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Henry VIII Powerful ruler and monarch. Rules. Children. Diet. Hobbies. Hampton Court. People he trusted. Clothing. Wives. hampton court place.

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Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch

Henry VIII

Powerful ruler and monarch.

Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch





Hampton Court

People he trusted



Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch

hampton court place

In 1514, in the parish of Hampton, Thomas Wolsey Archbishop of York began building a magnificent palace on the bank of the River Thames. Wolsey had water for his new palace running from Coobe Hill in surrey through lead pipes which traveled to Hampton Court. Not much of Wolsey's original building remains due to the rebuilding and remodeling by Henry VIII and later kings. Part of the Great Hall is probably from Wolsey's palace, and the structure of the Base Court looks much like it did in Wolsey's time. The parts of the kitchens from the original building are also very much as they were in Wolsey's first building, but it is now used to cook a lot more pies and meat. The kitchen was 36,000sq foot.

People believe Hampton court place is haunted.

More Hampton Court Info,

Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch

Hampton Court!

Hampton court is Henry the VIII summer palace. Hampton court had over 500 rooms. Hampton court palace was built in 1514 by Thomas Wolsey for Henry VIII, his right hand man. Wolsey later fell from favour and the king took back Hampton Court Palace for his own. Queen Victoria opened up the palace to the public in 1838. there was a massive kitchen that made all of Henrys massive pies!

More Hampton Court Info,

Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch

Hampton court

Also had a tennis court.

Most of the gardens were for hunting .

Hampton court has the oldest vine in the world.

Only important people were only aloud to go in the great hall.

There's more than a thousand rose in Hampton court .

Did you know that one part of the garden had 4 mazes. They were great places to meet in secret gossip and get lost. One of the mazes still survives.

In Hampton court there was always tulips.

Did you know that the river Thames went around Hampton court.

There are one thousand rooms in Hampton court

Gorge the 2second was the last king to live at Hampton court.

King Henry the 8th had a velvet toilet .

Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch

Anne Boleyn


Catherine of Aragon No.1

Born: 16/12/1485

Married Arthur: 14/11/1501

Married Henry: 11/6/1509

Divorced: 1533

Died: 7/1/1536

Born: 1500-1509

Married Henry: 25/1/1533

Executed: 19/5/1536

Jane Seymour


Born: 1508-1509

Married Henry: 25/1/1533

Died: 24/10/1537

Anne of Cleves No.4


Born: 22/9/1515

Married Henry: 6/1/1540

Divorced: July 1540

Died: 16/7/1557

Anne Boleyn’s great grandmother

Was the same as Jane Seymour’s!

Born: 1521

Married Henry: 28/7/1540

Executed: 13/2/1542

Kathryn Howard

Katherine Parr

Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch


Henry the Eighth loved eating meat. He had loads of feasts. He loved eating pies especially meat pies.

Every year at Hampton Court, they killed 8,200 sheep

2,330 deer

960 cows

He had special servants to check his food to make sure that it wasn’t poisoned.

More diet info,

Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch


He would eat thirteen dishes a day and a pork dish was known to be eaten most. The kings diet consisted mainly meat dishes which include pork, lamb, chicken, beef, game, rabbit and a different variety of birds such as peacock and swans. During the Tudor times, a bird pie would have been made, of live birds that would have been put in a pie base and then a cover of pastry over them and cook them alive in the oven. This was for amusement but another bird pie would have been made also. He had a spit boy that roasted meat on a spit. The usual meat was boar and pigs and only rich people could afford. In one year the royal kitchen would produce 8200 sheep, 1240 oxen, 760 calves, 2230 deer, 53 wild boar and 1870 pigs.The total of animals was 12430, plus It was also estimated that every man in the court would eat 23 animals a year, plus they had grilled beaver tails, whale meat, whole roasted peacock, internal organs, boar head and wine and ale. The boar head wasn’t for eating it was for show to show that you were rich. They 600,000 gallons of ale and it was enough to fill a Olympic sized swimming pool, however they had 75,000 gallons of wine.

Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch

Tudor laws

Click one of these

Boxes to learn all

About Tudor laws

Rampaging Rules

Henry Vlll’s Laws

Ridiculous Rules

Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch

Henry Vlll's Laws

  • Henry Vlll had many Ridiculous Rules, but here are some of his normal laws that he created during his rein.

  • If you were one of the highest in rank you were ordered to wear purple clothing or gold. However if you were a peasant or less important man you would be forced to wear dirty rags and dark colours. Also people who worked for the king (chefs) wore green.

Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch

Ridiculous Rules

  • Henry Vlll had lots of ridiculous laws here are some of them:

  • Women were forbidden to wear gold or silver lace clothes or shoes even if there rank was high (not queen obviously though)

Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch


Henry vIII was a good king but he had some gruesome rules! For example for women were notaloud to wear: red, gold, purple or silver. Also they weren’t aloud to wear silk. Men were more free with there choice of what they wore. They weren’t aloud to wear the royal colours but were aloud to wear anything else.

Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch

The Children of Henry VIII

Mary I, who’s nickname is bloody Mary and became queen in 1553, was Henry VIII 1st child. Mary’s mom was Catherine of Aragon. She also thought if you weren’t catholic you would go to hell, so she put hundreds of people on a bon fire and set them alight because she thought she thought she was saving them!

The second child (from Anne Boleyn) was Elisabeth I.

Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch


In the Tudor times, hats were essential. Royalty colours were purple, red and gold and if you were not royalty and you wore those colours you would be executed.

Tudor men wore hats, fine coats, sleeves, doublets (standard male upper body garment) and hose (long socks). Tudor women wore head-dress (head piece), corset (tight vest), gown and kirtle (an under dress). Posh Tudor men wore ruffs (collars), fine jackets, doublet and hose. Posh Tudor women wore ruffs, bodice (square t-shirt), farthingale (skirt puffer) and skirt.

Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch


His hobbies were jousting, archery, music, hunting, wrestling and athletics. His favourite sport was tennis, he was probably the best at tennis during his time. He also spoke French, Spanish, Latin and a bit of Italian. Henry VIII enjoyed music, some people said he wrote a song. Henry the eighth owned many instruments : 5 bagpipes 78 recorders 78 flutes and a mechanical virginal.

Henry viii powerful ruler and monarch

People Henry VIII trusted !!!

Cardinal Thomas Wolesy

One of the people Henry VIII trusted was Cardinal Thomas Wolsey . He was a government minister and lost his trust when Henry the VIII and Catherine of Aragon divorced . He and Henry tried to make friends with France.

Thomas More was Catholic and didn’t believe in the Church of England.He helped poor people . He didn’t go to Anne Boleyn coronation.

Thomas More