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EXPOSURE! It ’ s what it ’ s all about! PowerPoint Presentation
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EXPOSURE! It ’ s what it ’ s all about!

EXPOSURE! It ’ s what it ’ s all about!

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EXPOSURE! It ’ s what it ’ s all about!

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  1. EXPOSURE! It’s what it’s all about!

  2. Brand Management & Promotions is a marketing and promotional firm with expertise in strategic and creative planning, production, event management, public relations and social media. We build lasting connections between brands and their customers. What Separates Us From The Rest We create connections. We deliver memorable experiences.  We have 25 years of experience in event management and promotion. We have established relationships with worldwide organizations that enable us to provide your brand with unprecedented exposure. We have relationships that put our clients on the pathway to customer’s worldwide. Our executive staff are reliable for “out of the box” thinking and results.

  3. Experience the Difference! Best-in-industry talent– at HQ and in the field, our professional staff knows how to get the job done right; Logistics expertise– our experience enables us to quickly create and manage events, large or small, with precision, on time and on budget; Turnkey management–we handle all aspects – planning, licensing, production of materials, on- and off-site management, staffing and post-event reporting; We play well with others– we regularly work with other marketing, promotion and PR agencies to bring concepts to life; Experience in all venues- malls, outdoor events, on- and off-premise retailers,workplace, mobile tours, grassroots, and guerrilla marketing – we’ve done it all; Knowledge of retail channels– we understand the role of sales and the retail trade; our experience in all channels means a more accepted, successful program; Focused on events– unlike other firms, events are our only business, and we do it well.

  4. In House Compliance •In-house legal compliance department • Tax compliance department ( CPA) • Fully Licensed Security & Staffing Agency • We currently hold retail tobacco license’s in 36 states

  5. Tobacco Experience • Brand Management and its strategic partners have helped the following tobacco brands grow product awareness over the past 14 years: • Marlboro (Phillip Morris); • Camel (RJ Reynolds); • Skoal (U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co.); • Copenhagen (U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co.); • Grizzly (American Snuff Co.); • General Snus (Swedish Match Co.); • Black & Mild (John Middleton Co.); • ZigZag (National Tobacco Co.); • Brand Management has the capability to execute discounted retail tobacco sales at events / promotions nationwide: • Negotiate event space; • Research and procure all proper licenses / permits for retail tobacco • sales at promotions; • Product purchase / event inventory management; • Event reconciliation / reporting.

  6. Marlboro and Camel Tour 2011 • Objective: Execute retail sales of Marlboro and Camel products at targeted events throughout the US. • Results: Over 175 events & 177K adult customer interactions.

  7. SWEDISH MATCHGeneral Snus Tour 2010-2011 Objective: Generate awareness and trial of General Snus products at targeted events and cities around the country. Results: Over 350,000 adult consumer interactions over the 24 month program with a marked increase insales in event areas. Consumerfeedback was extremely positiveand events and venues trulyenjoyed our presence.

  8. Black & Mild Tour 2008 Objective: Generate awareness and trial of Black and Mild products at targeted events throughout the country; Results: Over 170,000 adult consumer interactions over the 10 month program with a marked increase in sales in event areas.

  9. U.S. Smokeless TobaccoTour 2006-2009 Objective: Generate awareness and trial of Skoal and Copenhagen products at targeted events throughout the country; Results: More than 400,000 adult consumer interactions on an annual basis at various events with 6 vehicles touring simultaneously.

  10. Retail Tobacco Sales Tour • Plan and execute a national discount tobacco sales tour during 2012: • Design event build-out to perform data collection and retail tobacco sales; • Obtain all licenses and permits required to conduct tobacco sales at each event; • Negotiate event space; • Provide staff; • Provide tobacco products; • Management of data collection and sweepstakes; • Event reporting; • Possible implementation of mobile tour.

  11. Mobile Cigar Lounge • Custom design a mobile cigar lounge • Staff and operate the cigar lounge to provided an enhanced smoking experience • Bring your cigar brand to the adult customers at promotional events across the Untied States

  12. Nightlife Promotions • Execute Nightlife discount retail tobacco sales and coupon distribution at popular bars / clubs around your proposed markets, such as: • Chicago, Illinois; • Daytona, Florida; • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; • Atlanta, Georgia; • Charlotte, North Carolina; & • Louisville, Kentucky. • Design a versatile / collapsible AOF that will be set-up at popular nightlife destinations. Data collection and discounted tobacco sales will take place inside the AOF during promotions.

  13. Data Collection/Sweepstakes • Collect relevant data of adult consumers at all promotional activations; • Educate the adult consumers about your products; • Raise product awareness and sign up adult consumers for a national sweepstakes; • Return on Your Investment: • Raise brand recognition / product awareness; • Contact adult consumers via direct mail / e-mail; • Extend special offers to the adult consumers; • Distribute product coupons to drive adult consumers to retail stores.

  14. Next Steps • • Meeting with Brand Management the week of ??? To discuss program elements; • • Present budget projections and receive approval; • • Design and produce the program assets and display properties; develop the standard operating procedures for the program; begin the event planning process; • • Select and train promotional staff; and • • Program launch.

  15. 3100 NW Boca Raton Blvd-suite 201 Boca Raton, FL 33431 Tel: 561-367-7650 Fax: 561-367-7210