african kings mansa musa and sundiata keita rulers of the mali empire n.
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African Kings Mansa Musa and Sundiata Keita Rulers of the Mali Empire PowerPoint Presentation
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African Kings Mansa Musa and Sundiata Keita Rulers of the Mali Empire

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African Kings Mansa Musa and Sundiata Keita Rulers of the Mali Empire - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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African Kings Mansa Musa and Sundiata Keita Rulers of the Mali Empire. What is the Mali Empire?. The Mali Empire was a West African empire of the Malinke (also called Mandinka and Madingo) which lasted from 1230 CE – 1600 CE

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African Kings Mansa Musa and Sundiata Keita Rulers of the Mali Empire

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    1. African KingsMansa Musa and Sundiata KeitaRulers of the Mali Empire

    2. What is the Mali Empire? The Mali Empire was a West African empire of the Malinke (also called Mandinka and Madingo) which lasted from 1230 CE – 1600 CE The Mali Empire had a series of rulers, but the two most important rulers were Sundiata Keita who created the Mali Empire and Mansa Musa who helped the Mali Empire prosper in wealth. Who were the Malinke? The Malinke are members of a people of Madingo affiliation widespread in the western part of Africa

    3. How The Mali Empire started The Mali Empire developed from a small state named Kangaba which was ruled by Sundiata Keita. The Mali Empire was actually established in 1235 when Sundiata Keita defeated the Susu and their king Sumanguru Kante

    4. Who was Sundiata KeitaAlso called Sundjata Kyeta, Mari Djata I, and Sogolon Djata Sundiata Keita was born in Niani, Kangaba in 1210 Importance: Sundiata is for leaving his country of Kangaba in fear of being killed by his brother and then returned to defeat the Susu and their leader Sumanguru Kante. After defeating Sumanguru he established the Mali Empire and became the first emperor He died in 1260 at the age of 60 due to drowning while crossing Sankarani River.

    5. The Mali Empire Main Religion: The prominent religion of the Mali Empire was Islam, but there were other religions such as Christianity. Economy: The emire was very important in the cross-Saharan since it had many valuable resources Resources: Gold and Salt

    6. Why the Mali Empire prospered The #1 reason for Mali becoming wealthy was there well-developed agriculture. Another reason why the empire was wealthy was the empire's importance in the regional and trans-Saharan trade routes which allowed the empire to gain access to other materials. It also had control of the gold and copper trades and the possesion of the gold fields of the Niger headwaters. Bulliet.(2005).Earth and its people

    7. The Major Religion of the Mali Empire The main and most practiced religion of the Mali Empire is Islam The ruler who endorsed Islam and really was a devoted Muslim was Mansa Musa who helped spread Islam throughout the whole entire empire. There were other small such as the belief which is animistic religion but, the main religion was Islam

    8. Who was Mansa MusaAlso called Musa I Mansa Musa was the tenth mansa which means kings of kings. We don't know when he was born since we have not found any records of his birthdate Mansa Musa's main importance in the Mali Empire was making the Mali Empire wealthy and his trip to Mecca He died in 1337 of natural causes

    9. Mansa Musa’s trip to Mecca • On his way to Mecca in 1324 he brought with him his senior wife, 500 of her ladies in waiting and their slaves, 60,000 porters, a vast caravan of camels carrying supplies and provisions, 80 packages of gold each weighing 122 ounces and 500 slaves each carrying a golden staff. • Mansa Musa brought so many gifts that when he passed through Cairo the value of gold remained low for years

    10. The Mali Empire after Mansa Musa • The Mali Empire was still wealthy even after Musa died. • Before Musa died he established many Quranic schools and built new mosques which made Islam become a very widespread religion in the Mali Empire • It was after the Mansa Suleiman died when things started to break down

    11. The decline of the Mali Empire • After Mansa Suleiman died the rulers after him could not handle the empire and rule it effectively. • Since the rulers couldn’t control the empire rebellions broke out between the diverse and the conquered people began to take their lands back • By the time it became 1500 the empire had been reduced to the Malinke heartland.


