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When Is The Catalytic Convertor Due For A Change

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When Is The Catalytic Convertor Due For A Change - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The process of burning of hydrocarbons would leave undesirable gases that primarily contribute to the general pollution as well as to the increase of greenhouse gases.

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When Is The Catalytic Convertor Due For A Change

The Need For A Catalytic Convertor:

Broadly, catalytic convertors are used wherever hydrocarbons are burnt for energy. The process of

burning of hydrocarbons would leave undesirable gases that primarily contribute to the general

pollution as well as to the increase of greenhouse gases. Thus the catalytic convertor buyer aims at

keeping in check the atmospheric pollution as well as general pollution by converting the

undesirable gases to more benign substances like water. As a catalyst, the convertor is meant to

speed up as well as bring about greater ease of conversion with the minimal use of energy to do so.

Why Change The Convertor:

As is often seen, the catalyst convertors do not last forever. Most convertors do have a lifetime that

using it beyond this period is not only discouraged but strongly reprimanded. The efficacy of the

convertor is brought down with use and in some cases the convertor is consumed with use. All

these would bring to those who buy catalytic convertors the need to replace the convertor with a

new piece. There are some common checkpoints that tell out that the convertor needs replacement:

The joints and the periphery of the connection points show a marked wear and tear.

This is a sure indication that the catalytic convertor needs replacement. The additional

wear could be due to the lowered efficacy of the convertor and not just the physical


There are precipitations and deposits at the outlet hose or pipe. This could well point to

a lowered functional capacity of the convertor and it would be strongly advised to have

the convertor replaced.

If using a pelletized convertor, a rattling sound that does not go away even after some

time is a sure indication that the convertor is in need of a change. Most established

firms in the field encourage the catalytic convertor recycling to replacing the piece with

a new one.

Any unusual noises that seem to be from the convertor are usually a good sign that the

convertor is due for a change. This is due to the catalyst element being separated from

the main body.

Thus any signs that could be any one of the above or a combination of any of the above points would

indicate that the catalyst convertor is due for a replacement.

Recycling Of Old Convertors:

It is often possible to regenerate the elements in the convertors by appropriate processing. This

helps in the reuse and recycling catalytic convertors is an accepted and is also a more

environmentally friendly as the rare elements that come to make up most convertors today need

specialized handling during disposal. Often firms like Stillwater Mining Company would as part of

the corporate responsibilities help customers recycle and reuse the old convertors. Specialized


recycling programs with Alpha Recycling do promote the safe disposal and reuse of old catalytic

convertors that have come to their useful end.

Common Occurrence Of Catalytic Convertors:

The greater cost of damage to the environment and the awareness of the general public towards

matters concerning the environment has brought to the fore the performance of catalytic

convertors. This has led to the development of better convertors and more environmentally

acceptable solutions.


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