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CHS POEM. Follow the steps and don’t think or over-analyze too much. Trust me-let go and let whatever comes to mind go to paper. We can edit later. Images/Still life/ . No Action.

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chs poem


Follow the steps and don’t think or over-analyze too much. Trust me-let go and let whatever comes to mind go to paper. We can edit later.

no action
No Action
  • Write down all of the images, pictures, objects, symbols, things, people, places, names (like a photo album or scrapbook) that relate to the childhood, high school, each grade but 12th)
moments moving pictures actions
Moments/Moving Pictures/Actions
  • Write down verbs-(walking, talking, writing, wondering, hoping, wanting, ‘ing”) to help you get started. Like scenes you would watch in a movie. Include adjectives and 5 senses.
  • Routines, Activities 9-11th (not 12th)
memory flash
Memory Flash
  • A related situation, incident, anecdote, place, high point, low point, a first, a last, one moment that summarizes it all? (details, senses?) PROM?
  • It reminds me of...It’s like…
  • It’s when… (examples?)
any additional images moments senior year
Any additional images/moments?SENIOR YEAR
  • Now? Then? Future? Before? After? Good? Bad?
  • Maybe more ideas have come to mind since. Write them down here. Remember-Don’t censor yourself!
personal statement reflection
Personal Statement/Reflection
  • I think…,feel…,want…, wonder…,fear…, believe…,hope…, know…
  • A question you have about the topic-Why…How…When…will I ever…? Does…Can…?
final thoughts
Final Thoughts
  • Feel free to include a quotation, a saying, a motto, an adage, an allusion, or whatever else seems to connect your ideas/poem to something else.
  • A metaphor, symbol, conceit, personification, apostrophe, synecdoche, analogy to illustrate your theme?
edit restructure
  • TITLE?
  • Keep as is? Punctuation?
  • Rearrange order? Repetition?
  • Start with a pattern-image, moment…etc. Refrain?
  • Stanzas? Spacing? Form=Content?