Impressive Qualities of Olm to Mbox Converter
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Impressive Qualities of Olm to Mbox Converter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Qualities of Olm to Mbox Converter. It is the professional way to convert OLM files to MBOX format without losing your data. The tool provides 100% accurate conversions and lets everyone shift their database whenever they want.

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Impressive qualities of olm to mbox converter

To transfer your emails from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail, you have to convert your Olm files to Mbox format. This conversion of Olm to Mbox Mac can't be taken lightly, and more importantly, can't be done from any other converter that is in the market. The extraction of emails and all their properties from Olm files require an efficient programming and quiet a careful design of the tool in order to make it easy and doable for regular consumers.

Most of the Olm file converters that are usually seen these days are either too inefficient or too expert-oriented that normal users find them hard to use.

But, there is one application that surpasses all the existing challenges and comes out as a very user-friendly, accurate, and quick Olm converter. It is called “Olm to Mbox Converter”. It has a graphical wizard that guides users on how to perform the task effortlessly. The features and the options are designed for general users, so that they find working on it intuitive.

Impressive qualities of olm to mbox converter

Let's take a look at some of the impressive qualities of “Olm to Mbox Converter” -

Acts as an ultimate time-saver by allowing multiple Olm file conversion. This simly means that the tool can handle a large number of multiple Olm files, instead of just one. You have to select and load the files, which will be ready to be converted for Apple Mail together.

Impressive qualities of olm to mbox converter

Outlook contacts to Vcf file “Olm to Mbox Converter” -

Outlook is also very popular for storing contacts. If you have also used it for contacts, you will be pleased to know that you can convert all those contacts to Vcf file.

Impressive qualities of olm to mbox converter

Outlook calendar data to Ics file “Olm to Mbox Converter” - – Ics file is a very popular format for calendar data and can be used at many calendar apps for Mac. You can convert the Outlook data into Ics file.

Merge data – Contacts and Calendar data can be also be merged into a single Vcf or Ics file, for each folder, respectively.

Impressive qualities of olm to mbox converter

Full data conversion “Olm to Mbox Converter” - – The data is converted fully, without any components missing like attachments, images, nested messages, email properties, time and date, sender and receiver details, subject, cc, Bcc, etc.

Support for Non-English – the tool supports all languages. You can't find any text broken or lost, regardless of the language it is in. Eve language like Chinese are preserved.

Impressive qualities of olm to mbox converter

Olm to Mbox Converter “Olm to Mbox Converter” - is a complete email migration tool that does exactly what is intended – convert files to mbox thoroughly, quickly, and easily.