Khush Raho Na Yaar
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Khush Raho Na Yaar. Presentation by Vivek Raj Anand Chief Executive The Humsafar Trust Mumbai, India. Khush Raho Na Yaar. HUMSAFAR Prevention, Care, Support and Treatment Minimum Service Delivery Package. Khush Raho Na Yaar. Humsafar MSD Package Includes. ~ Community Mobilization

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Presentation Transcript
Khush raho na yaar

Khush Raho Na Yaar

Presentation by

Vivek Raj Anand

Chief Executive

The Humsafar Trust

Mumbai, India

Khush raho na yaar

Khush Raho Na Yaar


Prevention, Care, Support and Treatment

Minimum Service Delivery Package

Humsafar msd package includes

Khush Raho Na Yaar

Humsafar MSD Package Includes

~Community Mobilization

~ Street Outreach and Condom Distribution

~IEC Development and Distribution

~STI Service and HIV Testing Facility

~ Care, Support and Treatment

~ Advocacy and Networking

~ Research and Training

~ Project Management

Community mobilization

Khush Raho Na Yaar

Community Mobilization

~ Drop-in-center

~ Library and Archives

~ Face-to-face counseling

~ Help-line (Telephone and E-Mail)

~ Community Workshops

~ Skills Building Programs

Street outreach

Khush Raho Na Yaar

Street Outreach

Outreach education on safer sex practices and increasing awareness on STIs among MSM and Tg and HIV and AIDS

Conduct 1to1 and 1 to Group sessions

Khush raho na yaar

Street Outreach

Condom Distribution – Free and Socially Marketed

Khush raho na yaar

Street Outreach - Lubes distribution

Condom Demonstration and Condom Outlets

Sti and hiv services

Khush Raho Na Yaar

STI and HIV Services

HST offers increased accessibility to high quality STI examination / treatment, HIV testing facilities

HST links with Private Medical Practioners (PMPs) around hotspots to provide STI care and referrals for HIV testing

Sti and hiv services1

Khush Raho Na Yaar

STI and HIV Services

HST also provides general examination of routine illnesses to the MSM / TG Community at the HST Clinic

HST counselors provide pretest and post test counselling to MSM and TG clients at HST clinic and its other referral linkages

Partner notification

Khush Raho Na Yaar

Partner Notification

HST encourages partner notification to MSM-PLWHA under its partner notification program

Referral linkages

Khush Raho Na Yaar

Referral Linkages

3 In house clinics and strategic linkages with public Health Care providers for care, support and treatment

~ Lokmanya Tilak Medical General Hospital

~ JJ Hospital

~ Thane Civil Hospital

~ MSF Treatment Center

Care support treatment

Khush Raho Na Yaar

Care, Support & Treatment

To meet the specific requirements

of the MSM-PLWHA, HST initiated

“Sanjeevani” a group formed by and for MSM-PLWHA


Khush Raho Na Yaar


Safe space for positive men to meet and discuss their issues

Initiate activities for getting family and community support

Professional mental health support

Initiate training and employment programs


Khush Raho Na Yaar


Initiating programs to promote healthy minds and healthy bodies

Treatment of Opportunistic Infections (OIs) and enrollment in accessing ART


Khush Raho Na Yaar


Nutrition counseling and nutritive supplement support

Provision of potable water and weighing machine at SSC premises

Advocacy networking

Khush Raho Na Yaar

Advocacy & Networking

Advocacy and Networking with different stakeholders and gatekeepers to create an enabling environment

Advocacy is done at 2 levels

Level 1 : direct influencers

Level 2 : indirect influencers


Khush Raho Na Yaar


Level 1 : Direct Influencers

~ Police

~ Doctors / Counselors and Health providers

~ Lawyers

~ Educational Institutions

~ Job providers for employment of PLWHA

~ General Population


Khush Raho Na Yaar


Level 2 : Indirect Influencers

~ Municipal Corporators

~ Political parties

~ Policy makers

~ Press and media

~ Condom Manufacturers


Khush Raho Na Yaar



The Integrated Network for Sexual Minorities was set up in October 2003

Main objective : To join hands on vital issues of Sexuality, Health and Human Rights

Members : 26 LGBT groups across the country


Khush Raho Na Yaar


Gather Information systematically and scientifically to show evidence for up scaling of MSM holistic projects in the country

First Knowledge-Attitude-Behavior-(KAB) study in March 2000, baseline for its pilot project

Second wave study in March 2002 – KAB among MSM

Third wave study in May 2004 - A HIV related risk behaviors of MSM in Mumbai & Thane

Fourth wave study in 2005

Fifth wave study in 2007 ( Awaiting Dissemination )


Khush Raho Na Yaar


Organize training programs for Outreach Workers (ORWs) and Peer Educators (PEs) led by trained community trainers.

Training in MIS systems /Accounts / Financial management for the financial and administrative staff

Training / sensitization for doctors and counselors specific to their respective roles

Training for Community Counselors and CCHWs

Project management

Khush Raho Na Yaar


Develop management information systems (MIS)

Develop human resources policy (HRP)

Strengthen financial management systems (FMS)

Monitoring and evaluation systems (M&E)

Advisory boards (Community and Health )

Project management1

Khush Raho Na Yaar


Project Support Systems

Crisis Management Cell

Friday Workshop Panel

Advocacy Panel

Street Theater Group


Khush Raho Na Yaar


Reaching the un-reached

Female partners and wives of MSM

Married and bisexual MSM

Stigma and discrimination

Disclosure of positive status reflected in

stigma onion of HST


Acceptance of rational attitudes to sexuality

Khush raho na yaar

Khush Raho Na Yaar




Married to woman


Sex worker

Socio economic status