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LMG Forum July 2011

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LMG Forum July 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LMG Forum July 2011. Christopher Croft, LMG Secretariat Steve Spicer, Miller Bent Isachsen, Beazley Rob Gillies, LMA. Agenda. Modernisation update eEndorsements – a formula for change…? Steve Bent Debate. ECF2 Current Status 26 July 2011. 17 carriers receiving live messages

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lmg forum july 2011

LMG ForumJuly 2011

Christopher Croft, LMG Secretariat Steve Spicer, MillerBent Isachsen, BeazleyRob Gillies, LMA

  • Modernisation update
  • eEndorsements – a formula for change…?
    • Steve
    • Bent
    • Debate
ecf2 current status 26 july 2011
ECF2 Current Status 26 July 2011
  • 17 carriers receiving live messages
  • 5 fully integrated into own workflow
  • Other carriers to join by arrangement with Xchanging

Claims Workflow Triggers (CWT)

  • CAS & SSO are live
  • 7 carriers plus XCS using in production
  • Rollout in progress with Atrium and Taurus going live during August.

Claims Agreement Services (CAS)

& Single Sign On (SSO)

Document File Viewer (DFV)

  • DFV is live
  • Documents are being processed online
  • Rollout in line with CAS & SSO schedule

Claims Workflow Services (CWS)

  • Service Deployed to production
  • Travelers, Faraday and Chaucer live this week
  • Full rollout begins in August

Claims Data Warehouse (CDW)

  • MAT under way for ECF001, ECF002, ECF003, ECF004, ECF005 and LADD
  • Baselined plan in place and being delivered
  • Rollout due to begin in September.
  • eAccounts Release 1B (R1B)
  • Miller continue with live operation and have been joined by Price Forbes, UIB and Guy Carpenter.
  • Aon are testing prior to implementation
  • Lockton, Ropner, Towers Watson & Cooper Gay have begun testing this week.
  • eAccounts Release 2 (R2)
  • Analysis of implementation options for the full R2 service has been completed
  • The Market team and Xchanging are working together to produce a viable plan to deliver.
new mr c version
New MR C version
  • New version coming – version 1.4
  • Release later in the summer for implementation by 1st January
  • Guidance changes only – no changes to headings anticipated
  • Principal changes
    • Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act and changes to surplus lines regulation
    • Guidance to reflect usage of Lloyd’s pilot claims scheme
    • Some other minor changes to guidance to align different MRC standards (open market, binder etc) and for clarification
non bureau progress
Non bureau progress
  • Pilot implementing
  • Communications across the market in the autumn – including September Forum
autumnal cheer
Autumnal cheer
  • Coverholder Technology Forum 29th – 30th September (www.lloyds.com/coverholderstechnologyforum)
  • Insurance Technology Congress 11th – 12th October
  • Xchanging Conference 9th- November
  • Barnabas Hurst-Bannister IIL Lecture 22nd November
“The one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is unchangeable or certain”

John F. Kennedy

strategic aims
Strategic Aims

Improve client service

Increase efficiency

Reduce errors


tactical reluctance
Tactical Reluctance

We’re too busy

We don’t do it like that

We tried that once before

Suspicion of ‘real’ motives



As Is…

…To Be

“Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road”


the magic formula
The Magic Formula?…

Ch = V x P x D > R

Beckhard & Harris Change Equation

beckhard harris change equation
Beckhard & Harris Change Equation
  • Change occurs when
  • Vision – the ‘what’
  • X
  • Practicality – the ‘how’
  • X
  • Dissatisfaction – the ‘why’
  • >
  • Resistance – the ‘why not’
applying the theory
Applying the theory…
  • Vision
    • Exploit modern technology to improve efficiency whilst supporting Market strengths
    • needs
    • Local context
    • Active (vocal) support from business leaders
    • Key users in the project team who want it to happen
applying the theory20
Applying the theory…
  • Practicality
    • Lots of Market work on process
    • Technology solutions are out there
    • BUT
    • Technology by itself is not enough – needs process and organisational change as well
    • Integration of messaging into the workflow is essential for achieving significant benefits
applying the theory21
Applying the theory…
  • Dissatisfaction vs. Resistance
    • Broker value is in negotiating, not in transporting straightforward admin
    • Regurgitating paper and re-keying into multiple systems is highly inefficient and error prone
    • How can client service be improved if we don’t know how long it takes to agree an endorsement?
variable resistance
Variable resistance

Ch = V x P x D > R

a new variable
A new variable…

Ch = V x P x D x 3P > R

the 3p s
The 3P’s…
  • Patience
      • because mistakes will be made by all parties
  • Pragmatism
      • because the process doesn’t work in all situations
  • Perseverance
      • because this change is achievable!
  • Reliance on brokers operating only in box hours removed
  • Agreement process now spread to 25 technicians
  • Endorsements agreed, notified and advised to client more quickly than paper process
  • Technician’s job enhanced
  • We know how many WIP endorsements we have
  • We know who’s got them
  • Better audit trail
  • Reduced paper
where next
Where next?
  • Marine nearly BAU
  • Marine 70% of our total endorsements but only 25% of users
  • Joining in on PI
  • High % of non-complex in Marine – process improvements will help other classes
  • Looking for Big Bang for the rest…March 2012
“To achieve great things, two things are needed – a plan and not quite enough time”

Leonard Bernstein

BPDA (Business Process Design Authority)

Electronic Endorsements 1st July– Beazley’s experience



bpda business process design authority34
Tasked with solving any issues raised from the electronic market endorsement initiative

What we are not

We do not decide the roadmap or when things should be implemented

BPDA – Business Process Design Authority


1st july 3 new classes
Beazley added about new 30 underwriters

We provided light touch training sessions

Expectations of volume

As anticipated we had a slow start, but this is starting to pick up.

1st July - 3 new classes