Red, purple, fiery orange, pink, rose, peach

  • Hearts

  • Triangles

Earth enhancements
Earth enhancements

  • Rocks and crystals

  • Anything made of stone, tile, ceramic, earthenware

  • Pictures of earth or mountains

  • Squares

  • Brown, yellow, earth tones, beige

Metal enhancements
Metal enhancements

  • Anything made of metal

  • Electronics

  • Round or rounded objects

  • White, silver, gold, bronze, grey

Water enhancements
Water enhancements

  • Any water feature including fountains, aquariums, ponds, birdbaths

  • Pictures depicting water

  • Reflective surfaces like mirrors

  • Wavy patterns

  • Black, blue, lavender, bluish purple

Bagua 8 section enhancements 1 work and career
Bagua 8 section enhancements1. Work and Career

  • Water element

  • Professional diplomas, licenses

  • Symbols of success

  • Any water feature but make sure it is going towards the inside of the house

    • I.e. fountains should have water flowing IN!

2 helpful people and travel
2. Helpful people and travel

  • Metal element

  • Pictures or sculpture of angels, saints, Buddha, etc

  • Travel pictures of where you might want to go

  • Pictures of friends and helpful people

3 creativity and children
3. Creativity and children

  • Metal element

  • Pictures of family

  • Picture of symbol of something you want to create

  • Pictures of babies if you would like to have one!

4 love and marriage
4. Love and marriage

  • Earth element

  • Pair of lovebirds or mandarin duck pair

  • Rose quartz crystals

  • Items in pairs – even pairs of shoes

  • Wedding pictures

  • Pictures of happy couples

5 fame reputation recognition
5. Fame, reputation, recognition

  • Fire element

  • Trophies, awards

  • Stars and crowns

  • “Red carpet”

  • Quotes or affirmations pertaining to fame and reputation

6 wealth and prosperity
6. Wealth and prosperity

  • Wood element

  • Lucky bamboo plant or picture, jade plant, money plant

  • Coins

  • Dragons

  • Rich, lush fabrics

  • Pictures of desired objects

7 health and family
7. Health and family

  • Wood element

  • Pictures of yourself or family when very healthy and happy (or picture of a healthy person)

  • Pictures of fruit trees, garden

  • Sporting goods, athletic awards

  • Family pictures

  • Healthy plants

8 knowledge self cultivation education
8. Knowledge, self-cultivation, education

  • Earth element

  • Books associated with desired education

  • Desk, computer, home office

  • Diplomas

  • Professional journals

Enhancement example
Enhancement example

To enhance the Love and Marriage section:

  • Use the colors red, pinks

  • Add some earth elements like rose quartz crystal

  • Pictures of your wedding or partner preferably in a square frame

  • “Love” symbols

Feng shui band aides
Feng Shui band aides

  • Enhancements that can be used anywhere and especially where there are “missing” areas

    • Wind chimes with 6 rods

    • Mirrors

    • Crystals

    • Water features

    • Lucky bamboo

    • Chinese coins


  • You probably have all you need in your home right now – it just needs to be re-arranged

Tips for desk placement
Tips for desk placement

  • FACE THE DOOR!!!!!!!

    • The single most important thing you can do

    • No surprises

    • The Command position

  • Smokey quartz helps decrease negativity in the office.

  • Keep telephone and computer wires untangled and out of site.

  • Clear the Clutter !

More information
More information

  • “The Western Guide to Feng Shui” by Terah Kathryn Collins

    • Easy to understand Western style for the beginner

  • “Feng Shui for Dummies” or “KISS Feng Shui”

  • Anything written by Lillian Too

    • Beautiful pictures, but can be confusing