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Welcome and Announcements PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome and Announcements

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Welcome and Announcements
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Welcome and Announcements

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  1. Welcome and Announcements

  2. New Publications Committee Members • Dr. Penina Axelrad, University of Colorado Boulder • Dr. Michael B. Bragg, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign • Dr. Charbel Farhat, Stanford University • Dr Frank K. Lu, University of Texas at Arlington • Dr. Jaime Peraire, Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Prof. Guruswami Ravichandran, California Institute of Technology

  3. EIC Appointments and Reappointments • Newly Appointed • Ashok Srivastava, JACIC • Reappointed • Doug Talley, JPP • Al Crosbie, JTHT • Open Positions • Progress Series—will be decided at Board Meeting • JGCD—Search committee to be formed

  4. Subcommittee Assignments • Publications Planning and Review (PPR) • Charter: Develop and recommend new initiatives for publications and publication services; support, VP and Board of Directors strategic planning process and initiatives; conduct major reviews of the mission and quality of each journal and book series in collaboration with Journal and Book subcommittees as appropriate. • Members: Pines (Chair), Daily, Oberkampf, Oran, Schroeder, Walters, B. Williams Staff Liaison: Williams • Publication Ethical Standards (PES) • Charter: Serve as a Publications Committee educational tool through study and evaluation of ethical conduct best practices. Define the issues, and work to improve ethical standards policies as they apply to Institute publications. When specific cases warrant intervention, act as ombudsman and as an intermediary with the AIAA Ethical Conduct Panel. • Members: Oberkampf (Chair), Anderson, Bilimoria, Lu, Oran Staff Liaison: Williams • Awards • Charter: Oversees the nomination and selection processes for the Pendray Aerospace Literature Award and the Summerfield Book Award • Nominating Committee: Anderson (Chair), Mendenhall, Staff Liaison: Williams • Pendray Aerospace Literature Award Selection Committee: Law (Chair), Battin, Shyy, Zinn • Summerfield Book Award Selection Committee: Griffin (Chair), Ball, Mattingly, Yechout • Journal • Charter: Collaboratively identify and implement strategic developments common to all journals, establish and monitor quality metrics, ensure the collective and individual journal mission, and guide editorial policies of technical journals in accordance with Publications Committee vision. • Members: Daily (Chair) Bilimoria, Crosbie, Foster, Friedmann, Livne, Oberkampf, Oran, Talley, Schmidt, Srivastava, Zoby. Staff Liaison: Brennan • Journal Editors-in-Chief • Charter: Determine and guide common editorial operational policies for the seven technical journals. • Members: Talley (Chair), Crosbie, Friedmann, Livne, Schmidt, Srivastava, Zoby. Staff Liaison: Byl • Book Series • Charter: Determine and guide editorial policies of technical book series in accordance with Publications Committee vision. • Members: Mendenhall (Chair), Allen, Anderson, Foster, Schetz, Schroeder Staff Liaison: Brennan • National Nominating Committee Representatives • Charter: Serve as Publications Committee representatives to National Nominating Committee to select AIAA election slate (one-year terms). Publications is allocated 2 representative by he AIAA Constitution. • 2012 Members: Yang, Talley

  5. Publication Award Winners • 2013 Pendray Aerospace Literature Award • Ronald F. Probstein, MIT (Professor Emeritus) • For seminal contributions to hypersonics, synthetic fuels, water purification and physicochemical hydrodynamics. • Summerfield Book Award • Hanspeter Schaub, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, and John L. Junkins, Texas A&M Univ. • For Analytical Mechanics of Space Systems, SecondEdition

  6. New Associate Fellows, Fellows, Honorary Fellows • Associate Fellows • John J. Blandino JPP AE • Gil Crouse Jr., JA AE and Editorial Board (2003-2012) • Richard Curran, Progress Series Editorial Advisory Board (2006-2012) • Steve Isakowitz, founding editor of International Reference Guide to Space Launch Systems • Dan Marren, Progress volume coeditor of Advanced Hypersonic Test Facilities • Joaquim Martins, AIAAJ AE • Ahmed Naguib, AIAAJ AE • Ashok Srivastava, JACIC EiC • Fellows • Edward H. “Ned” Allen, LoFEiC • Feng Liu, JPP AE • Jaime Peraire, Member of Publications Committee • Kevin Wise, JPP AE • Honorary Fellows • Allen E. Fuhs, former VP-Publications, former JA EiC, Member Emeritus, Publications Committee

  7. Thanks and Appreciation • Julie Albertson • Claudio Bruno • Michael Popp • Ryan Rudy • Krishna Viswanathan