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Catalytic Converters For A Pollution Free Environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The catalytic converter supplies catalysts that chemically react with the above harmful compounds converting them into less harmful substances before the exhaust gases leave the car.

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Catalytic Converters For A Pollution Free Environment

Mother earth is suffocating due to the enormous level of poisonous gases as well as particles emitted by the

automobiles and the industries. In order to get rid of the poisonous gases emitted from the cars, catalytic

converters are used. Now who buys catalytic converters when it costs extra money while the cars can run

efficiently without it? The answer is: all conscious and environment friendly people would go for it.

How The Catalytic Converter Works?

The gases emitted from the automobiles have three harmful substances:

Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless gas and is highly poisonous.

Nitrogen oxides are responsible for smog and acid rain and also irritates the mucous membrane

Hydrocarbons are the unburned fuels and cause smog.

The catalytic converter supplies catalysts that chemically react with the above harmful compounds converting

them into less harmful substances before the exhaust gases leave the car. Around 90% of the harmful compounds

are converted into less harmful gases by the catalytic converter.

Mainly two catalysts are used in the catalytic converters. The modern cars use three way converters. The three

stages are described below:

Reduction stage: It is the first step and mainly aims at reducing the nitrogen oxide emission using the

platinum and rhodium catalysts.

Oxidation stage: This is the second stage where carbon monoxide and the unburned hydrocarbons are

oxidized into less harmful compounds using the catalyst namely platinum and palladium.

Control stage: The final is the control system that helps in monitoring the exhaust. This information is

used for optimizing the injection of the fuel. It is done with the help of oxygen sensor. The sensor senses

the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. The computer in turn can control the amount of oxygen based on

the information. While doing this computer also takes care to see that enough oxygen is available in the

exhaust for proper oxidation so that the catalysts in the catalytic converter can burn the carbon monoxide

and the unburned hydrocarbons.

Buying And Selling Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter buyer has to make a good amount of search prior to buying it. He shall have three

considerations regarding what he is looking for:

Enhancing performance of the car

Minimizing the consumption of fuel

Environment obligations

Once you decide your requirement based on the above your next job is to find the right supplier. The Global

Refining Group is one famous supplier who also takes up recycling catalytic converters.

Recycling Of Scraps

In case you are going to replace your catalytic converter, the question comes where to sell the catalytic

converters? It is possible to sell it and other scrap metals. Alpha recycling group is there to help you with catalytic


converter price lists. The ones who want to supply scrap catalytic converter collecting them from individuals may

also do a profitable business with the Global Refining Group, who has a per piece grading system for catalytic

converter recycling. Not only scrap catalytic converts, you may also sell your miscellaneous metal scraps. They

have a very good customer friendly system for handling and paying for the scraps.


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