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Winning in Large Stores PowerPoint Presentation
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Winning in Large Stores

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Winning in Large Stores - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Winning in Large Stores. Kelly Marr Group Director, Commercial Strategy NRS , Small Store Channel Strategy & Marketing. Winning in Large Store 2014. Van Taylor & Claire Quinn. Large Store - Role of the Channel. 2. 3. 1. MISSION. ROLE.

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Winning in Large Stores

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Winning in Large Stores Kelly Marr Group Director, Commercial Strategy NRS, Small Store Channel Strategy & Marketing

    2. Winning in Large Store2014 Van Taylor & Claire Quinn Confidential

    3. Large Store - Role of the Channel 2 3 1 MISSION ROLE OBJECTIVE To Be A Total Beverage Solution Provider To Our Customers, Resulting In Total Beverage Share Leadership • Gain Undisputed Leadership For The At-home Beverage Occasion • Connect With Mom • Coke With Food Increase Our Volume, Profit And Share, And Become Our Customers’ Most Valuable Supplier Confidential

    4. 2014 State of theLarge Store Retail Industry Confidential

    5. Economic Trends Are Gradually Improving, But Real Challenges Remain For Large Stores Consumer Confidence Remains Low Total Trips Across Channel Have Fallen Millennial Spending Insufficient To Replace Boomers Sources: Nielsen (Todd Hale), Acosta (Why Behind the Buy) Confidential

    6. Competition For Large Store Trips ContinueTo Increase… Grocery 2013 Vs. 2001 Supercenters Drug CR Value Mass Club, Value And Supercenters Win The Long Term Battle For Trips Online Competitors Threaten To Steal Even More Trips, EspeciallyFrom Center Store Categories Club Confidential

    7. Path-to-Purchase – Infinitely More Complex Pre-Trip Prep Trip Missions Retail Websites Shopper Segments Social Media User Content Shopper Card Mobile Marketing In-store Experiences Confidential

    8. Large Store Channels Will Grow in Real Terms Over the Next Five Years Growth in Dollar Sales by Channel – Estimated CAGR Source: Kantar Retail projections Confidential

    9. Everyday Low Pricing Differentiating via Fresh Platform Loyalty-based Fuel Programs Digital Marketing Winning the Next Generation of Shoppers Retailer Response To Challenging Environment Confidential

    10. Everyday Low Pricing Pricing Wars Among Retailers Continue To Be Fierce And More Direct Confidential

    11. Fresh Platforms Big Focus on Fresh Food and High Quality for all Retailers Confidential

    12. Emphasis On Fuel Based Loyalty Programs Fuel Rewards Programs Continue to be a Large Store Retailer Focus Where They Can Differentiate Among Other Channels Confidential

    13. Digital Shopper Marketing Integration Advancement in Digital Pathways Including Advancement in Apps, Personalized Targeted Offers and E-Commerce Capabilities Confidential

    14. Competition to Win Over the Millennial Shopper Millennials: Less Trips Overall, Under Index In Traditional Supermarket Outlets Opportunities: Youth Recruitment Strategies Across Channel Shopping Trips Per HH by Channel Source: Nielsen Homescan, Total U.S. 52 weeks ending 12/29/2012, based on total basket ring, excluding gas only or Rx only trips Confidential

    15. 2014Large StoreChannel Initiatives Confidential

    16. North America Group “Must Wins” 1 Return Sparkling To Sustainable Growth Led By Trademark Coke (Multicultural Focus) 2 Aggressively Revitalize Sparkling Category Perception 3 Fastest Growing And Most Profitable Still Portfolio With A Focus On Juice, Active Hydration, Tea & Innovation 4 Create Value With Our CustomersThrough World-class Sales & Demand-driven Supply Chain Capabilities, Continuous Productivity And The Evolution Of Our Business System 5 Inspire Our People To Deliver Our MissionThrough Capability Development, Engagement & Diversity 6 Demonstrate Leadership In SustainabilityTo Benefit Our Environment & Communities Confidential

    17. To Win in Large Store, We Must Find Triple Win Solutions Confidential

    18. Large Store Channel Initiatives #5 Coke with Food #3 Packaging Innovation #1 Big Events #2 IC & Chilled #4 Product Innovation #7Revitalize Category Perceptions #6 Engage Family Shoppers Confidential

