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Digital Library of the Caribbean

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Digital Library of the Caribbean - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Library of the Caribbean Eric Eustace Williams doctoral photo from Oxford University University of Florida 1939 http:// dLOC Collaboration. dLOC Partners with Collections Online. Literature.

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Digital Library

of the



Eric Eustace Williams doctoral photo from Oxford University

University of Florida 1939


dLOC Collaboration

dLOC Partners with Collections Online



Title: Ecrivains Haitiens

Author: Dantes Bellegarde

Year: 1950

Contributor: BibliothequeHaitienne des Peres du Saint Esprit

Title: La revista del Vigía

Author: Ediciones Vigia

Year: 1990

Contributor: University of Florida


Historical and Current

Serial Publications

Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library

Current Stats: 150 titles, approx. 325,000 pages 5,000 visits and 700,000 hits

Select Academic Journals

Caribbean Review of Books

Caribbean Ornithology



Jamaica Journal




100,000 pages

19 titles

Title:Haiti En Marche

Date:1999-2011 online

Contributor: Publisher

Title: Trinidad Guardian

Date: 1917-1931 online

Contributor: University of Florida


Culture and Arts

Alan Lomax Photographs and Recordings from the Caribbean are being added!

CARICOM is building a comprehensive collection of CARIFESTA materials

13 Maya DerenRecordings

Title: Digital images of Alan Lomax photographs

Location:Lopinot, Trinidad

Contributor: Association of Cultural Equity

Title: Haitian Voodoo Recordings – Ceremony bapteme tambour

Location: Haiti

Contributor: University of Florida


Curated by FIU Graduate Student Adam Silvia

  • 500 Years of History
  • 11 Historical Overviews
  • Links to Topical Information
  • Bios of Current and Historical Scholars
  • Links to online sources

An Arawak effigy vessel. From Contributions from the Heye Museum: Certain Caves in Eastern Santo Domingo, West Indies (1915) by Theodoor de Booy.

Portrait of Union Patriotique leader Georges Sylvain. In Cric? Crac! Fables de la fontaine (1929) by Georges Sylvain.