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Recent PROOF developments

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Recent PROOF developments. G. Ganis PROOF workshop, 29 November 2007. files. scheduler. The PROOF approach in a nutshell. catalog. Storage. PROOF farm. query. PROOF job: data file list, myAna.C. final outputs (merged). MASTER. feedbacks (merged).

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Presentation Transcript
recent proof developments

Recent PROOF developments

G. Ganis

PROOF workshop, 29 November 2007

the proof approach in a nutshell



The PROOF approachin a nutshell



PROOF farm


PROOF job:

data file list, myAna.C

final outputs





  • farm perceived as extension of local PC
    • same syntax as in local session
  • more dynamic use of resources
  • real time feedback
  • automated splitting and merging

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

issues addressed by the developments
Issues addressed by the developments
  • User interface
    • Processing of generic jobs
    • Data set, software handling
  • Performance and responsiveness
    • Load balancing within a query
    • Access to data
  • Monitoring tools
    • Processing information at the end of a query
    • Memory usage
  • Resource usage control
    • Enforce priorities
    • Improve responsiveness in multi-user environment
  • Testing, tutorials, installation

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

dataset manager
Dataset manager

J. Iwaszkiewicz + G. Bruckner + J.F. Grosse-Oetringhaus (more on Jan-Fiete’s talk)

  • Metadata about a set of files stored in sandbox on the master on dedicated subdirectory
    • <DatsetDir>/group/user/dataset or <SandBox>/dataset
  • Data-sets are identified by name
  • Data-sets can be processed by name
  • No need to create the chain locally (i.e. on the client)

root[0] TProof *proof = TProof::Open(“master”);

root[1] TFileCollection fc(“dum”,””,”file.list”);

root[2] proof->RegisterDataSet(“MyDataSet”, &fc);

root[3] proof->ShowDataSets();

Existing Datasets:


root[] proof->Process(“MyDataSet”, “MySelector.C+”);

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007


output list


  • Begin()
  • Create histos, …
  • Define output list
  • Terminate()
  • Final analysis
  • (fitting, …)





Generic, non-data-driven analysis

L. Tran-Thanh

Implement algorithm in a TSelector

New TProof::Process(const char *selector, Long64_t times)

// Open the PROOF session

root[0] TProof *p = TProof::Open(“master”)

// Run 1000 times the analysis defined in the

// MonteCarlo.C TSelector

root[1] p->Process(“MonteCarlo.C+”, 1000)

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

generic non data driven analysis
Generic, non-data-driven analysis
  • New packetizer TPacketizerUnit
    • Time-based packet sizes
    • Processing speed of each worker measured dynamically
  • Included in ROOT 5.17/04

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

output file merging
Output file merging

L. Tran-Thanh

  • Large output objects (e.g. trees) create memory problems
  • Solution:
    • save them in files on the workers
    • merge the files on the master using TFileMerger
  • New class TProofFile defines the file and provide tools to handle the merging
    • Unique file names are created internally to avoid crashes
  • Merging will happen on the Master at the end of the query
  • Final file is left in sandbox on the master or saved where the client wishes
  • Included in ROOT 5.17/04

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

output file merging example
Output file merging: example

void PythiaMC::SlaveBegin(TTree *) {

// Meta file object: to be added to the output list

fProofFile = new TProofFile();


// Output filename (any format understood by TFile::Open)

TNamed *outf = (TNamed *) fInput->FindObject(“PROOF_OUTPUTFILE”);

if (outf) fProofFile->SetOutputFileName(outf->GetTitle());

// Open the file with a unique name

fFile = fProofFile->OpenFile(“RECREATE”);

// Create the tree and attach it to the file

fTree = new TTree(…);



Bool_t PythiaMC::Process(Long64_t entry) {



void PythiaMC::SlaveTerminate() {

if (fFile) {


// Write here big objects





G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

software handling
Software handling
  • Package handling
    • Separated behaviour client / cluster for enabling
    • Real-time feedback during build
    • API to modify include / library paths on the workers
      • Use packages globally available on the cluster
  • Load mechanism extended to single class / macro
  • Selectors / macros / classes binaries cached
    • Decreases initialization time if selector did not change
    • Version check for binaries based also on SVN revision
  • Support for multiple ROOT versions

root[] TProof *proof = TProof::Open(“master”)

root[] proof->Load(“MyClass.C”)

