fermentation and respiration lab l.
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Fermentation and respiration lab PowerPoint Presentation
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Fermentation and respiration lab

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Fermentation and respiration lab - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fermentation and respiration lab. Outline of the day. Turn in your lab reports at the front More than 10 minutes late = bad Any questions on last week’s lab? Quiz Introduction to the lab Lab! Check out Get a stamp Make sure I mark you down for attendance. Quiz.

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Fermentation and respiration lab

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outline of the day
Outline of the day
  • Turn in your lab reports at the front
    • More than 10 minutes late = bad
  • Any questions on last week’s lab?
  • Quiz
  • Introduction to the lab
  • Lab!
  • Check out
    • Get a stamp
    • Make sure I mark you down for attendance
  • Ends 10 minutes after it’s started
    • Ends at: ____
lab this week
Lab this week!
  • Exploring metabolism!
    • Fermentation
    • Factors that affect enzyme reaction rates
    • Heat production by seedlings
    • Oxygen consumption by insects
yeast fermentation
Yeast Fermentation
  • Yeast normally do oxidative metabolism
    • Just like us (glucose + O2 -> CO2 + H2O)
  • When yeast run out of O2
    • They do fermentation, producing alcohol and CO2

Missing image:

Image showing the reactions

of anaerobic metabolism

in yeast

metabolism the minute summary
Metabolism – the minute summary

Glucose -> -> Pyruvate -> -> NADH & FADH2 -> ->ATP

  • Glycolysis
    • Glucose -> Pyruvate
    • Produces 2 ATP
  • Electron transport chain
    • Uses NADH, FADH2 to produce ATP
    • Consumes O2, produces H2O
  • Krebs cycle
    • Big cycle with many reactions
    • Produces CO2

Missing image:

Image showing mitochondria

that can help illustrate

the above reactions..

tca cycle
TCA cycle
  • We’re going to look at just one reaction.

Citric acid cycle ccbyasa by Mike Jones at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:TCA.svg

key experimental point

Succinate Fumarate



Succinate Fumarate


(blue color)



Key experimentalpoint
  • Normal reaction:
  • Our experiment:
    • We’re substituting DPIP for FAD
color change will indicate the reaction s progress

Succinate Fumarate


(blue color)



Color change will indicate the reaction’s progress
  • As the reaction progresses, our solution will change from blue to clear
    • But this change will be too small to see, so we’ll use spectrophotometers
measuring oxygen consumption
Measuring oxygen consumption
  • How does it work?
    • Insects consume oxygen
      • Literally remove it from the atmosphere
        • (use it for oxidative respiration)
    • Insects product carbon dioxide
      • Add it to the atmosphere
        • (product of oxidative respiration)
    • KOH absorbs carbon dioxide
  • So, the volume of gas in the chamber will reduce by the amount of oxygen consumed


(Note: This picture is of a different setup than we will use)

Photo of Manduca sexta by Marc Perkins

what are mealworms
What are mealworms?
  • They’re beetle larvae!

Mealworms ccbynd by hans s at http://flickr.com/photos/archeon/15103838/

Adult by attirb by http://www.entomart.be/listetotale.html from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Tenebrio_molitor01.jpg

key points
Key points
  • NaF is an enzyme inhibitor
  • Remember how pipettes work
  • Practice with the spectrophotometer
    • Time is critical
  • For respiration
    • KOH is a chemical that absorbs carbon dioxide
      • So the volume of gas in the chamber will reduce as the insect metabolizes
before you leave
Before you leave
  • Clean up your work area
    • Wash glassware and store upside down
  • Show me your lab report so I can stamp it
    • Need to have all data fields filled in
    • Complete at home and then turn in at the beginning of next lab
  • Remember that we’ll have a quiz at the beginning of the next class
    • 6-7 questions on today’s lab
    • 3-4 questions on the lab we’ll do next week
notes for the instructor
Notes for the instructor:
  • Add any relevant cleanup instructions to the final slide (that slide is a generic one I’m adding to each presentation).
license information
License information
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