    19. 1 Big Events Leverage The Emotional Connection Consumers Associate With Our BrandsAroundKey 2014 Thematic Events • Partnering with retailer to drive excitement in store through large scale 1st position lobby displays connecting emotionally with shoppers • Key Insights: • World Cup: High Engagement for teens with 50% of HA 13-18 playing soccer • Olympics: #1 viewed sport among women & families • 76% of parents: Olympics is one of few major television events that families can watch together Sources: Nielsen, Simmons, TRU Study, Active Network, Mintel, SMG 2010 WC PPA report, ESPN Sports Poll 2011 Confidential

    20. 2 IC & Chilled Drive Incidence, Recruitment And Profitability Through Accelerated IC Sales In Large Store • Leverage Full Calendar of Front End Bundles, Focus on Refresh Messaging Tools, Incremental Equipment Placement & Packages • Key Insights: • 60% of IC Purchases: driven by thirst, craving or need • 96% of purchases: shopper’s own personal consumption • Only 1.4% of Large Store Trips include CCNA IC package. Increasing that ½% would generate incremental $69MM retail & $32MM in GP Source: Shopper card data from leading US retailer, Nielsen Panel Routine 52WksEnd 03/31/12, Margin Minder *NARTD IC Beverages defined as Fountain, SSD 20oz, Base Water & RTD Tea 20-24oz (NOTE: Enhanced Water, Sports Drinks & Energy Drinks not included given inability to distinguish between singles sold cold for IC vs warm off the shelf.) Confidential

    21. 3 Packaging Innovation Drive Incidence And Convert Shoppers By Maximizing Occasion Based Packaging Strategy • Drive Category Excitement in Large Store Channel with 2014 Calendar of Innovative Packaging Including 6pk 12oz SSD, 3 Gallon POWERADE & 6pk fruitwater • Sixer Key Insights: • Nearly 60% of category buyers are 1-2 members HHs, more so for Light buyers. Fits needs & lifestyles • Current 6pk Can buyers make 16% more trips than avg. HH & spend 10% more over entire year • Provides flexibility like never before – the right amount,& ability to try something new with lower commitment Confidential

    22. 4 Product Innovation Expand Innovation Pipeline To Ensure Sources Of Growth Across All Categories • Full Portfolio of New Product Innovation Designed to • Expand the User Base • Drive Increased Transactions • Build Commercial Capability • Maintain Large Store Momentum on 2013 Launches of CFKOZ & fruitwaterthrough marketing activation & new flavor introductions • Expand Energy Category with vitaminwater introduction – T1 2014 Confidential

    23. 5 Coke with Food Build A Comprehensive ‘And Food’ Strategy Focused Against (3) Core Occasions Snacking Take Home Dinner Lunch to Go & Dine In • Drive Sparkling & key POI purchase incidence through sustaining activation (Deli, Produce, Bakery, Perimeter, Front End, SCO) ~ filtering recommendations through OBPPC architecture • Power of Many Vision: Fully Maximize Power of Partnerships for Shoppers, Customers & Coca-Cola • Leverage Coca-Cola QSR Insights to help Large Store Retailers gain share of wallet during dine in lunch & dinner occasions Confidential

    24. 6 Engage Family Shoppers Reaching Family Shoppers Along the Path to Purchase • Key Initiatives: • Reinforce power of Coca-Cola as preferred brand to family meal occasion • 61% more prevalent at Lunch; 56% more prevalent at Dinner • Creating solutions to capture conversions in all trip missions • Generating transactions through digital & social media • Key Insights: • Smaller shopping trips are growing as fewer shoppers stock-up weekly • 62% of moms shop via mobile using shopping apps Confidential

    25. Revitalize Category Perceptions 7 Support our Social License to Operate through Retail Activation Programs • Key Initiatives: • Drive Choice Through Availability of Low and No Calorie Options • Be Transparent on Nutrition Information • Incorporate Themes of Enjoyable Movement and Physical Activity into Marketing Activation • Key Insights: • We offer more than 800 low- and no-calorie beverages – nearly 25% of our global portfolio • We have developed more than 150 of our low- and no-calorie beverages in the last (2) years • Since 2000, our average calories per serving have decreased by 9% globally Confidential Classified - Unclassified

    26. Channel Tools & Enablers ✔ Look of Success – NEW Automated Template, Expanded Customer Level View ✔ IC Acceleration Plan, Deli Opportunities, Project Accordion ✔ New Bi-monthly Commercialization Process, PAG Library for NEW, Enhanced & Sustaining Programs Confidential

    27. Drive Triple Win Solutions Through Our Process Confidential

    28. Thank You Confidential

    29. THANK YOU For additional information please visit the Shopper/Customer Marketing Community at