giving up leads to failure n.
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Giving up leads to Failure

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Giving up leads to Failure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Giving up leads to Failure

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  1. Giving up leads to Failure Fahad Gillani L1F11BSCS2291 Muhammad Amir Iftikhar L1F11BSCS0251

  2. Introduction

  3. What is Giving up? • What is Failure?

  4. 12 Things Successful People Do Differently • They create and pursue goals • They take decisive and immediate action • They focus on being productive, not being busy

  5. They make logical, informed decisions • They avoid the trap of trying to make things perfect • They work outside of their comfort zone

  6. They keep things simple • They focus on making small, continuous improvements • They measure and track their progress

  7. They maintain a positive outlook as they learn from their mistakes • They spend time with the right people • They maintain balance in their life

  8. Questionnaire & Results

  9. Q#1: Why most people give up and fail?a. They are overly optimisticb. They are overly pessimisticc. Both of them

  10. Q#2:Why people give up?a. Under estimationb. Peer pressurec. Family problems

  11. Q#3:In your opinion failure teaches us:a. Motivation for successb. Next attempt for goalc. Give up your goal

  12. Q#4:In your opinion failure is: a. Personal thinking stress b. Limited thinkingc. Not achieving desired goal

  13. Q#5:How a loser can grow up again?a. Changing their mindb. Developing Confidencec. Ignoring criticism of society

  14. Q#6:If your friend fails in achieving goal, what will you do to motivate him?a. Advice him to try again b. Make his mind to adopt failurec. Giving believe him that you can succeed

  15. Q#7:In your life how many times you experienced failure in achieving your goal?a. 1-5 timesb. 5-10 timesc. More than that

  16. Q#8:Did you learn anything due to failure in your life?a. Yesb. Noc. I don’t know

  17. Q#9:In your opinion what is the major reason of giving up life after failure?a. Un-employment b. Failure in lovec. Failure in studies

  18. Q#10:Habit of giving up is mostly at the age of:a. 20-30b. 30-40c. Above 40

  19. Q#11:Which is the most responsible thing that results giving up?a. Parentsb. Mediac. Own self

  20. Q#12:What do you think might stop young people getting into trouble?a. Better training and employment opportunitiesb. More things to do and places to goc. More adults around would help

  21. Q#13:Most effective factor which keeps people working hard:a. Self confidenceb. Family supportc. Community support

  22. Q#14:What will you do if you keep going and don’t reach your goal?a. Try againb. Suicidec. Change your desired goal

  23. Q#15:Is comparing leads to failure?a. Yes b. No c. I don’t know

  24. Q#16:Why the long, hard road doesn’t need to be depressing?a. It makes you patientb. You are more likely to actually reach successc. It forces you to really commit to a new pursuit

  25. Famously Successful People Who Failed At First • Albert Einstein • Isaac Newton • Thomas Edison • Charlie Chaplin • J. K. Rowling

  26. Michael Jordan • Abraham Lincoln • Walt Disney • Socrates • Mahmood Ghaznavi

  27. Conclusion

  28. Thank you