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Glenn Duker - Talks About Taking Due Diligence With Your Trademark - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Glenn duker talks about taking due diligence with your trademark

Glenn Duker – Talks

About Taking Due Diligence

With Your Trademark

The world of trademarks and intellectual property can be surprisingly cut-throat. That’s why it’s

important to exercise due diligence in this area and engage the experience of a professional like

glenn duker – solicitor and lawyer. Trademarks aren’t just a simple matter of register, set and forget

–trademarks can lapse, and if you’re not careful they can slip through your fingers.

Having said that, the term of trademark registration is ten years, which gives you a bit more

preparation time than, say, a car registration. There is a small grace period too – if you let your

renewal date lapse without paying the fees, you can revive it for a period of 6 months after its

expiry. But once this period is over you have to refile your trademark. Applications are quite

expensive and involved, so it’s in your best interests to avoid repetitions!

Another thing to be aware of is that if you register a trademark for use in Australia, but it goes

unused for a period of 3 years, a third party can make an application to remove it from the register.

You must be sure you have a plan for your trademark when you register it!

If you only have one trademark, keeping track shouldn’t be too much of a problem. For companies

with large portfolios of trademarks, all with different renewal dates, keeping track is a bit more of a

challenge. Make an effort to keep your records maintained and regularly updated – it will be well

worth it.

Glenn duker provides service for legal issues like trademark, business sales and purchases,

employment law, etc. He is highly aimed and concerned about providing the best and satisfactory

service for his clients and customers.

Please contact glenn duker – lawyer and solicitor for further advice on legal issues

relating to trademarks at: