Cognitive leadership
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Cognitive Leadership. A Contemporary leadership theory. Definition of Cognitive Leaders.

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Cognitive leadership

Cognitive Leadership

A Contemporary leadership theory

Definition of cognitive leaders
Definition of Cognitive Leaders

Problem solving and intellectual skills are referred to cognitive factors. In order to inspire people, it is essential to bring about productive change and solve problem creatively and at the same time leaders need to be mentally sharp.

Cognitive leadership is all about understanding the environment in which you lead and then applying the appropriate leadership style, tool or skill to the occasion.  This is beyond the broad definition of situational leading. The cognitive factors focuses on 5 factors strongly shared to cognitive intelligence…

Situational awareness
Situational Awareness

The modern leader listen and watch passively to understand their situation and the needs of those they lead.

Listening is an underestimated leadership competence. It is recognized in some schools of thinking but watching or observing and noticing is rarely considered as a characteristic of leadership.

Noticing skills are fundamental to situational awareness

Resilient ability
Resilient ability

Lessons are learned harder and therefore learned better in failure and a vital component of the cognitive leader is the ability to forgive a mistake as long as it is learned from and not repeated.

Humans are fallible and we all make mistakes it is how they are recovered from that makes the difference.

Reflective judgement
Reflective Judgement

Cognitive leadership is the ability to trust and be trusted.

A cognitive leader is someone who understands what needs to be done when, someone who has the courage and judgment to lead their teams through the toughest of ordeals and environments; someone who uses the cohesive power of the team and all its attributes.

To become a cognitive leader you need to have complete faith in yourself and complete faith in those around you which can not be confused with arrogance