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  1. SOCIAL FITNESS 12th batch

  2. SOCIAL FITNESS Social fitness Avoid broken home Society Avoid opposite sex Obey social taboos Avoid interest Avoid bribes Live a meaningful life Acceptence by the peers

  3. SOCIAL FITNESS What is a society? • A society is that place where some people live. • Its theory was known by Hadhrat Adam and Eve (A.S). • Where ever a person borns or dies is a society. • Without a society nothing to be concerned in this world.

  4. SOCIAL FITNESS Social fitness/health • To make society healthy is the responsibility of every person. • There is no difference between physical and social health. • Moral values are necessary to make society healthy. • Such a society is always fed on belief, sprituality, purification and brotherhood is a healthy society.

  5. SOCIAL FITNESS Avoid broken home • Broken home is the real cause of making a society weak. • Broken home creates conflicts between each other. • Broken home happens due to not paying other’s rights. • Mainly it happens between a wife her husband.

  6. SOCIAL FITNESS Avoid opposite sex • To live with or meet opposite sex without any permitted relation is a great sin. • It opens the door to adultary and other avils. • It makes the shame of a girl or boy die. • It destroys the basis of a family.

  7. SOCIAL FITNESS Obey social taboos • Social taboos are adopted by the cultures and civilizations. • These compel the members of a society to live with moral values. • These are necessary to be followed, to make society healthy.

  8. SOCIAL FITNESS Avoid interest • “Interest” literally means increase or addition to anything. • It makes a rich person more rich, while a poor more poor. • It is a cruel on the members of a society. • A society can’t progress, if there is being the transactions based on interest.

  9. SOCIAL FITNESS Avoid bribes • It causes to deprive a able person from his right. • It kills the conscience of a society. • It is a great obstacle in the way to progress a society.

  10. SOCIAL FITNESS Live a meaningful life • Some members of a society pass their life without any purpose, it is also a disease. • Allah hasn’t created any thing false. • Every person was created for the following causes. • Short term goal • Long term goal • Ultimate goal

  11. SOCIAL FITNESS Acceptence by the peers • It is necessary to get acceptence by the peers to do some best. • Social members must encourage other people. • Without this, a person may be disappoint.

  12. SOCIAL FITNESS References Go to web page Prepaired by: Mohd. Arshad Jamil