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

software handling1
Software handling
  • Next steps
    • Package versioning (e.g. ESD-v1.12.103-new)
      • Directory structure including also the ROOT version
    • Filter the selector code into a “client” and “cluster” parts
      • Clients should not be obliged to load tons of experiment libraries typically needed only for processing on the cluster

~$ pwd


G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

load balancing improved packetizer
Load balancing: improved packetizer

J. Iwaszkiewicz

  • Packetizer’s goal: optimize work distribution to process queries as fast as possible
  • Standard TPacketizer’s strategy
    • first process local files, than try to process remote data
    • End-of-query bottleneck

Active workers

Processing time

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

new strategy tpacketizeradaptive
New strategy: TPacketizerAdaptive
  • Predict processing time of local files for each worker
  • Keep assigning remote files from start of the query to workers expected to finish faster
  • Processing time improved by up to 50%

Processing rate

for all packets


Remote packets




G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

data access
Data access
  • Tree cache enabled (+ asynchronous reading)
    • Expect improvements in the case of many users and non-local files
  • Under study:
    • Exploit large number of cores and relatively large amount of memory of new machines
      • Separate thread for unzipping the data
      • Use xrootd as dynamic pre-loader

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

monitoring the resource usage
Monitoring the resource usage
  • Per-query information
    • CPU time, wall time, bytes read, events, user, group
  • Posted by the master via TVirtualMonitorWriter
    • E.g. MonAlisa, MySQL
  • Used for monitoring or to correct priorities based on usage history (see M.Meoni’s talk)

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

memory consumption monitoring
Memory consumption monitoring

A. Kreshuk

  • Workers monitor their memory usage and save info in the log file
  • New button in the dialog box to display the evolution of memory usage per node in real time
  • Client get warned of high usage
    • The session may be eventually killed
  • Prototype being tested

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

motivation for scheduling
Motivation for scheduling?
  • Controlling resources and how they are used
  • Improving efficiency
    • assigning to a job those nodes that have data which needs to be analyzed.
  • Implementing different scheduling policies
    • e.g. fair share, group priorities & quotas
  • Efficient use even in case of congestion

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

proof specific requirements
PROOF specific requirements
  • Interactive system
    • Jobs should be processed as soon as submitted.
    • However when max system throughput is reached some jobs has to postponed
  • I/O bound jobs use more resources at the start and less at the end (file distribution)
  • Try to process data at its location for performance
  • User defines a dataset not the #workers

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

enforcing experiment priority policies
Enforcing experiment priority policies
  • Based on group priority information defined in dedicated files
  • Technology
    • “renice” low priority non-idle sessions
      • Priority = 20 – nice ( -20 <= nice <= 19)
        • Limit max priority to avoid over killing the system
  • May be centrally controlled
    • Master updates the priorities and broadcast them to the active workers
    • Feedback mechanism – e.g. via monitoring tool – allows to adjust the priorities (see M.Meoni’s talk)

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

central scheduler
Central Scheduler
  • Assigning a set of workers for a job based on:
    • The data set location
    • User priority (Quota + historical usage)
    • The current load of the cluster
  • First implementation:
    • # of Workers ≈ relativePriority * nFreeCPUs
    • Assign least loaded workers first
  • Missing ingredients
    • Come&Go functionality for workers
      • Needed also by the Condor interface

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

central scheduling



2: dataset

3: file locations




4: Job info


1: Job

{dataset, …}

Load, history,

policy, …

5: workers

6: workers



Central scheduling
  • Schematic view

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

tutorials testing installation
Tutorials, Testing, installation
  • Tutorials
    • Frame for PROOF examples:
      • $ROOTSYS/tutorials/proof/runProof.C
    • Currently available:
      • « simple »: histogram filling with random entries
      • « h1-http »: H1 analysis reading data via HTTP
  • Testing
    • Frame for PROOF tests:
      • $ROOTSYS/test/stressProof.C
  • Installation
    • Interactive script to simplify the installation of a small cluster
      • $ROOTSYS/etc/proof/utils/

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

proof and svn
  • PROOF development branch
    • Synchronized daily with the main trunk
  • PROOF tags
    • Specific « snapshots » of the dev branch
    • Binaries installed on AFS at


G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007

  • Credits
    • G.G., J. Iwaszkiewizc, A. Kreshuk, F. Rademakers, L. Tran-Thanh (summer student ‘07)
    • G. Bruckner, J.F. Grosse-Oetringhaus, M.Meoni, A. Peters (ALICE)
    • F. Furano (CERN)
    • A. Hanushevsky (SLAC)

G. Ganis, PROOF workshop 2007