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The Literacy Shed CPD PowerPoint Presentation
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The Literacy Shed CPD

The Literacy Shed CPD

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The Literacy Shed CPD

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  1. The Literacy Shed CPD CPD brought to you by The Literacy Shed Team; tailored to the needs of your school, your staff and your students. The Literacy Shed team are now providing a wide range of training for schools looking to raise standards within the classroom. With a team of experienced and professional trainers, all from a primary teaching background, we can provide nationwide INSET and support training for schools.  Visit for details To book call Rob 07825428582 or email

  2. Rob Smith Using Visual Media to Inspire Writing Schools are currently at a crossroads in terms of curriculum development and change due to recent announcements from the department of education. Many teachers are unsure how to embed digital media into their literacy curriculum.  This course will demonstrate how to weave images, film, sound and animation into existing literacy units as well as building new units around one or more stimuli.  1 - Language development, sentence building leading to whole text writing. 2 - Reading digital texts to inspire writing, including emotional literacy. 3 - Publishing children's writing, encouraging them to write and blog outside of the classroom to raise standards. 4 - Using film to inspire writing across a range of narrative and non-narrative text types.  How to create whole units of work based around film and animation. Class Writing Workshops Rob is available to visit schools and deliver a day or 1/2 day of writing workshops individually tailored to your children and/or a specific topic.  Rob combines visual literacy skills with language acquisition to enhance the children's vocabulary which is then used to develop writing at sentence level.  Children will be taught how to construct a range of sentences types which can be used in their writing.  The use of short film and animations will give the children a stimulus from which to write a variety of text types.  Using film allows children to experience 'a whole text' without the need for a sustained period of reading.   The sessions also incorporate drama to bring the stimuli to life for the pupils involved, allowing for exploration of characters' thoughts and feelings. Depending on the length of the session and the requirements of the class the children will create collaborative and independent pieces of writing and we will leave follow up tasks that the teacher can use if they wish. Work produced can be showcased on The Literacy Shed showcase on the class's own dedicated page. Schools can book a workshop with a single class, a whole year group or a focus group of children from different classes such as those who are reluctant or more able writers.  "Best hands on, creative, inspirational workshop where children learnt more in two hours than I could possible have imagined.  Lots of manageable and exciting activities which had immediate impact on children's creativity and their writing process.  Would highly recommend your workshops... brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!" Hayley Knowles, Y3 teacher at Mesne Lea School, Walkden

  3. Lee Parkinson Using the internet to raise writing standards A guide to the many different web based tools that will raise standards in writing through bloggingBlogging has been proven to have a positive impact on developing levels of skills by providing children with an audience for their writing. This course will help teachers who want to introduce and use blogging; amongst many other web based tools to raise standards in writing. Most of the tools used are in the form of free apps. This course will share the many different tools and resources available to you to support you in raising the standards in writing. Not only will children develop as confident writers but they will learn to be respectable digital citizens. The internet - how to best approach it as a school – Tips on the best ways to promote the school through different media disciplines.Blogging what’s it all about? – How can blogging positively impact on your children and raise standards in writing.Web based tools to enhance learning – Sharing some examples of free web based tools to encourage the children to blog and write in and outside of the classroom.The power of social media – how using social media can and will effectively inspire and impact on learning. Using Ipads to Enhance the Curriculum Encouraging all staff regardless of individual competence to use iPads to enhance Creative Teaching and Learning.Many schools, who have invested or thinking of investing in iPads, need  training and ideas on how to engage, encourage and develop staff so that the technology is utilised equally across the whole school. This course will try and develop teacher’s confidence and competence by demonstrating tried and tested activities, linked to the new Primary Curriculum, which can then be adapted and applied to different topics, subjects and year groups. This course will share activities for less confident teachers to start with and provide ideas for teachers who want to take the use of iPads further. This course is for any school at the start of their iPad journey looking for proven practical ideas that any teacher can introduce and use confidently in the classroom.Outcomes -  Teachers will leave with an arsenal of tools and ideas on how to introduce and confidently utilise the iPad across the whole curriculum. They will also have some ideas for how to easily and effectively save and share work created on iPads.Introduction to the iPad as a tool to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom.Apps to help you as a teacher – which apps can help you with planning, assessments and general classroom management.Apps to encourage learning – Lee will share his key apps which can be used across the whole curriculum and allows the children to demonstrate and deepen children’s understanding.Giving purpose to tasks – This part of the course will share with staff the most effective ways in which to evidence and keep a record of work created and produced on the iPads through using blogging and school website.


  5. Price List Whole school staff inset £850 per day £450 for ½ day £350* for Twilight (2 – 3 hours) Cluster Prices £850 for 1 school £1600 for 2 schools £500 per each additional school. Class writing workshops £450 per day £250 per ½ day *Staff twilight reduced to £250 when booked with writing workshop. Some schools would like to sell places to local teachers. We suggest that tickets are priced at £100. £40 of this to be retained to the school and £60 to Literacy Shed Ltd We also offer CPD from our other trainers. John Murray Developing Reading Skills Developing Spelling Skills Jon Chipendall Delivering the New Primary Computing Curriculum Ian Bland Poetry in the Classroom For more details on any of these courses please email We can also offer support packages to school combining a range of CPD courses to meet the needs of your school.