    13. Mansa Musa 100 What is Mansa Musa's religion Christianity Islam Buddhism Judaism

    14. The correct answer is:B) Islam

    15. Mansa Musa 200 In what year did Mansa Musa make his pilgrimage to Mecca and how long was the pilgrimage? 1343-1345, 2 years 1320-1321, 1 year 1312-1313 1 year 1324-1325 1 year

    16. The correct answer is: D) 1324-1325, 1year

    17. Mansa Musa300 When Mansa Musa start his reign of the Mali Empire 1322 1345 1310 1312

    18. The correct answer is:D)1312

    19. Mansa Musa400 What was the main importance of Mansa Musa He is responsible showing the world Mali's great wealth and making the empire successful He was responsible for conquering many lands He is known for executing many people in the empire because of their religion He is not important

    20. The answer is: A)He is responsible showing the world Mali's great wealth and making the empire successful

    21. Mansa Musa500 Why was Musa's pilgrimage to Mecca so important? It showed that he was following his religion and that he was a devoted muslim. It showed how prosperous the Mali Empire was and helped other countries' economies thrive It allowed him to show that he was an effective a good ruler All of the above

    22. The answer is:D) All of the Above

    23. Sundiata Keita100 What was Sundiata also called Sunjata Kyeta Mari Djata Sogolon Djata All of the above

    24. The answer is:D)All of the above

    25. Sundiata Keita200 On what year was did Sundiata Keita establish the Mali Empire 1224 1202 1256 1235

    26. The answer is:D) 1235

    27. Sundiata Keita300 Where was Sundiata born Niani, Kangaba Timbuktu, Mali Aden Great Zimbabwe

    28. The answer is:A) Niani, Kangaba

    29. Sundiata Keita400 Which king did Sundiata defeat in order to take over the Ghana Empire Raziya Ibn Battuta Sumanguru Muhummad

    30. The answer is:C)Sumanguru

    31. Sundiata Keita500 What was the cause of death for Sundiata and when did it happen Killed in war in 1236 Drowning in the Sankarani River in 1260 Assasination in Mecca in 1252 Hanged by the people in 1245

    32. The answer is:B) drowning in the Sankarani River

    33. Mali Empire100 What is the major religion of the Mali Empire Buddhism Christianity Hinduism Islam

    34. The answer is:D) Islam

    35. Mali Empire200 What were the two main resources of the Mali Empire Gold and Salt Gold and Copper Copper and Salt Salt and Bronze

    36. The answer is:A) Gold and Salt

    37. Mali Empire300 Who were the people who ruled the Mali Empire Mandinka Malinke Madingo All the Above

    38. The answer is:D) All of the above

    39. Mali Empire400 What helped the Mali Empire become proseperous and wealthy Control of the major trade routes and a well devloped agriculture Sophisticated military and good access to raw materials Large amounts of gold and control of the Niger River All of the above

    40. The answer is:A) Control of the major trade routes and a well developed agriculture

    41. Double Jeopardy

    42. Mali Empire500 Why did the Mali Empire disintegrate and fall? Rebellions broke out among the diverse people Other groups from the outside attacked the Mali Empire The rulers after Mansa Musa were not able to rule the empire effectively. All of the above

    43. The answer is:D) All of the above

    44. Units 1-3100 When did the Roman Empire collapse 180 CE 476 CE 520 BCE 25CE

    45. The answer is:B) 476 CE

    46. Units 1-3200 What is a city-state A ruling power in the world A self-governing urban center a river valley civilization None of the above

    47. The answer is:B) a self-governing urban center

    48. Units 1-3300 Who created the cuneiform Phoenicians Sumerians Minoans Egyptians

    49. The answer is:B) Sumerians